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  1. I'd put Hamonic with OEL and Schenn as 7th and go after a better RD for Hughes once and if we are able to move Schmidt/Holtby. An interesting name to consider would be Ceci but he kind of scares me. He had quite the enigmatic/reclamation year. He might be looking for a payday after a good bounceback year in Pittsburgh. He brings elements we need and his bread/butter is his play away from the puck a lot more so than with it. As I said a bit of an enigma. Montour could be another guy to consider but he is more of a two-way D that can handle the puck better than most defe
  2. You could say he would take the hit to make the play for the team. Team player for sure.
  3. I am not sure he could handled getting nailed into the boards more than once.
  4. Some here overrate Schenn but he's a great 7th guy. Yeah he played 38 games but averaged 10:45 game and 9:14 in 8 playoff games. He was pretty much used to give everyone else a quick break, provide energy and physicality in short shifts and barely played the PK at all(19 sec of PK time per game). TBL pretty much ran with 5 defenseman for the most part in the games Schenn played. Schenn was there 7th defenseman in TOI per game for defenseman who played over 30 games with the Lightning. 8th when you take in account the trade deadline acquisition of Savard who played almo
  5. More of a project player. Seems like the kind of guy who isn’t good enough offensively to be in the top 6 and doesn’t bring what you want out of the bottom 6. Pass on this particular one.
  6. Portland is probably the one that would have the most success. Hockey fans are there. Rivalry already there with Seattle and Portland in the WHL. Winterhawks usually are one of the leaders in attendance in the WHL with 6000 people normally. Big populated city. Trailblazers already there. IMO it would be the next best bet. Probably would do a relocation next though.
  7. Well Pod is around the corner and I expect a Horvat-type development for him which took 4ish years to become a consistent player with gradual progression.
  8. Garland is a pretty good pickup. Pass first guy with finish and a big engine for a smaller guy. People will like him and he will fit in with our top 6. Top 9 has definitely improved. Could use another solid C for the 3rd line. Dickinson has played everywhere last 2 years but mostly wing and hasn’t been great on the draws or taken as many.
  9. That’s one less D off the board. Maybe Schmidt goes from any minute to second now.
  10. I guess this was for being able to punch Marchand in the face. JB out GMed again.
  11. Concussion issues have me weary, especially after seeing who we have on LTIR. I wouldn't sign him more than 1 year under 1M just as a show me deal.
  12. Our D-core is pretty soft. We need more defensive/physical guys to compliment our puck-movers. Trade for OEL and emergence of Rathbone make him very expendable.
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