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This Is What We Live For - 2015 Playoffs Pump-up Video


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I've put out a couple of Canucks-related videos since making 'You vs. Them' back in 2011. Haven't made one for the past three years. Finally felt like it was time to make something worthy of sharing around.

Hope you all enjoy. :)

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That's amazing. I've watched You vs. Them like 1500 times since 2011, this is just as awesome!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! ::D

I still can't believe the way You vs. Them went completely viral for a few days around that series. Spending all day at school seeing it frozen at 7000 views, and then it finally jumped to something like 22000 that night... Pretty crazy.

I'm glad this new video is a worthy... "successor", of sorts!

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