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2k is miles ahead, theres a new shot timing system which is pretty cool because only certain players can hit a certain shot more easily and often so its more realistic in that way. Graphics system is pretty cool and if you have the playstation camera, you an put your face onto a player and play your career mode. Solid game, and lotsa fun.

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2K is certainly ahead of Live in just about every way, as the above poster mentioned.

HOWEVER.... NBA 2K15 has been very underwhelming. Granted, it's probably the only AAA sports game that put a lot of money into the game. There is one other AAA sports game, FIFA, but all the money is put into marketing, which is why there's always Youtube videos of football's biggest superstars playing each other. Nobody except spoiled kids care whether Messi plays FIFA or not! We just want a good game!!

But I digress. 2K did put a lot of money into the game... but there is something that really makes me hate 2K Games as a whole. There is little to no post-production support. They really focused on improving presentation this year, and there's definitely a lot of cool elements that'll blow NHL out of the water, but they are still BUGGY as hell, and two months in, they have made zero attempts to address any of these issues. This has been a consistency throughout the NBA 2K series, and pretty much any other game that 2K Games publishes. You'd think this would be a developer problem, but the sample size is just too big for it to seem coincidental.

Bottom line: If you like NHL 15 on the next gen, you should definitely get NBA 2K15 because the presentation is great. If you really liked Live the Life Mode, you should definitely get NBA 2K15. If you want a genuinely well-made game, don't buy it.

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