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Mafia: The Titans, MAFIA WINS


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46 minutes ago, Beluga Whale said:

Certainly not playing in this gross game but I do miss you guys. :wub:

Seriously. Come on. This is my first game and I need at least ten in order to have what I want.

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2 hours ago, JAY JAY said:

You can't always have (get) what you want.


I feel for ya, mafia can be harsh.


I'll help, but I don't like Sundays!

GK after two straight night falls so your OK:)

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8 hours ago, JAY JAY said:

So you're going to kill everyone at 2nd. nightfall?


Why the heck do you need so many players then?

No. You don't like Sunday's so you don't have to vote then. You can vote for Monday's nightfall.

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