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  1. Yeah that’s exactly why I believe fixing these communities is so much of a monumental task. There’s no one right answer to go about it. I can come up with a bunch of ways to fix policing that would probably be sensible solutions to most but when it comes to crime it’s a extremely tough. What’s really annoying is that in this current political environment I doubt we are gonna see answers or even anyone asking these sort of important questions.
  2. Policing is a minor problem compared to the crime going on in some of these major cities. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a significant problem but in comparison it isn’t close whatsoever in significance. Fixing the police is easier compared to fixing these crime-ridden communities and suppressing crime culture. Nevertheless if we want safe communities we need to suppress crime and have the most competent police we can create. Competent police + low/no crime. Everybody’s safe incompetent police + low/no crime = incidents happen High crime + c
  3. Fixing these poor/crime influenced communities is a war on two fronts. First you gotta have competent police and secondly, and what will be harder, would be to stop/prevent/suppress crime culture from influencing children. Essentially targeting the roots of the problem. Single parenthood is a huge problem for Black/White/Hispanic communities in the US. When boys don’t have fathers they’ll turn to the neighborhood for influences and role models. If the neighbourhood they live in are far from the greatest well... Kids are always a product of their environment. Go
  4. Off-topic. Hot weather means nose bleed season for me. I have had an on and off nosebleed since 11am. Probably lost 250ml of blood or a bit more. Was a lot in the morning. A little light headed/woozy but it’s finally reached a halt hopefully. I am a big guy so 250ml is probably less significant for me compared to average male. Still ingested a lot of blood after plugging up nose. Stomach not liking it. Sensitive nose takes a while to get used to hot/humid weather. Sneezing or blowing can trigger a nosebleed.
  5. I am not anti-police either. Mistakes happen and you suffer the consequences but to lie and say the kid had a gun when you’re the one that messed up warrants greater punishment. They just made it worse. The hole he dug himself turned into a bottomless pit of depravity.
  6. Reinforcements are coming for the Canadiens soon. Habs are gonna get Price back pretty soon who has shown the capability of going on a tear when the games matter. Chairot also should be back soon from injury and Merrill/Gustafsson should be done their protocol around the same time.
  7. But the Flamers won. Only 4 points back back but Habs got 3 in hand. Marky is finding a groove. Only 3 goals against in 3 games vs Habs/Leafs/Oilers. They play 4 more games vs the Habs and 4 vs the Canucks. They are 7-3 vs Canucks/Habs.
  8. I wonder if the Canucks would be okay forfeiting playoffs and playing the games we have vs Ottawa when the first round starts allowing us to have a much more loose schedule till the actual end of the season for everyone else. But that one half of me says that’s a really stupid idea.
  9. Yeah but the teams we face the next few games(Oilers/Leafs/Flames) gonna value those points for playoff positioning or fighting for a spot in the Flames case. Overall the teams we face are gonna want to play those games.
  10. This draft there’s no clear cut 1st overall. The entire top 8 is a crapshoot. Anyone can almost go anywhere. That’s why I hope, if we’re out of it, we’re able to get a top 8 pick.
  11. I wonder if they’ll allow the schedule/break to be extended or if they’ll give the Canucks the option to forfeit the first few games.
  12. I remember when Ernie said he voted for Nash both times. Him and Shaq were standing next to each other and you can tell Shaq took offence to it. I love Shaq when he’s not letting his ego get the better of him but Barkley put it best calling him Mr. Sensitive when he does.
  13. It’s all reactionary jabs and insults. People like to play the victim card too when it’s totally unnecessary(both left and right). Kind of $&!#s on the people that actually going through trouble. This is why I like Bill Burr. He literally doesn’t give a crap about politics(or anything really), calls out BS and trolls both sides just cause he can. Charles Barkley stated recently that he believes that politicians on both sides are making races(stated black and white) hate each other. He doesn’t believe that people are as hateful as the politicians/media portrays them to
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