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RE3 Remake

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didn't finish the game, but omg, this was the only game ever that really creeped me out / "scared me". Or i dunno, it wasn't actually that scary, but whenever Nemesis appeared i always got so nervous, i was just like "ok, game over dude" :D :D

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They kind of lost me when they moved to a more fast-paced, action-oriented style. Yes, I liked the terrible controls and nonsensical puzzles back in the day. These remakes do look intriguing though. Probably a sale buy. At least they went and fully remade them rather than this bs remaster cash grab so many companies are getting into.

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On 3/22/2020 at 11:27 PM, Silky mitts said:

Just picked up the re2 remake. One hell of a remake might have to buy 3 as well.

Actually liked the RE3 remake more ... and RE2 original at the time was the bomb so lots of nostalgia connected to that ... RE3 was also great at the time (got stuck 2/3 through and quit thinking it was the final battle end of game and couldn’t beat the Nemesis)...a year or so later a guy on a job site had a RE3 t-shirt and we got talking about - found out it wasn’t the end battle, that night tried again and defeated him first try ha ha ... my only issue with the re-makes is they are too short...nothing like the originals in that aspect.   RE4 of course is a top five all-time game any genres...still play that once a year or so (the Wi version is the best as you have to use the controller a gun although the digitally re-masters one for the ps4 is balls too)..


Have fun - these are great games...if they did RE4 again and didn’t cut it short it would become the greatest game ever ...

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