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[Waivers] Justin Dowling, Brad Malone

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On 2/10/2022 at 1:08 PM, RakuRaku said:

I'm still waiting............... for Di Giuseppe's call-up and to see him him play a game or two... we need his speed and physicality!!


I really wonder if Allvin will make a few trades to address our size/toughness dept as well as a solid LHD!!

With the new GM being a Swede, I highly (and sadly) doubt that adding size and especially size with some toughness is going to happen.

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15 hours ago, wildcam said:

I agree and ever team have toughness and grit..We are not saying Gadjovich Or MacEwen are game changers but they make room for the more skilled players and other teams can't have guys running around taking cheap shots on our skilled players...

You don't want Miller, Horvat, fighting... Islander and most teams have a couple guys like Gadjovich..

Too bad MacEwan absolutely sucked and couldn't do anything but throw a punch. Gadjovich you're just assuming he's going to become a certain player. 

They made room for our star players? What universe do you live in? 



This board sometimes... 

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