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[GDT/PGT] October 1, 2022 Preseason: Canucks @ Kraken 6:30pm PT at Climate Pledge Arena SN1, SNP, ROOT-NW, SN650AM

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10 hours ago, bigbadcanucks said:

Other than the one clip of Yeo losing it in practice with the Wild probably paints him as a hot head, but I haven't seen any other clips of Yeo going off the deep end. If I'm a head coach and I got a half-assed effort in practice after a piss-poor game performance which is the context of Yeo doing a Torts on Hartley impersonation, I'd lose my marbles too.


10 seasons with the Pens organization (4 with the big club), 4 1/2 seasons with the Wild, 2 1/4 seasons with the Blues, 3 seasons with the Flyers suggests that Yeo's got some degree of staying power.  At least does to me. 


One may think BB is a hothead after watching this video...caution to anyone (living under a rock) who hasn't seen this video, it's loaded with f-bombs.  Not the kind of talk you'd expect from the loveable Bruce Boudreau.



Gotta love those F bombs from Bruce lol. I dunno he just has a way with players and can give tough love with out giving that Torts vibe.


Agree, Yeo does have staying power and obviously has a good mind for the game. Most of my experience is from watching him during live games on nhl center ice. I’ve never seen any dressing room rants etc from him. Just watching him on the bench and seeing his reactions.


Obviously one can write their own story when doing that as you’re not in the game or near the bench. I like to watch coaches and player reactions…for whatever reason that is.


Take Gallant in NY, he has a very intense attitude behind the bench. But I love it, he’s like a general going to war with his boys. Gets his troop up to the task.


Cooper in Tampa, is a cool headed tactician. His guys always trust his moves and decisions.


You then watch a Torts team and half the bench looks deflated or pissed off or miserable. It’s a big difference.


You could see that in our team last year with Green too, team tuned him out.


Those are the unfortunate vibes I get from Yeo as a head coach. But he is not a head coach and like you said spent a significant time in Pitts as assistant. So he could be a great asset in that regard.

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I was at the game and was thinking today that I'm really unpopular at the Canucks games in Seattle.  By the end of the game, the two people sitting beside me left during the second, and the couple on the other side of me scooted over, which was excellent, so I could put my drink in their cup holder.  Don't they know this was a preseason game?! I'm just warming up...


And plus I really enjoy yelling out loud, such as - LET'S SCORE! or OH YES LET'S SHOOT THAT PUCK! I mean, what's wrong with yelling that?  It's a generic phase and can go either way for which team - Kraken or Canucks.  

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