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Terrible customer care thread


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My phone bill and my phone plan. 


Today I decided I was going to go to the mobile carrier store to talk about my bill and plan and decided that I needed to speak with another associate, so I went another store. 


The interaction was not great. It started off as great. The associate brought up my bill and I explained that the service was changed in the middle of my bill cycle, but the bill was showing charges at the start of my bill cycle, so I was being charged for a full month of service instead of two weeks. He told me my bill was correct, I asked why I was being charged for service for a full month and pointed out the service dates and the amount. 


He raised his voice, started speaking louder and told me that it was how it was and if I did not understand I needed to call billing. People started staring at us and I felt embarrassed.


I did not raise my voice at him, I was still speaking in a low voice and being polite towards him. I was not defensive, I was just being direct and asking direct questions. 


Then he walks away. I still had questions about about my plan besides the billing. 


I got home and called billing. The agent explained my plan and I got a credit for the two weeks. I received a text message confirming the credit and checked my account and the credit is there. 






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