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  1. Ok time for my salty missed playoffs post 1. @NailNo body cares dude stop the count ^ ... missed playoffs after another #3 pre season ranking... 2. Nail next time you wana post a top 30 shove it elsewhere bro I don't Wana see it. Tired of being fed false hope 2. @EP40. Thanks for nuking my team with tag bertuzzi bro, very stealth move 3. Thanks for nothing to everyone. 4. Thanks to my terrible line management as well. Jk no hard feelings obv thx nail for running a fun league and everyone else that helps out. Team has never been able to recover since the 1.48 BILLION $ toffoli scandal...
  2. Ottawa calls up... Darin Boudreau Both bertuzzis getting Scratched... Sad sad sad
  3. 10 point behind @Bombastik der Teutone... Not many games left... Time to go streaking plz and thx sim gauds...
  4. Senators call up spencer lczarcyk And Dijon Horvat yolo
  5. The Ottawa Senators would like to send down Dijon Horvat to Binghampton. Bo's Slovenian cousin will be spreading Horvatiry down in Bing and will bless the squad
  6. Pending trade call the Ottawa Senators would like to waive and AHL sergei bobrovksy... Thanks for nothing sergei
  7. Wow what a moment that must have been for you to be in that building... tbh not sure I'd ever go watch a game in Boston or let alone step foot in the USA ever again... Got sick to my stomach after watching their fans cheer as Mason was down. Americans are truly some of the worst people out there... sounds like the 71 million that voted for Trump . Anyways glad this cheap shot artists is out of the league.... karma always catches up with cheap shot artists... <3 Kes and Higgy for helping carry Mayray.... two americans that I'll always have respect for.
  8. John Garrett sat down with Erik Karlsson recently - Snippets from the interview below John: at what point had you known... Wow... I'm Erik Karlsson, and I've made it! Was it when you won the Norris? Erik: Norris was up there, tbh thought edler deserved it that year but oh well... The cup run was up there... But lots of sour taste from that run after running into @Patrick Kane's Hawks. We believe PK convinced Andrew Shaw to leak all our strats to his old team and put laxatives in star players pregame meals... Typical old boys club Chiraq attitude Anyways, I digress... The moment was probably in a game earlier this year against the iconic Canucks below... I genuinely finally felt like I had made it after I was in on a goal with both Bertuzzi's. It was all a blur... But at the end I knew... That this is the pinnacle of my career accomplishments. It all happened so fast, I dished it to Tyler then next thing I know Tag receives the pass, snipes it bar down and I'm just trying to rush to the room to replace my oozing jockstrap
  9. Hot damn... makes me want to get back into the game and start a huge Sedin collection and turn my living room into a Sedin shrine
  10. Ottawa calls up Denis Nedorezov The Tryamkin comp... who will play with Nikita
  11. Ottawa sends down Darin Bourdeau Yes the TP70 comp that lit up over 100 points in the AHL. Tbh pretty sad Tanner didn't give up his #70 to Holtby this year and just went 1 digit lower himself. When a vezina winner and cup winner comes I think it should be customary to give em your # and go -1 yourself. Woulda definitely bought a TP69 jersey
  12. Home phone alternatives... any suggestions? Thought I'd ask the wonderful people of CDC :P

    I'm currently with Telus and seems like I'm getting fleeced by them every month... 


    I've heard of magic jack but just wondering if there's anything better out there? I need it to be clear, I use it %100 for work ... my cell is separate.


    Also my cell doesn't get good reception in my office area (apartment)... hence the need for the landline to do work calls all day (if someone has a fix for this as well that would be great)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. apollo


      Shaw has a pretty good promo. I'm glad they came into the cell market too... More competition is always better for the consumer... 


      Sadly I really can't use a cell phone, no matter what network, Roger's, fido, freedom, telus, or iPhone or androids Ive tested in my apartment have terrible service. It has to be a stable line since I use for work... 


      I was hoping there's some USB device u plug into the home phone outlet or something that makes it smart and compatible with my laptop 



    3. Aladeen


      Shaw has wifi calling like I said so it is as stable as your wifi is stable and is as strong of a signal as your signal is to your wifi router. You could have no cell service but wifi calling allows you to make calls and send texts.



    4. goalie13


      Call Telus, tell them what Shaw is offering, see if they will give you a better deal.  Insist on speaking to the loyalty department.

  13. Hotte4Motte :wub:

  14. It's happening. Buckle up Canucks Nation. The rematch 17 years in the making!



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    2. Coconuts


      Wait, have we really not met up with Minny since then? 

    3. drummer4now


      ^meh it will be like any other playoff contending game. 


    4. TNucks1


      minnys so boring, ugh, but lets go whenever that is.


  15. Does anyone know how far up north I'd have to drive to find some frozen lakes?


    I hope I can still stay in BC... really don't want to trek to the Yukon lol...

    1. Baer.


      At this time of year? Good luck. Might as well just catch the next flight to Yellowknife or Alaska if you want a frozen lake mid april

    2. apollo


      @Baer. you're right... pretty much instagram locationed every lake in northern PC and nothing is frozen.


      Well that sucks. Guess I'll keep waiting for rinks to re-open.


      Sweden has it so good right now... their rinks are fully operational