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  1. Trans comedian supports Dave, Trans community hounds the comedian until they end up killing themselves. Dave starts a trust fund for that comedians daughter..... how does this equal Dave being evil? They obviously have selective hearing. Literally every joke was that Black people have it harder than Trans people. Can the community really dispute that? The worst part of this whole thing is Dave treats every race, gender and sexual orientation as equal... ever group gets his attention. If he is not making jokes about you then he is ignoring you and you no longer matter to him. Just my two thoughts not a fact and opinion.
  2. honestly at the start of camp i thought Podz was a shoe in to make the team but he hasn't really done himself any favors. He hasn't been Bad but he hasn't been a stand out.
  3. mystic powers say tomorrow is the day they both sign. both above 8 mil. Hughes long term Petey not.
  4. I honestly think Woo is going to shock people this year.
  5. I mean he won't be starter for 5 years. Likely and overpaid back up in the final 2 years but atleast askarov will be on his ELC
  6. can't see quinn getting any less than 8 mil with these contracts. good news is we likely get him long term.
  7. ELC wise would be smarter to wait until next year for Dani.
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