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  1. I don't think you can fault management if he does walk for family reasons. You can throw all the money you want at him. But family is more important. If he does go to Florida to be with his family no money in the world will stop him. How do you call that managements fault? You shake the guys hand, say thanks for all the hard work, and wish him all the best. Nothing more you can do in that situation. If it comes down to a "timing" thing again and Ian decides to walk...then I will be super pissed because yes, management let him walk, and you are right they should be rolling out the
  2. You bet it was, he went undrafted and he reached out and contacted him. Signed him to a pro, rest is history. Best fighter in the last 20 years this team has seen. Miss the hell out of him!
  3. And Keane the captain and Stanley cup winner, for 5 seasons. I think he had a major impact on the kids from he Moose roster over his 5 seasons there. Keene was from Winnipeg so it was just a cool end of hockey career story to watch for an awesome pro. Guy was all class. Off the top of my head, they allowed Burrows in for a try out when he was toiling in the ECHL, they like what they seen and brought him on the team. list of players off the top of my head without looking - Raymond - Bieksa - Schneider - Burrows - Kesler - Grabner
  4. Stop it ...... I said stop! you’re making too much sense.... it’s confusing ok!
  5. Ottawa got the better Tkachuk, kid is a way better team player. Fights and sticks up for his team. Good net front presence. Added plus is he looks like Frankenstein and will just get gnarlier with age lol.
  6. Nice I’m gonna watch that game today. Glad to see Mikey get some reps finally. With the last couple games coming up it’s pretty bitter sweet. Out of all the Canucks AHL teams in the past 20 years Utica has been top shelf, gotta say Abbotsford has big shoes to fill and I really wonder if they will support our young guys like Utica did. I sure hope so. Manitoba Moose and Utica are tied for me. Both great affiliates and both had rabid fan bases. And both have churned out some good players for us.
  7. Good points, and honestly he has held his head above water too. Over 20 mins last night, I thought made several nice plays out there, got another apple, has a better shot than I thought. 3 SOG, 1 massive block in on the PK, plus lots of other nice defensive plays sprinkled through the game. Made some gaffes too, but recovered. Still better suited for the bottom 6 I think, but a great add to our team if he can bring this every game consistently. The fact he can jump up the line up and put in 20 minutes of work and be trusted like that all game...pure gravy. Time will te
  8. Eichel is the center version of Laine. All about themselves. I don't argue his issues he has with the organization. But even before his injury issues he was always complaining about something...like pretty much every season since he started playing in the NHL...Too much of a distraction and really isn't captain material. Plus he looks too much like Marv from Home Alone...can't be trusted!
  9. He's looked about the same as he has when he first got into the AHL, hesitant and over thinking things. I think you're right, he needs time to adjust and get confident.
  10. The only thing i'm amazed about on this list is...WTF, Zac Dalpe is still in the NHL and now he's getting votes for the Masterton!??
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