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  1. When Nate Mac says he's gonna take less on his next deal he will still be one of the highest played players. Taking 12 million a season instead of 15 I don't think Mac cares he's set for life as are his kids and grandkids.
  2. Only 5 players are ahead of him. Miller,Petey,Boeser,Horvat and Hoglander. If they sit him for the first few games we have a big big problem on our hands. The kid is fine he doesn't need to sit and watch. Green already said they will put him in a position to succeed.
  3. And you're 100% correct with this and this is why this draft is so unique! Or NJ could just take Hughes at 4 lol. We won't know until draft day which is 6 weeks away. Let the speculation begin..
  4. There is a few different combinations possible of players that could be available BUF - Power - The obvious you'd think SEA - Beniers - top C available ANA- Guenther - a top line RW that scores, perfect to play with Zegres NJ - Clarke - I think it is too early for NJ to pick Hughes. You don't pick a brother if he isn't BPA, especially in top 10 This is where it gets interesting. I'll do players in order of which player I think they'd pick. I know CLB,DET,SJS scout heavily European players. Clb - Edvinsson/Eklund Det - Wallstedt/Eklund
  5. Has Lockwood ever killed penalties?
  6. In no particular order I have a feeling these players will all be selected before we pick Powers Beniers Eklund Clarke Guenther McTavish Hughes WallStedt Leaving us with one of the following to choose from: Edvinsson - pretty decent defensively at least off the rush, can play physical and transition puck well. 6'4 200 so has good size. Downside is passing decisions/ability - often just throws passes away (into traffic or intercepted) or passes are off the mark. His hands are faster than his brain, if
  7. Clb would want one of Boeser + our 1st or Podkolzin, Rathbone/Hoglander and our 1st. Just way to much depth we give up. I understand Jones is a great player but he'll be 27 soon and I believe some of his prime years are already behind him. Not to mention you'll have to pay him 8 years around 8.5. No thanks.
  8. I'd also look to take Jost from COL. He played PK this year and played tough minutes. He has really learned the defensive side of the game and is fast and skilled. Exactly what Benning said he is after. Speed and skill. Mason Appleton is another player I'd look for. Looks like the odd man out in WPG ED process. He's a RW with speed and skill and can put up decent points, I think there is more to give still with him maybe even playing into the top6. He played on the 3rd line with Lowry in a shutdown role and did a great job against EDM. Again, Benning said speed and skill.
  9. I like Appleton a lot and was going to start a thread the other day but forgot. It is hard to say if he can play the middle at the NHL level or not as he has only been used on the wing in WPG. He's worth a shot though as 3C and if he doesn't work out as a C I could see him fitting well on a line with Horvat. Appleton is speed and skill which is exactly what Benning said he is after!
  10. I'd trade it to Buffalo with Eriksson and Roussel for Eichel.
  11. I liked how Benning said " we are going to make changes to our bottom six" . Like I had been saying for months (before Highmore, Boyd, Vesey) that the only bottom six players that should be back next season are Motte and MacEwen. Highmore is okay to come back but not an everynight player. Need some muscle in bottom 6. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Hoglander-Horvat-Reinhart Pearson ________ Podkolzin Motte-Jasek-MacEwen 3 scoring lines with a heavier bottom 6
  12. If we got 9th or 10th would anyone trade the pick along with Lind and Eriksson for Reinhart? Is value there or you think Buffalo could do better?
  13. I have said for a while I am a Benning supporter however he needs to go on vacation July 1 as that is where is major downfall as been. He throws too much money and term on guys who best years are behind them. I'd like to see him insulated with better people around him and same with Green. Get more experienced people and keep Benning and Green
  14. I've been kinda throwing the idea of shopping Schmidt for that third line centre we desperately need. Something like said third line C + 3rd/2nd for Schmidt. The only problem is if we lose Schmidt we need to replace those minutes. Also, I think we haven't seen the best of Schmidt yet. I feel there is more to give from him.
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