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  1. Multiple reports? The only prospects I know that had a problem in Utica were Dahlen and Palmu. I watched every game of theirs when they were in Utica and in no way shape or form were they ready for the pace of the AHL. Other than those 2 I haven't heard anything. We have had lots of our lower tier prospects go through Utica and some high tier. None have complained about Cull. Only those 2. You could maybe add Jasek to that list but his problem wasn't with Utica, it was with the Canucks not giving him a sniff at all last year. Which I do agree with Jasek, they owed him an NHL game or 2...he had put way more work in then say Cole Lind or Jonah Gadjovich and was a more complete player. The fact he never got a single game in last year still perplexes me. The rest of our prospects have really enjoyed playing in Utica under Cull. I don't miss a game all year and i'll continue to follow them in Abbotsford as well. I just don't see this "development" issue on our farm like others do. Our farm team hasn't had a lot of top quality drafted talent, they have been left with our teams lower tier prospects to shape and mould them into NHL players, all of them incomplete as a product. We have had so many of our top prospects completely bypass the AHL all together. Which is great for our NHL club but it's been a hard go for our AHL team. AHL is a tough league and it's some hard sledding to get to the NHL. Culls main focus is prepping this kids for the rigors of the NHL. Even Dahlen recently stated that he wasn't ready back when he first tried to come to north america to play. Anyways my 2 cents i'll shut up now lol Back to game day! Go canucks!!
  2. I honestly think Green is just getting him up to speed. It must be hard for player and coach to work on everything they need to and adjust Podz to NHL life in general. I don't think his press box sitting has anything to do with him playing badly. Just getting him up to speed. Nice to see him in the roster for our first home game of the year!! This scenario reminds me a lot of Bo. He was deployed on the 4th line all year for his first season and slowly rose up the ranks from that point. Podz has the same kind of skill set, he is tough and is a good fit for a bottom 6 role until he figures out the top 6 role on the team, which will come with time.
  3. True good point. I'd rather Cull working with the kids on the farm anyways lol
  4. I don't see Cull as an NHL coach yet but I think he's close. And honestly he is a short drive away if Vancouver flops this season and Green gets fired...i'd like to see him hired with the "interim" tag and see what he has. Now, I don't want it to seem I want Green fired. But if the scenario does happen i'd like to see Cull finish the year off for us.....I hope none of that happens tho and both our NHL and AHL clubs make the playoffs this year. So far off to a good start i'd say!! You bet Vinny was the teams very first AHL signed contract to the team when they moved it to Abby. I was so happy they decided to drag him along with the farm. I've been watching him since he come to Utica a few seasons ago. I just really appreciate what he does for our young guys on the team. He makes it safe for them out there. I really mean it. Funny I just read this on canucksarmy about 10 mins ago and it echos what I say about Vinny. I'll attach Chase Wouters quote... "He’s an underrated piece of this team through the early part of the season. Wouters plays a physical game that has fit in nicely on a fourth line that is looking to play physical on every shift and bring energy on each and every shift. The fourth line was excellent for the Canucks on Sunday. That line saw Wouters be flanked by Vincent Arseneau and Ethan Keppen. “I thought we were good [on Sunday],” said Wouters. “I thought we got in on the forecheck, I thought we were physical, I think that’s something we can bring to the team and we have just got to build off things that we did good tonight and also work on some areas. That was a good fun game and it’s good to play with those guys.” Wouters was asked how safe he feels with known tough guy Arseneau on his wing. “Vinny is awesome,” said Wouters with a huge smile on his face. “We got thrown together here quickly and he’s always sticking up for his teammates. That’s something great about him, all the guys really respect him a lot for that.”
  5. Woo has been looking good. I really like that 4th line of Wouters, Keppen, and Arsenealt. They started a bit shaky but by the end of the game Cull was putting them out with 4 minutes left in a 2-0 game. Shows a lot of trust in them. I'm surprised because Wouters is undrafted, but he has some great hustle. Keppen looks fast for a big guy out there and can agitate, good replacement for Gadjovich so far...maybe they are building him up to replace Gadjovich? As for Vinny Aresnault....did anyone count how many huge hits he laid out in the game?? The guy is a monster. There was a sequence in the 3rd period where he destroyed 2 guys in one shift. The first guy he blew up he just stopped skating and stared him down after he was laying on the ice...pure intimidation. Love this guy. Protector of the team for sure! What I really love is seeing a coach who is not afraid to use his grit guys to hit and fight and intimidate. Trent Cull gets that side of the game...where I really don't think Travis Green does. I think if Cull ever gets a chance in the NHL his team will be nasty to play against. As for Justin Bailey...he may just be making a case to play on our 4th line and add some quickness to our PK unit. The guy looks great on the PK. So fast to get to the pucks and disrupt things....the big club could use some of this on their PK... I've liked Silovs better than Dipietro to start the year too. It's Mikeys net to loose...but he may just lose it to Silovs...crazy! Klimovich to me looks ok, and getting comfortable out there. You can see the mistakes here and there but for an 18 year old jumping right in, great job kid!! Lots to like so far!! Especially the home jerseys...they look friggin awesome!
  6. HAHA I love what it says in the inner collar of the jersey...hasn't anyone noticed yet?? "F" Messier ...lol love it
  7. I love the irony that we finally have a #23 that can get shots through from the point instead of being a supreme shin basher from the point...i've been dreaming of that kind of 23 for a long time lol.
  8. I would way rather that then hit the ground running. Teams that do that always seem to gas out by the end and miss the playoffs. First 20 is all about chemistry building, you may only win 50 % of those games, but as long as you keep a 500 record you're fine. Once guys start to gel then you go on a tear up the standings to get into the playoffs. We seen a lot of turn over on the roster this year, so a slow start is a probable reality. The talent is there no question, it just has to percolate a bit first!
  9. Great point Alf You can go back and look at lots of top 10 whiffs from every team in the NHL. I honestly think Joulevi needs a start someplace else, but his knee injuries have really set his career back. It's a shame because he had a lot of potential. This story has happened many times.. lots of great young athletes get a severe injury early in their career and it completely derails them. I still like him on the bottom end of our defense, he can still kill penalties and shot block well. But it seems Greens mind is made up on him. So best to part ways with this prospect if the coach won't trust him. I just hope if he does get traded we get a LD back in some kind of package deal, we are thin on that side now.
  10. I thought Silovs looked good in pre season. Aku I have just heard amazing things about too. Hopefully see more of Silovs if he sticks in Abby this year. DiPietro is starting to worry me a bit. He stands too low in net a lot of the time. It's ok in the AHL, he crawls around like a cat out there making amazing saves and keeps the team in the game. But he needs to learn some tricks from Halak on how to "look tall". One thing I noticed when the play is around the boards and along the blue line, Halak is pretty much standing straight up to look and view the play. Not crouching at all. That way he can actually have a chance to save anything coming from above his chest line. DiPietro is too crouched and as we seen in his preseason games, lots of shots through traffic were able to beat him high, it's always been an issue with him. I think Mikey will be fine, he needs to stay upright more it is definitely holding him back from being a starter in the NHL. I've always thought he would be an amazing backup. Probably one of the best in the NHL just because of how he handles and processes his role on a team. He already is an amazing pro. Funny thing, Markstrom had the same issue when he come here. I always said for such a big man he looked so small in net. He was always crouched low, shoulders rounded in, it's like he was trying to be as small as possible. Once Ian got a hold of him, you could see the posture change in Marky, shoulders square, head up, gaps tight, etc. It was a night and day difference in his stance and playing style when he first come to Vancouver. And obviously made him into the amazing goalie he is now.
  11. Wow, I love watching his goals lol. Sid it was brought up to me yesterday that we can possibly sign him this season once his NCAA season is done. Is this correct? Thx
  12. I liked his in game adjustment. The 2 goals they scored on him, they kept trying to go back to those spots, but Halak learned and closed the gaps off. Honestly i've never noticed that in him, lots of goalies get rattled and keep letting pucks in. Halak just adjusts on the fly and closes things off. It was very impressive to watch. He is a super smart goalie.
  13. You could be right and that would be awesome to see, unfortunately I haven't watched much other than clips of him so my overall sense of where he is at is hard to judge for me. I mostly focus on AHL as I always like to see who I think is coming up next to the big team. I didn't realize we could possibly get him signed by seasons end, that is super interesting!
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