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moves id like to go back in time and change (discussion)

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I just read Canuck Army's article about Ron Delorme and I am wondering about this:

Let's compare who the Canucks picked in any given year to the CS, ISS and Bob McKenzie's final draft order, and then compare it to the rest of the league.

Once we have that we can divide games played by points, or games played by plus minus. Then we will see a more correct but still incomplete analysis.

But I am not doing it!

But I still think we would have lesser draft results as compared to the rest of the NHL.

I also guess you could divide PPG into Games played to see if you are picking offensive hockey players in earlier rounds, as compared to CS, ISS and Bob McKenzie. Same could be done for defensemen.

But again, I am not doing it!............But I would love to know!

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