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(Proposal) Retool to balance out the roster

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First and foremost we fire the GM and coach

and make new hires along with a president. I am not sure who the best candidates would be so I’ll leave it at that. 

Trade 1: Pettersson+ Rathbone+ Poolman to the New York Islanders for

Barzal+ Dobson+ Cizikas


Both these teams have been massive disappointments this year so I could see them coming together for a shakeup. Pettersson may have a little bit more upside than Barzal but we get the better young Dman in Dobson over Rathbone. I think the Islanders are missing Leddy’s puck moving abilities so he can be that replacement. They are solid on the right side with Pulock and Mayfield long term so the have a bigger need for a left handed puck mover. Cizikas and Poolman make the same amount of money and would fill a need for both teams.


Trade 2: Boeser+ Burroughs to Nashville for Fabbro+ Kunin+ Trenin


Boeser has had success against Nashville and when I look at their roster, they look like they could use another goal scorer who is young enough for their retool. Nashville seems to be a factory for Dman so I’m sure they have more young dman coming up to replace what they lose in Fabbro. Kunin and Trenin help the Canucks with two way forward depth and penalty killing ability. 
Nashville now has Duchene, Johanson, Forsberg, Boeser as their core to bring up their young guys.


Trade 3: Dickinson to Toronto for Dermott


Dickinson is a versatile forward who can help in a checking line roll for Toronto. There were earlier reports that Dermott is on the block. He would help out our left side after trade Rathbone.


Miller- Barzal- Garland




          Hughes- Fabbro


        Dermott- Myers

  Demko- Halak


spares: highmore schenn hamonic 


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I don't know enough about their situations, but 

Trade 1) Petey - Barzal seems fair, and Dobson's gone cold with his team so Rathbone for him (if they bite) could be a buy-low steal, but would they want to move Cizikas?  Thought he was on their Identity Line and thus pretty important.  If the Isles bite I'd be down though.

2) If Boeser can get all that value (I kind of doubt it at the moment) that would be great (honestly I'd take him for Fabbro [though he's having a low-scoring season himself] and if possible either Trenin or Kunin, and then whatever value left to get Sissons, since neither Trenin or Kunin are good at faceoffs).  

3) I don't know if Toronto acquires Dickinson, Kampf is doing well as their 3rd C and they have some good depth scoring with Engvall, Kampf, Simmonds, Bunting...

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Poile once said the most important skill in his mind is speed and Boeser really has little of that.  


He can score goals though so maybe a bit of an adjusted deal could have them bite.  Myers instead of Fabbro.  Not sure about the other pieces though.  Kunin and Trenin are depth players but are still helping them win games.  Burroughs has no trade value.


Boeser is struggling and Nashville finally has found some balance after some difficult times.   Poile says he worries about the room in a trade.  Nashville can’t make a trade that hurts their competitiveness or players will stop buying in and they are just getting everyone to believe in what the are doing.  They are in a competitive rebuild as Poile puts it and part was fixing culture where he felt players weren’t all in and now they are.  The roster isn’t good enough to contend yet but they are playing for each other. 

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32 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

I'd do the first trade and stop there, maybe adding a depth defenseman who isn't Dermott.

Craig Button says Barzal is a good player with flashes of brilliance while Pettersson is a brilliant player.  


Don’t see NYI being at all interested in Poolman.  He would just make their defensive woes even worse.


Trotz is very much into analytics (credits their use for winning a Cup) and Lamoriello even used them to target their goalie when in Toronto.  Sportsnet using tracking technology pointed out that he was bottom tiers in d-zone turnover rates which is something that Trotz would likely be mindful of.  Drance just polled a few executives and pro-scouts and they have him with negative trade value.


NYI are missing what Leddy brought - they are looking for a left PMD to replace him per Staples.

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