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  1. This would be the exact same as this season which sucked. Juolevi on his own will not turn it around, especially playing with Myers.
  2. Getting closer to my dream line Miller-Horvat-Podkolzin C'mon Greener I know that keeps you up at night Playoff Podz should we even be surprised?
  3. Well how do you not play them? Juolevi will be 23 in just under one month, played well in his limited action. He needs to play and can't have another year where they just healthy scratch him. Nothing pissed me off more than them benching him this year & if they bench him again when we come back (from COVID) for Benn I will lose it. Rathbone on the other hand is ripping it up in the AHL and deserves to get games, he will be 22 in a month as well. These guys are at the point in their careers either they are good enough (and they are) or they aren't. I know some count Tryamkin as a rookie bu
  4. I'd be shocked if they traded anyone. Maybe, maybe Benn if anyone (as he already had it earlier in season)
  5. Gadj is on fire. Hope he continues this! The biggest upset with the Pearson deal for me isn't the money, its the roster spot blocking guys like Gadj and Mcdonough. Motte is a perfect 4th liner and I don't think he's taking JT or Hoglanders spots on the left side
  6. Hughes-Tryamkin Juolevi-Schmidt Rathbone-Myers/Hamonic Book it
  7. I say you spread out the lines now after this deal. Its disappointing because Pearson blocks guys like Gadjovich and Aiden Mcdonogh who aren't 3 years away from playing. Hoglander-Pettersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Lind Virtanen-Miller-Podkolzin Motte-Jasek-MacEwen
  8. Can't be anything more than 3 million. He is going to be a 3rd liner when the contract is up. If Benning can get him at 2.8 ish I'd be really happy. Expected 3.35 however hoping I'm wrong
  9. No to all those UFA choices except Lowry but he's going to make too much for our cap situation. No to retaining Sutter even at a discount, we ain't winning with him. Kole Lind and Lukas Jasek should be called up and start playing the rest of the games for us this season. Gotta see what you have in house before we spend in UFA. Virtanen and Gaudette could be traded for C back.
  10. I like Pearson and I'm conflicted with bringing him back. It all depends on his contract really. My guess is he wants the Beagle and Roussel special 4 years x 3 million per. I wouldn't give him that given our roster construction. He is a borderline 2 line winger and we can't be paying 3 million for a bottom 6 winger. He isn't the fastest player already and 4 years is too long for my liking although does depend on AVV. Contract i'd be happy with 4 years 2.5 million (Hansen and Higgins deals) 3 years 2.95 million 2 years 3.25 million I act
  11. Yeah season is a write off now with 16 players in protocol. We are just way too far back. If the Canucks were smart they would do like you said, play the young guys to see if any are ready for next season when we will need cheap contracts. IMO Lind, Rathbone, Juolevi should play every game left this season. I'd even like to see Jasek and possibly Gadjovich get a hand full of games.
  12. We have to teach you to use your time better!!!
  13. He has drafted them Green refuses to play Juolevi. Hopefully Rathbone and Tryamkin get a crack next year.
  14. Myers was standing still and off in the corner. It is up to Hamonic to make the smart play and not handcuff his teammate. Hamonic clearly wasn't paying attention to the game if it didn't realize how long Myers had been out there. It's called reading the play and understanding the situation your teammate is in.
  15. Miller-Horvat-Podkolzin (I have dreams about this line lol) Hoglander-Pettersson-Boeser (Pearson)_________-__________- Lind Motte-Jasek-MacEwen Bottom Six needs some more punch to it. Obviously trades and such will happen. I think the top 6 is a lock in some combination. They could go for an Adam Lowry type for 3C but would overpay and I don't think we should go down that road anymore. Virtanen,Gaudette,Roussel,Beagle all don't just go away but I'd say 3 of them you can trade if you don't ask for much back. Only player I feel they can't trade is Roussel.
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