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  1. Downvote button is back, hell ya



  4. Is dat the good ol' chokelahoma I'm seeing????? 


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    2. BI3KSA-


      Yeah there was a recent vote for an arena and it was 5-4 no and all 5 who voted no were women and all 4 that voted yes were men. Pretty funny in a ironic sorta way. 

      Feels bad though, hopefully they get it together cause an NHL team would be sweet and if they got an NBA team itd instantly be my fav team just like the Seahawks 

    3. nuckin_futz


      Yeah I remember reading about the council vote.


      An NHL team would be great. Imagine the rivalry with the Canucks. We'd clobber them and they'd chant USA USA. lol


      Maybe one day.

    4. BI3KSA-


      It would make for some really fun road trips too. It be excited to see the fan chanting battles in their arena from all our fans tripping down there and if their fan base grows maybe the same thing up here. I really hope it ends up happening sooner rather than later 

  5. OKC vs GSW G6 is more exciting than any NHL playoff game this yr

  6. Golden State is getting drubbed out right now. OKC is Golden Stating Golden state. Westy is a monster and KD is KD lmao

    1. SedinMadness


      too bad. I was hoping for curry to put them to shame. I was surprised of the raptors win last night. kinda thought cleavland was going run them to the ground in 4.

    2. BI3KSA-


      Yeah, I'm surprised honestly. Thought Curry would start to take over but idk OKC just playing super well as a team right now and their stars are lit. Draymond probably suspended at least a game for the nut kick, which likely means GS loses game 4 and are down 3-1 and could definitely now lose the series. 

      As for the Raptors, I was surprised af at the win too, I thought for sure Clev was gonna sweep them for the triple sweep into the finals but apparently the Raptors got something left. I've never been a fan of them or the Jays cause of the whole "Canadas team" thing, and them being from Toronto, but them doing well likely bodes well for Vancouver getting a team so I'm moderately happy. I'd die if Van got a team again. Fk thatd be amazing. 

  7. Lebron diving off an eblow from his teammate. Dude is looking like his name is Ryan Kesler or something lmao smh

  8. Ovi's a choker 

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    2. BI3KSA-


      I'm just playin, its a complement 

    3. SedinMadness


      i can't tell if your serious or not... lol if i am getting this wrong then sorry but if you watched the series you know its not true!

    4. BI3KSA-


      Best goal scorer in the game has 2 goals all series and none in the elimination game? Choker, just like always. 

  9. Mishandled or not, you can't say, because they weren't traded, that it wasn't just talk. Don't think that's a fair statement. 

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    2. chon derry

      chon derry

      the stop rushing players thread is back.

    3. chon derry

      chon derry

       i mean its back on the boards again. unlocked.

    4. BI3KSA-


      Nice, thanks for letting me know

  10. 3 kinds of sausage, one filled with cheese and the other two spicy af, and a quarter of a cheese cake. I'm single handedly raising the temperature of Earth via colon emissions rn

    1. Cramarossa


      I ran out of likes, but I tip my hat to you.

    2. BI3KSA-
  11. Wait so Ambien isnt banned anymore or? I was looking at an old thread he posted in and it said he was a "member" instead of "banned" and I could click on his profile and look at it, another thing you used to not be able to do with banned profiles. Or maybe the forum style change made us able to do that now or?

    1. thejazz97


      Methinks it's the new forum.

    2. BI3KSA-


      Word, most likely 

  12. I'm on top of the liquor 

  13. Soooo uhhh... What happened to the Ducks? 

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    2. hatedkid666


      fire boudreau, not his fault but they need a new face to change things up or we will end up w/ their playoff spot

    3. Gstank29


      I keep losing thats whats wrong


    4. Baer.


      They traded away all their depth and their defense is almost non-existant aside from Vatanen.

  14. New Adele is fire

  15. Ronda just got completely embarrassed. 

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