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  1. Yea man I'm with u... Media pretending like they won the cup hahah Way too much... Super soft call to put them up 2 man... It's like the refs shadowed and made sure mcsofty got calls his way all year long. 4-1 goal the night we spanked him. He almost clotheslined Nate after he drop passed to Leon... No call. I was loling tbh... Reminded me of JBL finishing move from WWE days... Can't believe he didn't get called for it. This is hockey not wrestling Then last night JT interference call when mcdavid ran into him... So soft. It's cle
  2. What's there to be positive about? Oilers won the cup last night right (based on how hard they were celebrating) ? I guess we should congratulate the oilers? Konner MckDaveed was celebrating as if he won the cup last night LOL empty arena, fake crowd noise, I'm not sure if they could have celebrated longer... I never cheer against Canadian teams... End of the day, they bring joy to Canadians across our glorious nation. But watching the oilers get swept will be nice this year. It's ok oilers fans. Just keep pretending u won the cup last night
  3. Wow nice pick by mcdavid on shmidt... Lol brutal... How is it not interference? Change the rules for McDonald?
  4. I've been eying GBLC... current price of 13 cents seems like a bargain... Not sure I know enough about the company to jump in though
  5. Lol and life sucks right? Do you also think they putting tracking devices in the vaccines to track u?... Brutal post man. SMH. This group earned everything and was 1 period away from the West final... We saw THREE thrilling series and from all that excitement and amazing games, during a lockdown, you somehow turn it into a bad thing and say we got lucky to get in? That series against minny pushed the team to the limits. Dominated but made it go game 7? Looolololol Bad post amigo.
  6. So I yolo'd another chunk into NUMI... Even though I had already put in 8% of my portfolio lol... Now around 20% Super bullish. Vancouver company with an incredible team driving change in mental health treatment. Hoping to be a 10 bagger come 2022. Shares still on sale from the $1.25 Canaccord paid for 40 mill worth... Currently 1.05 Both the founders had major mental health issues and were not seeing improvement via traditional big pharma... Payton, the founder, was being hospitalized constantly too... Until he tried alternative treatments... (I can relate
  7. Given how everything is backwards this year, I totally expect us to spank the maple laughs after the sens spanked us... Makes sense. 12-0 Canucks To the moon!
  8. Pretty bad effort and overall performance... This was a bad one for sure lol Some highlight reel Demmer stops at least? Sens > Maple Laughs imo
  9. You lost me at 7 years. Jim took over and was told to try to win. Our rebuild didn't start right away. We had to let the Sedins get one last crack. It was out of respect to the two greatest athletes that ever wore our colours. We tried and we failed. Our rebuild got a little delayed and the NHL kicked Jim in the groin at EVERY DRAFT. Knocked him down 3 spots every year and yet he still managed to win those drafts. Jim has everything on course. You're comparing to your fantasy world where the Canucks drafted 1st and 2nd overall superstars like
  10. No I'm perfectly well. Happy and positive... Really nice day If you're not feeling well mentally I'd recommend... Numinus health... $100 million vancouver mental health company... Another reason to love this city! Check out their site. Super easy booking process too as of yesterday You have no right to criticize a gm that has brought us so much talent... Petey, Quinn, Hogz, Brock, Demmer all without a single lotto pick. Be positive. If this was a workplace and you continued with your nonsense bashing of your general manager, you'd be fired.
  11. I agree, people should express opinions... As long as they are valid. This is not a valid one. At this point, given what everything Jim has done for us LONG TERM, it's simply not a valid opinion. Its just nonsense that causes distress in the fan base and is toxic. This would apply the same to a work place... So why would we ignore it and be toxic Neanderthals when it comes to the team we love?! Jim has put together the most stacked group of young talent we've EVER HAD... BY FAR! it's not even close... Our glorious Sedins weren't popping off their first year's entering
  12. This is brutal... I'm sorry but I've been banned / suspended for far less than this. You're lucky I'm not a mod otherwise I'd be throwing down ban hammer for any anti Jim nonsense. It's absolutely gutless to sit behind a computer and just spread nonesense when you're clearly misinformed and just pounding alarm bells because something in your life is agitating you. I say this with love... Get a life, go out and smell the roses... Don't start your day with such wasteful thoughts If you think he's not a good gm you probably should play less NHL 21 on Xbox
  13. Growing up lots of street hockey but sadly never on ice. Was always intimidated growing up and we weren't well off financially... As I got older our situation got better but even the public skates my mom or sister would take me too I could never get over the fear of falling over. I also hit my growth spurt super late and was pretty frail... Overall just scared for no reason (anxiety) At 25 (4 years ago) I was financially comfortable and more confident with less anxiety so I figured buy everything and go all in. Now I play as much as possible. Was getting 5-6 ice times a
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