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Good observation an post


I like the idea of pushing out a 7 year contract offer on Stampkos +++

He would then be leading next generation core of young guys + this summer s pick . Not much more could be done in short order to transition out from the Sedins ..

This would bring back the excitement an higher expectations of the fans.

Once McCann bulks up 20 lbs of muscle an can start dominating in the Dot he will shine .

now to get lucky an pluck a top 3 lottery pick this summer.

as Howie Meeker used to say 

" You have to be lucky to be good and good to be lucky"

We are over due for some good breaks with the lottery balls 2016 could be one of the most memorable summers since the inception of the franchise in Vancouver.

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37 minutes ago, McHortanen said:

Is dubois really that good? I live in Cape Breton and have yet to see him play. My friends tell me hes great but would rather someone else if their team drafted top 10. Im actually surprised so many people want him with him being in the Q. To me Dubois is not a player that will make the Canucks right away, he will be a great project. But hey Im just basing my judgment off of a few buddies thats seen him play in person quite a few times this year. Maybe ill go watch a playoff game and get some video clips of his play for you guys and see how good he is. 


IMO if we dont get a top 4 pick (Matthews, Laine, Puljujarvi, Chychrun) or maybe top 5 (tkachuk) then we trade down a few spots and acquire more assets.


Back to Vey. If we cant get atleast our 2nd back we hang onto him for atleast 1 more season. Who knows what he can become, hes been getting better and better, I have hope for him still. To me I think he would do his best in the east and I am hoping to get Drouin for Edler++, maybe Vey could be one of the added pieces?

You haven't seen Dubois, and I've only seen him play in a meaningless prospects' game, so I'm thinking you may have a good point here.  Dubois may not be as sure a thing as the usual top 6.  I like your point about acquiring more assets: more eggs, more baskets.  And whatever we may think about Benning's asset management, he looks to be the best drafting GM in Canucks history (Virt, McCann, Tryamkin and Demko one year, then Demko and Boeser the next: all 6 look to be starters.)  So, more assets might be good, even if they are 8th to 24th in range. 


Vey: yes, I hate to dump a player who is actually improving as much as he is -- there has to be a place for him, preferably other than Utica.  I wonder about the East: eventually aren't they going to see how powerful the Central and Western teams are?  These teams are both big and deep. (Winnipeg is a fail, and I suspect they would still mop the floor with 2/3rd's of the East.)  Maybe we can move

Vey before it's too late... after next year's last look.  I think there will have to be some significant trades and buyouts this summer, just to make room, lol.

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