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  1. well after being scared out of my mind wondering what in the hell was wrong with me the past few months we are kind sorta sure it's my blood flow since my left side had a 20 point more difference then my right side caused by the way I learned to walk and a mole just on the right side of my junk. now the truly scary part is that if it gets fixed to have proper flow of blood i'm worried it might affect the size of something very important to me. I know I can afford to lose an inch and be average but is it really worth it?
  2. as a former land lord that no longer rents i'll shed some light on that...........we don't want to but after you're gone we do minor renovations then jack up the rent for the next sucker.....ahem tenant
  3. I don't know why i'm typing this, it sounds crazy and I look crazy but I have to confess, for some lighting strike moment that turned into a brilliant flash I think I discovered a medical mystery for chronic back pain and I can't sleep. I'm waiting for the morning light to see a doctor to confirm my hillbilly theory, for something so simple and no surgery involved it may lead into to other things. I'm just laying in bed with a stupid smile but I thought I would share that with you all. well apparently doing what I did is not a good idea even though it helped me walk now I just have to worry about heart attack or stroke YIPPIE
  4. I just started this Haters back off on Netflix................do your self a favour and don't. Attempted to gut it out for 10 min.... I couldn't do it
  5. holy cow, the only time I want to hear "the earth was shaking" is listening to an AC/DC song. If we had a quake that big I think our mountains here on all sides would crumble
  6. The Nintendo bait and switch? I was thinking about getting a wii u thingy but now should I just hold out?
  7. almost looks like between lillooet and lytton nah to green
  8. no way that movie was scary and almost as bad as watership down
  9. not a fan of the ads taking up the top screen

    1. Green Building

      Green Building



      It's free, and it works.

    2. Shift-4


      you can shut off all ads
      unfortunately I can't remember how

  10. we paid matt sundin over 5 million to play half a season to mentor kesler......turned out well in the long run don't ya think?
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