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  1. I doubt it. He has weaknesses that McNabb made up for in Vegas. He made up for a lot of McNabb's weaknesses too hence why that pairing worked out well. We don't really have a defenseman that does that for him as it stands.
  2. I think a lot of that will be dependant on who he's playing with. Edler did take a step back this year and Schmidt has been with him most of the year.
  3. I was hoping Tryamkin would hop over and replicate that pairing with Schmidt. Oh well though. We will have to see who Seattle takes. If they take some cap maybe we can find a cheap physical defensive D.
  4. Given the fact that we're probably gonna be rolling with a much younger roster, due to guys being ready for NHL experience and on cheaper contract, so I don't think we will be making the playoffs. Our roster will pretty much look similar to what it is now just replace some of the warm bodies(Vesey/Boyd/etc) with young players just branching out. I expect it to be a development year. I can see us drafting top 10 again. JB said he sees 2 years till we're competitive. That's when we'll have cap.
  5. Need some defensive/size/physicality to compliment the puck movers we have in Rathbone/Hughes/Schmidt. McNabb-Schmidt was when Schmidt was at his best.
  6. Tanev factor is also pretty important. He was the best type of defense partner for him. It allowed him to do his thing. Hughes doesn't have amazing top end speed either. He's speed is good not great. He is much more agile than he is fast and has a good first step that allows him to accelerate to his top speed which in turn makes his a super shifty skater.
  7. I think Guenther is the next best option after Eklund/Beniers. He'd probably be the best fit in terms of being a right-handed dynamic scorer that's a good playmaker too. He's right up there in the talks with Beniers/Eklund for best forward. Good chance he's gone before we pick though. Johnson is pretty dynamic but yeah he'll need time. Also he's pretty much Petey size too and will need a year or two anyways filling out his frame. More of a playmaker than a shooter but can sometimes be a magician with the puck. Lysell always gives 110%. IMO losing puck battles isn't for
  8. It would mean potential for a lot of good seasons if he did produce like that. Team would also have to be good around him. Hopefully we can spend a good decade in the playoffs with this core group. Would be awesome but it is a tall ask. That sort of success(consistently making the playoffs) is hard to generate and even harder to capitalize(with the cup) on. Here's hoping.
  9. Laine's confidence is shot. He needs a good coach more than most players in the league. Dude has the talent to be a 40 goal scorer. Going to CBJ was probably the worst thing for him. Oilers could use a great complementary piece with McDavid/Draisaitl and Poolparty has taken some strides towards that this year.
  10. I am pretty sure if he stays till he's in his mid-late 30s he'd have a decent chance at getting to 1000 points if he can remain healthy and consistent offensively throughout the years.
  11. I'd pass on Cuelemans just because we have dynamic offensive D. Hughes/Clarke obvious exceptions because they are higher on my board and have better potential. Rather draft Edvinsson than Cuelemans. Rather draft a top forward over Edvinsson personally though I'd be fine either way. Have to hope Guenther/Eklund fall. Doubt Beniers will. Lysell/Johnson wouldn't be bad too. We can definitely use more dynamic offensive forwards. Only really got Petey.
  12. Pass on Reinhart. We already did this trade for Miller. Rather have the top 10 pick. If he can be had without a first involved I am all for it but that is doubtful. Draft Lysell/Guenther if you want a RW that would probably be with us longer.
  13. Woo is more of a physical defenseman with above average skill-set offensively. Maybe Bieksa-like in style but I wouldn't say potential. He probably won't handle the puck like a grenade but he probably won't make slick offensive plays either. Cuelemans more of a dynamic offensive player. He's a great skater with a great shot. Good puck mover but not as good as say Clarke or Hughes and he seems to have more issues defensively than them. Not sure I would spend a top 10 pick on him compared to the others in that range. I don't put too much flak in who we could of drafted si
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