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Can someone confirm if tomorrows game will show on Shaw 302


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Sportsnet360 (54 & 231 for HD) and SportsnetP (22) listed on the Canucks website as channels airing game tomorrow for Shaw customers...
HOWEVER, when looking at tomorrow's SHAW guide, it shows 22 as playing the MLB playoff game... and I don't get 54 or 231 (SN360).
Normally the game also airs on 302 for SPortsnet live games, but I'm not able to see/confirm it either by Shaw guide, website, or Canucks.com.
ANyone? Anyone? Bueller? 

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There will be no playoff game tomorrow, as the Cubs were eliminated tonight by the Mets, and there's no need for a game 5. The Blue Jays have the day off.

I don't know if that means the game will get pushed onto the main channel (Pacific), but for now I'm getting a listing for SN360 as well. So I'm assuming for now it will be there.

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