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RIP Dick Assman


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hmmm...ok so to maybe try to steer this back on topic. Letterman loved to take the ordinary man and put him in the spot light. He did it with Rupert from the deli, with Larry "Bud" Melman who I believe was a maintenance man in the building, with the girl in the office across from him and lots of others. With Melman he boasted to someone that he could take any random person and make him wildly famous, which he did with Bud. When he found something like this guy with the offbeat name he was in his wheelhouse. That was a huge part of Letterman's charm for me, I loved his wacky bizzaro irreverent take on everything. When Dick Assman fell in his lap he couldn't believe his luck I'm sure. So RIP Dick and enjoy your retirement Dave where ever you are. 

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