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  1. This one stung a lot. Came home from the game disappointed, and almost 24 hours later, even more disappointed. It was tough to sit in the stands and watch our franchise player get whacked and hacked all night. Disgraceful really. Could care less about the score or the result, you can't win them all, but you should ALWAYS protect your players. This goes for everyone, not just Petey, or Boeser, or Hughes. I'm sick and tired of seeing Schaller, Eriksson, Roussel skate around the rink and do absolutely nothing to contribute. If you can't score, at least go out there and mix it up with someone, get under the skin of the opposition. Petey was rattled as hell, and I can fully understand why. Schaller should not get another game this season, he is a waste of space and has more than enough opportunities to prove himself. MacEwen is more than capable and shows a lot more aggression / intensity. I'd even give Bailey a shot over Schaller. 4th line should bring energy, but they gave the other line more energy every time they were out. Not blaming this all on Schaller, but he isn't part of the solution right now. Also, if Roussel is not 100% he shouldn't be playing. I understand he had a lengthy recovery, but right now we need guys who are ready to play and ready to give it their all. It's crunch time now. Lastly, leave Virtanen on that line with Petey and Miller, with Brock there, Pettersson seems to be getting ragged around. When Boeser comes back, put him with Bo and Pearson and maybe our "2nd line" will have some offensive contribution that is not only on an empty net.
  2. Can't make the Leafs game on Tuesday :( If anyone needs some tickets, drop me a PM. Have 4 in a row.

    1. Squamfan



    2. BrockBoester


      They're definitely not free but he can't say that due to the no ticket selling rule thing :)


      Should be a great game whoever ends up going so have fun all!



  3. Soooo excited for this guy. He is gonna need time though.
  4. So is he going to play in Anaheim or is WD too in love with his 4th line?
  5. Gonna be fun to see him compete for a spot next year at this time
  6. IMO thats still a stretch. Anyone of those players taken 5th overall plus could easily emerge. You just never know.
  7. Shinkaruk got a goal and an apple tonight and Jensen sniped in one as well. Meanwhile Bo is being our best player in the playoffs. Future looks good to me.
  8. I think Nashville would win it, just because of Pekka Rinne and no Patrick Kane. If Kane comes back tho, it's gonna be a real close one.
  9. Baertschi and Shinkaruk heating up at the right time! They're going to bring the Calder Cup to Utica
  10. Yeah, and Shinkaruk has been lights out too. Hope both of them develop nicely together down there.
  11. Baertschi! 10 points in 9 games, keep it up Sven
  12. Kesler always needed that playmaking winger... Only if eh? Baertschi-Kesler-Vrbata Anyway, we have Bones now and hopefully he and Sven can develop some chemistry.
  13. I'm not extremely familiar with who CGY has in the system, but couldn't Baertschi contend for the second line LW position? Sure Gaudreau is having a good year, but who knows if he can do that every year. I think it's a combination of Beartschi getting frustrated in CGY and CGY kind of losing faith in him.
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