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  1. Poor Todd, he's had some real mental demons to deal with after he was painted as a villain for a decade It's really not right. I know Bert will get it together. Tough not to empathize with him... He was wronged on so many levels He was just following orders and protecting his best friend... Nothing wrong with that. It's a shame the dumb players piled up on top and applied pressure to Steve's neck.
  2. Great run gents... you have no idea how tempting it is to join a season starting 1998... chance of acquiring OG WCE players in their primes... oh man all the good names... I'm literally drooling... That being said I can't commit to 7.0 Hope you guys are still up and running when the regular season ends... I think I'll have more time then but for now I'm a little (more than a little lol) overwhelmed in life and can't give it the right amount of attention Big thanks to @Nail @Patrick Kane for all the work you put in 5.0 and 6.0 to make it fun for everyone. Real good times <3
  3. Tempting....... But he no play good these days + last playoffs
  4. Nanaimo Predators looking to sell! No problem retaining $ in deals. Not OTB: Mika, Canucks players, and generally would favour towards moving older guys. Like Parise or brown. Can retain cash moneyyyy Picks would be good so I can package and overpay for a current Canuck I don't have
  5. Ottawa places claim for Lukas Zajac Ottawa calls up Andre Giese Ottawa calls up Sebastian Cheveldayoff (think he's called up in game but not on the website)
  6. Release Thatcher demko Lennart Frisk
  7. Well said. Gotta say I'm devastated his first job isn't in Vancouver but I know he wanted to be closer to his family so I'm all for it. Can't wait to see him behind the bench... hopefully we can focus on him instead of Wayne Gretzky Tyler Toffoli His smile brings joy to me... although I'll probably be quick to yell against him at the TV at first sight of him chirping our boys Round of Burr's for everyone! Long live the Dragon Slayer! Forever a Canuck <3 edit: here's a good Burr off ice moment... is it just me or is Luongo the only "Core" player that didn't really partake in stuff like this... kinda selfish guy, nothing wrong with that tho but yea... kinda speaks on his character. He's funny on Twitter though and as it stands the best goalie to play here but still... meh guy overall.
  8. Love the poll! Good stuff. IMO All 5 of those guys are gonna be cornerstone players - might as well start etching their names into the ring of honour... Brocky probably has #6 up in the rafters come 2039-2040... Demmer and Bo both can do it too if they retire Canucks or win at least a few cups
  9. Shoulda labeled my chart - it wasn't vancouver record. It was Pittsburghs.. Final 2 years of my chart they had Crosby too. 2004 Canucks still Champs in my books ftr
  10. This is your outlook... you're only pointing out negatives of an obvious rebuild.... this is brutal. This is exactly why I try to stay away from this section - far too much negative nonsense Are you actually telling me Canucks made no playoffs in 4 years during a rebuild?! I'd love to see you as a Penguins fan in 2005... you probably would have burnt down the city. Pittsburgh stats below... The Canucks were a winning franchise for a good decade... we were the most winning team in all of hockey for a 3 or 4 season span... You realize you need to rebuild after you are the most winning team in hockey spanning 3 or 4 seasons right This is standard rebuild. Calm down. The future has NEVER been this bright. We've NEVER had such a plethora of young stars. This is a random year... the short season isn't benefiting us... our team is stacked with young superstars it's only a matter of time before we are a powerhouse for another decade.
  11. Losing culture... Yea no clue what that means. This team is full of winners and confident youngsters... Julien got his team 1 period away from the west final too last year? Right? Get a grip. The sky isn't falling... Life is beautiful. Be patient and trust the process. management can take care of any issue that comes up.
  12. So much to like about the way this team is coming together. It's a glorious time to be a fan of this team. Count your blessings and stay positive. The tide will turn.
  13. Hey Apollo hope you're doing well.  It's currently 17:23 on 02/23/2021 please get on Discord