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Why not Archie?


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Just wondering if some could you know... fill me in on why a team that is a starved as it is for big physical power forwards, don't give Darren Archibald a real shot? What is not to like about this guy? Hes a big body that can fight and pot the occasional goal, he cant be a defensive liability or Utica would not have taken him on a PTO. I just don't get it, please someone with hockey wisdom greater than I tell me why the Canucks who ill say it again are pretty starved for players of his ilk aren't giving him a sniff?

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He's not an NHLer now and he may not ever become one.  Not quick enough to land hits consistently and doesn't see the game well enough to contribute in other ways.  If he improves in both regards, then he has a shot as a 4th line LW.  He needs to start showing something asap.

That being said, the Comets still need players to hit the ice.  The Canucks have taken on quite a few Comets lately.

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