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Bonino or Plekanec? (proposal)

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Bonino carries team friendly cap hit of 1.9mX2 , while Plek is 5m and entering his last year.

Bonino had a stud year in 2014 but had a subpar 2015 in the #2 slot on Vancouver. 15-24-39.

Plek is coming off a solid year wiht 26-34-60pts. good 2-way player who kills penalties. (3SH). a solid #2 center and would be a stud locker room guy for the youngsters.

Do you guys think we should try adn go after a guy better suited for a #2 center role and shove Bonino to #3 or to the wing?

Would MTL do Vrbata for Plek? Both have same contract and with pacioretty out for the first bit of the season now they REALLY need a goal scorrer, and we've got a logjam at the wing considering we want to get younger and get our young wingers in the line-up (Virtanen, Baertschi, Shink?).


Higgins-Plek- Baertschi (Virtanen)




MTL would still have good depth down the middle.

Galchenyuk (46 as a 20-yr old)

Desharnais (49pts)

Eller (27pts)

Mitchell (14 pts, and a 5P +4 in playoffs)

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