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  1. It's the regular season now, where tf are you? 

    1. Master Mind

      Master Mind

      He's been MIA for a long time. Got suspended I believe, but never came back. I'm concerned, as I don't think he's doing too well. Tried emailing him but no response unfortunately. Easily one of the best posters on this board, I hope he comes back one day.

    2. JM_


      was wondering where @oldnews was at as well

    3. Coconuts


      oldnews sometimes pops in and out, apollo being gone for this long is a bit more unusual 


      Hopefully they both pop back up sooner than later 

  2. This place is lacking your brand of unbridled positivity, where you at? 

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      Alf signs this EVERY hour of the day!:



    3. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Maybe he had a run in with Dolph?

    4. Roger Neilsons Towel
  3. When all is said and done Jim will have drafted the top 5 players in the history of this organization. Not a single one with a lotto pick either. ( yea I'm exaggerating a bit but Brock Petey Quinn Demmer hoggy ARE FRANCHISE PLAYERS) If you're shortsighted and huffing and puffing over 1 year left on Beagle Loui Roussel, then you probably aren't at peace. I'd recommend psilocybin to find some peace within your minds in hopes of it becoming less disgruntled and pessimistic. Spread love. Be kind.
  4. Why not? I think that's a pretty modest prediction... It's tough to say before we see how the off season pans out, but any team with this many young franchise quality players can compete for a cup under normal circumstances... We were on fire before covid hit our entire roster. I'm guessing 3rd or 2nd in the division followed by a cup run assuming Sekeres is once again proven to be north Korean propaganda and Jim Benning stays at his rightful helm. Long live the king! Long live his highness Jim Benning!
  5. Would be 0% surprised if we win every game from here on in and ruin that lotto spot lol! Typical Canonks fashion End of the day the nhl isnt handing us a lotto tho... Doesn't matter how low we finish. I trust that Jim doesn't care, he'll win the draft regardless of where we pick. His specialty is winning drafts after being pushed down 3 spots
  6. Say what u want... But all those naysayers saying we won't make playoffs kinda feel silly now eh Last I checked the coilers are in the playoffs... And NHL playoffs started today... Today we spanked the coilers... Add those together... Therefore we are 1-0... Undefeated in the playoffs! Cup or bust! (jokes aside cup will be ours next year)
  7. Illusion Was it criss angel or David Blaine who man handled the Stanley Cup champion Blues in 6? Or was the Canucks first line: Angel Houdini Blaine? Musta got lucky to beat cup Champs in 6... And also the wild were on fire under their new coach. They were probably one of the strongest teams that got eliminated. Vegas came down to the 3rd period of game 7... But yea they out shot us lots... Our PP really let us down when Reaves took the 5 min major. Otherwise we in the west final and who knows SCF? Last playoffs was not an illusion my friend. Sorry we got the deadliest covid variant unlike anything any NHL team has experienced in the history of the sport. Canucks for cup 2022
  8. This exactly. John Shannon just said on Donnie & Wally how 95% of people don't think it's a bad organization and would love to be here... So yea it's just the trolls that see the world as a half empty glass that are projecting their nonsense negative thoughts and pretending to be fans Things went wrong this season... We were finally starting to play well, even without Petey until we got hit with a vicious virus... No team in the history of hockey has ever had such a widespread virus amongst them. The fact that the Canucks came out and worked Tarrana first two games shows how glorious our future will be. We went on a stellar run last year and there will be more of it to come starting next year.
  9. Yea man I'm with u... Media pretending like they won the cup hahah Way too much... Super soft call to put them up 2 man... It's like the refs shadowed and made sure mcsofty got calls his way all year long. 4-1 goal the night we spanked him. He almost clotheslined Nate after he drop passed to Leon... No call. I was loling tbh... Reminded me of JBL finishing move from WWE days... Can't believe he didn't get called for it. This is hockey not wrestling Then last night JT interference call when mcdavid ran into him... So soft. It's clear the league has sent a message to the refs to make it as easy for mccdeyvid as possible.
  10. What's there to be positive about? Oilers won the cup last night right (based on how hard they were celebrating) ? I guess we should congratulate the oilers? Konner MckDaveed was celebrating as if he won the cup last night LOL empty arena, fake crowd noise, I'm not sure if they could have celebrated longer... I never cheer against Canadian teams... End of the day, they bring joy to Canadians across our glorious nation. But watching the oilers get swept will be nice this year. It's ok oilers fans. Just keep pretending u won the cup last night lol! Canucks future is bright. Nothing to be upset about. Oh no, missed the playoffs cuz our entire roster got the deadliest covid varient known to man kind! Canucks > coolers 24/7/365 lol
  11. Wow nice pick by mcdavid on shmidt... Lol brutal... How is it not interference? Change the rules for McDonald?
  12. I've been eying GBLC... current price of 13 cents seems like a bargain... Not sure I know enough about the company to jump in though
  13. Lol and life sucks right? Do you also think they putting tracking devices in the vaccines to track u?... Brutal post man. SMH. This group earned everything and was 1 period away from the West final... We saw THREE thrilling series and from all that excitement and amazing games, during a lockdown, you somehow turn it into a bad thing and say we got lucky to get in? That series against minny pushed the team to the limits. Dominated but made it go game 7? Looolololol Bad post amigo.
  14. So I yolo'd another chunk into NUMI... Even though I had already put in 8% of my portfolio lol... Now around 20% Super bullish. Vancouver company with an incredible team driving change in mental health treatment. Hoping to be a 10 bagger come 2022. Shares still on sale from the $1.25 Canaccord paid for 40 mill worth... Currently 1.05 Both the founders had major mental health issues and were not seeing improvement via traditional big pharma... Payton, the founder, was being hospitalized constantly too... Until he tried alternative treatments... (I can relate too, but not to Paytons extent) Anyways numinus to the moon. Check em out Www.numinushealth.ca
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