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  1. Landeskog/Mackinnon Lundqvist Marleau Edler Weber/Price
  2. Rather target Zacha out of NJD. Young cheap 3rd C. Move Gaud to wing.
  3. Like this signing. Ferland is a question mark and we needed some more sandpaper on top of him anyway. If Ferlands healthy our bottom 6 will be a bit more of a pain in the ass.
  4. I'd rather OJ and with Hainsey than Benn or another youngster in a pairing that Greener will barely play. Consider the fact that he only played Stecher, a more established defenseman than our youngsters, 15:21 a game. Point being Hainsey would be a stellar defenseman for any youngster to start to play with. Also he wouldn't be playing that much here barring injuries. He's been relatively healthy the last 3 seasons only missing 10 games in that span.
  5. Good start to the year for Persson. A good year in the Swedish junior league then hopefully a year on Kamloops in the WHL will bode well for his transition into pro hockey.
  6. If you watch his stream on twitch or are on Gaud’s streaming discord you’ll kind of figure out his off-season schedule. It kind of consists of on ice training, off ice training and gaming/streaming. He doesn’t stream in long sessions, tops only 4ish hours and usually early for us since he is on east coast.
  7. Yesss I have been advocating for Hainsey. Played 21 minutes for 64 games. Led the Sens in PK ice time last season with over 3 minutes. Was a good partner for Chabot and could go well with OJ or even Hughes.
  8. Low durability to a make a wish kid. That’s dark.
  9. Kid could still be a good player. Really unlucky so far, just as much as OJ if not worse.
  10. Should be better next year on a better team and with our goalie coaches.
  11. Some East Coasters have that rep. Not surprised which is sad.
  12. A bit of a cold spell offensively for Hoglander right now in the SHL. After putting up 4 assists in the first 2 games he has gone the last 5 games without registering a single point and still doesn’t have a goal in 7 games. He did have 7 shots in the last 2 games and his ice time is up a bit this year. Hopefully he can pot one soon and build up some confidence. His next game is on Saturday.