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  1. Headlines: Pow! Alex Edler turns down 5 year 9.5AAV deal from Western team - wants to stay in the Nations Capital. Rumblings that Alex is about to leave all the money on the table and re-sign with Ottawa on a 1 year deal at a heavily discounted AAV... "I'm going to make the decision that is best for the boys and our club. We've got a special group here and I think we can win it all next year if I take a big discount."
  2. Senators release Henrik Zetterberg and Colton Sceviour We wish Henrik the best of luck in retirement and are glad he was finally able to play for a superior Canadian team to finish off his career !
  3. First of all you lost all credibility when u called Dale a plug... Second of all you lost even more credibility bashing the best GM in the league Third of all you lost even more credibility saying 4x4 because he's never handed that deal out. Guessing you are referring to 4x3 for Beagle and Rooster but getting it wrong would make you the plug no? Anyways hope I didn't offend you. Not my intension but you're bashing two of my fav people in one post... Jim and Dale Such a plug... Check out this video! Plug! Dale is great at hockey and amazing father to his kids. Dale is someone you should look up to
  4. Wow le sigh... Brutal final 15 games to fall out of a playoff spot.... Bruuuuuutal. Absolutely brutal!
  5. Wow Edler just popped off on the PP... 21 PP Points for him now (tied with Bo Horvat for 2nd on the team) By far Ottawas highest highest producing dman too, next guy is Karlsson. Karlsson... Reigning Norris champ only has 11 PPP All I can say is that if Edller doesn't finally win his rightful Norris I'm coming after the Old boys club! #EagleForNorris2023
  6. I'm afraid this really could happen with Jake... not as great as Neely but it could bite us in the ass down the road if Jake matures. If he gets traded it could be a wake up call to quit the nose beers, partying and girls and focus on hockey.... if he does that he's easily a 30 goal scorer that plays a truculent style. If he met a nice girl and settled down that would definitely do it.
  7. The Nashville Predators have acquired the 56th overall pick in exchange for 82 and 90th. With the 56th overall pick, the Nashville Nanaimo Predators are proud to select... Justin Sourdif *Justin is both a good BC Boy and a Vancouver Giant! With the 57th overall pick, the Nashville Nanaimo Predators are proud to select... Daniel Torgersson *Daniel's parents named him after Lord Daniel Sedin and he's from Hönö, SWE which is a pretty cool city name if you ask me lol @BarkovTheCat
  8. Man... who cares? So sick of people talking about Eriksson... big whoop one guy on the team didn't play well enough and got scratched. We had such a magical run this off season. Why can't this Cambie Kev write about some of the good stories that came from this epic run which we beat the Cup Champs during... Did Eriksson kick someones dog? He wasn't that bad when he played, our team is just too deep. If he accepts a trade to a cap floor team like Ottawa he'll have a better fit as a full time 3rd or 4th defensive forward and PKer
  9. You guys seem to forget we're in the middle of a pandemic and owners gonna be hungry for cash Loui... believe it or not, becomes a very positive asset to a team trying to hit the cap floor once we give him his 3mill signing bonus. At most I'd toss Ottawa a 4th rounder for taking him tbh.... it's better for Melnyk than it is for us so why give more than a 4th?
  10. One more reason to always cheer against Pittsburgh
  11. more options? Like 20 mill more paid to quinn and petey? lol... Petey and Quinn are ELC instead of 10 mill ... our window is going to be as wide as ever. 2021 is going to be the year we win the cup imho Jim will make all the right moves to manage our cap this off season and boy am I excited to see what late round gems he finds this year!
  12. So... Is there a top 100 prospect ranking list or smth that I can choose from when I'm up?
  13. Nashville Releases: Curtis Macillheyknee