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  1. It would seem to be a good time for him to sign this year An check into the Comet team fro a year . If this is gonna be one of JB later 5 th round gems. I would be dangling the carrot An stick at him .His opportunity timing window would seem to bust open this next 12 months. I would love to see him go to AHL this year.
  2. Sitting maybe only a function of JB only dressing him less than 40 games ,RE: expansion draft protection hence the charade of excuses being coached an verbalized by Willie to media an fans. I know the kid is serious about being a regular contribing 1/23 of the roster on this team this year. he is NHL ready to contribute for his team.
  3. yep yep it is way to early in season to chalk this negative malarky on the boards . It is gonna be a long season at the body fat shrinkage rate 3% he could easily be in line up by November 10, or so
  4. Just wait till late november when teams toughen up alot more an get gritty on run up to 40 games .His skill set will be needed in the line up. JB is just managing him to stay under 40 game mark for expansion protection purposes . .He is ready for 6th or 7 th D game conditions an will be another surprise he does not need Utica he needs to bide his time learn english an defensive system practice with team is good. . we already have a project down there in Pedan who is darn near ready now for bottom pairing minutes maybe half season more .
  5. Not sure but at the time he signed it was one way contract with stipulations in it no AHL.JB was somewhat desperate to improve our depleted D last march. I have learned to be somewhat circumspect with WD language about players that have not endured themselves to WD.He will add to our blue line depth at some point ,perhaps injurys an road games will allow him to ease into lineup into November.
  6. I hope Tryamkin was watching Defensman Parayko play on team North America tonight. If he can evolve his game up a notch or two this year over glimpse last spring it will be a win win for team. Parayko is 6'5" before tonight I new nothing about him or his game.
  7. If this does not excite you about our D upside potential nothing will in the western Conference. cannot wait for camp to start this year.
  8. I don't see him coming over this spring. If he comes after April 30 I suspect he will want a one way contract.I can't see JB doing this either so suspect he will play another year or two in the KHL. That would not be a bad thing as, JB has somehow hemmed himself into a corner with over loaded LD side . JB has pride an I can see him resigning Hamhuis for another 2 years at least. Unless trader Jim can trade a couple D out which I cannot see either we are stuck out another year with a sad Soft D an will compete for next years mediocre draft lottery for real.
  9. Very excited about Tryamkin arriving in North America to play .I hope he comes over after this season we could use him here
  10. I must say has plumber written all over him If he is an above average skater an can pass in tight confined space perhaps there may be some upside I would say on surface he may be overrated by many of the evaluations on him should have been a third rd.Not sure I think this is a crap shoot pick with marginal upside perhaps a filler for the farm system? really not sure why we did not scour the WHL for a good western hockey bred player? just my first impressions as I do not have enough knowledge of him other than others opinions from and judgement .We In Van always seem to overvalue an hype what w
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