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  1. So I could say anything I want without any sort of repercussions.
  2. Could bring back Motte. Though he isn't big he use to be one of our better PKers, would hit a ton and blocked shots. Had a hard time maintaining that high level of physical play for his size. Was injured a lot. For a cheap deal he wouldn't be a bad 4th line/13th forward.
  3. Training facilities cost a lot of money and take up a lot of land. A NHL sized hockey rink is 17000 sq ft and training facilities usually have two. Add in a gym, parking, kitchen, medical, lounging, offices, etc... They tend to get big. To put this into perspective the Hurricanes training facility, is 115,000 sq ft(2.64 acres). The Blackhawks spent 65M on their training facility(being built) and it will be 135,000 sq ft(3.01 acres). These are just the buildings. Now remember we live in Vancouver. Land like that is gonna be hella pricey as will the building costs and very hard to find. Unless they plan to build it way outside the downtown core.
  4. Far from the worst case. Petey will probably give some death stares if he is asked too much. We know our media, they will hound him. Barring our success Petey will have things to consider. Faceoffs depends. Blueger/Miller are both above 50%. Suter/Petey are below 50%. I see us being average but if injuries At C happen then yeah it can go downhill. A worst case would be... Miller and Rick Tocchet and both get into a fight after tempers flare and they knock each other and are out for the year. Demko becomes allergic to pucks. Petey/Hughes demand for trades and we get fleeced in the deals. We are the last placed team but draft 4th overall and he busts. Aquilini sells the team to Messier. Marchand steals Debs cowbell and it brings the Bruins good fortune, carrying them to the cup and he parades with the cowbell. Alf gets abducted by aliens and is never heard from again. Vintage implodes from malfunctioning. Heffy starts to like the Leafs. If you've read all those worst case scenarios then you're probably going to have nightmares tonight. But hey, you didn't write it, so excuse me while I check myself into a mental institute.
  5. His brother, the potential top pick next year, is a Canucks fan and really liked Kesler.
  6. We probably see a little bit less offense for defenses sake but goaltending will also play a significant factor. Our goalies weren't great last year, even Demko struggled prior to and after his injury. He's gonna need a bounce back year in order for any sort of playoff hopes.
  7. We haven't kept as many the past 4 years so our prospect pool hasn't improved as great as it could have but we had two 3rd and three 4ths last draft. Not as high quality as a 2nds but good quantity in mid round picks. We were bound to see pretty decent improvement following the draft. I wonder who's gonna our be our next drafted player to make the team? Nobody has since the 2019 draft(in regards to players drafted). Decent chance we could see another year where nobody does considering, 2020/21 weren't great draft years, our 2 best drafted players(Lekkerimaki/Willander) in the past 4 years were drafted in the past 2 and are probably 1-3 years away and everyone else is probably gonna need some AHL time. Karlsson/Raty probably get some looks next year. Rest of the guys we probably look toward 2024/25 and onwards.
  8. Defenseman. If he's physical and makes it he will be an announcer's + commentator's wet dream. Brad Marchand... gets BONKED!!!
  9. Fairly neutral. Says we're a middle of a pack prospect pool. Not super strong in one area but not super weak. Main weakness at C. Main strength at right wing. Mentioned how our prospect pool improved a bunch over the past season. Things we mostly already knew.
  10. We fire the coaching staff for a 3rd consecutive time midway through season. The team pulls it together to either barely miss or barely make it to the playoffs. Petey doesn't sign this season. Demko stays healthy but struggles with consistency most of the year. Hronek struggles during the first half of the year but improves gradually. The PK improves but the PP has some struggles. Injuries hinder us in key spots but we see promise from some youngsters. One of Hog/Pod breaks out while the other struggles immensely.
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