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  1. I would way rather that then hit the ground running. Teams that do that always seem to gas out by the end and miss the playoffs. First 20 is all about chemistry building, you may only win 50 % of those games, but as long as you keep a 500 record you're fine. Once guys start to gel then you go on a tear up the standings to get into the playoffs. We seen a lot of turn over on the roster this year, so a slow start is a probable reality. The talent is there no question, it just has to percolate a bit first!
  2. Great point Alf You can go back and look at lots of top 10 whiffs from every team in the NHL. I honestly think Joulevi needs a start someplace else, but his knee injuries have really set his career back. It's a shame because he had a lot of potential. This story has happened many times.. lots of great young athletes get a severe injury early in their career and it completely derails them. I still like him on the bottom end of our defense, he can still kill penalties and shot block well. But it seems Greens mind is made up on him. So best to part ways with this prospect if the coach won't trust him. I just hope if he does get traded we get a LD back in some kind of package deal, we are thin on that side now.
  3. I thought Silovs looked good in pre season. Aku I have just heard amazing things about too. Hopefully see more of Silovs if he sticks in Abby this year. DiPietro is starting to worry me a bit. He stands too low in net a lot of the time. It's ok in the AHL, he crawls around like a cat out there making amazing saves and keeps the team in the game. But he needs to learn some tricks from Halak on how to "look tall". One thing I noticed when the play is around the boards and along the blue line, Halak is pretty much standing straight up to look and view the play. Not crouching at all. That way he can actually have a chance to save anything coming from above his chest line. DiPietro is too crouched and as we seen in his preseason games, lots of shots through traffic were able to beat him high, it's always been an issue with him. I think Mikey will be fine, he needs to stay upright more it is definitely holding him back from being a starter in the NHL. I've always thought he would be an amazing backup. Probably one of the best in the NHL just because of how he handles and processes his role on a team. He already is an amazing pro. Funny thing, Markstrom had the same issue when he come here. I always said for such a big man he looked so small in net. He was always crouched low, shoulders rounded in, it's like he was trying to be as small as possible. Once Ian got a hold of him, you could see the posture change in Marky, shoulders square, head up, gaps tight, etc. It was a night and day difference in his stance and playing style when he first come to Vancouver. And obviously made him into the amazing goalie he is now.
  4. Wow, I love watching his goals lol. Sid it was brought up to me yesterday that we can possibly sign him this season once his NCAA season is done. Is this correct? Thx
  5. I liked his in game adjustment. The 2 goals they scored on him, they kept trying to go back to those spots, but Halak learned and closed the gaps off. Honestly i've never noticed that in him, lots of goalies get rattled and keep letting pucks in. Halak just adjusts on the fly and closes things off. It was very impressive to watch. He is a super smart goalie.
  6. You could be right and that would be awesome to see, unfortunately I haven't watched much other than clips of him so my overall sense of where he is at is hard to judge for me. I mostly focus on AHL as I always like to see who I think is coming up next to the big team. I didn't realize we could possibly get him signed by seasons end, that is super interesting!
  7. ....i'm confused...did you catch Vintage on a pee break?? You must have beat him by at least 10 micro seconds!!
  8. I'd say Podkolzin. He's still learning but I bet that he is next in line for that role. As for the farm, no other guys that are our prospects really fit that bill other that Podz.
  9. I miss Kass, he has always been very likeable. I still remember him drawing cartoons of all his team mates in Vancouver back in the day lol. His art work is actually really good. Quote from Sedin brothers: they were asked many years ago now in a Q n A session, which is the most interesting player you have every played with? Their answer, big ol Zack Kassian lol
  10. The way he played net front with Petey last night i'm guessing we will see him back in that spot again.
  11. Honestly the 4th line is up for grabs, so many guys could be in that spot on our team. Heard reports that Hamonic is on his way back to Vancouver now too. I was reading it somewhere else in CDC today. Not sure if it's true or not?
  12. Dang...and I though I had lots of screens to play with lol. Is this the matrix!? I'm cheating tho, mine are control screens for the facility I run...but they still count right!?
  13. I loved it!!! Lockwood did such a good job getting the top line off their game last night, they were chasing him around all night after that lol. We have needed this kind of player on our team for a while. We haven't had it since Burrows in my opinion. I mean guys have tried since Burr but no one has replaced that top end "getting under the skin" of your opponents since him. The kid is a keeper
  14. I'm starting to think this is actually who Gadjovich was competing against to make the roster. Net front presence guy who can score greasy goals. MacEwan isn't really that but Chaisson is. If you compare Chaisson against Gadj, I do think Chaisson has won the spot over him. I hate to say it, I absolutely loved watching Gadjovich on the farm, but i've watched so many other prospects like him become stars in the AHL only to fall short in the NHL. They come, they go. I try not to get too torn about it. Gadj really improved his skating over the summer and I thought he looked ok in the preseason games, but he is still having issues away from the puck and that won't fly with Travis Greens fast paced system. Chaisson looked pretty good all night with Petey, he's a big body that can protect the puck well and keep up with the offensive pace of the game. Once our final cuts are made i'm sure we'll see the announcement that we have signed him to a 1 year deal. I do think he's earned it.
  15. Same! I agree, both have had great careers. I personally think Halak is the best 1B goalie out there right now. Low maintenance, does his thing. I mean his career average is just so tight across all those years. Just a steady goalie. I used to love Manny Legace for the same reason back in the day.
  16. No I don't think you did. This guy is legit. He can play. Since he's come into the NHL he has put up pretty good numbers in either league. The last few years he's bounced around but he is my dark horse for this year. I am interested to see what he brings to our line up, the shine has worn off his 2nd round selection but he is a solid pro. Our AHL squad is gonna be contending for the Calder I swear...if they all gel together that is lol. Pretty cool to watch both teams this year. I have AHL live, the only question I have is how the game timing will work out. Back in Utica their games would start around 4 PM here, so perfect to watch then slide over to the nucks game at 7 PM...may not be so easy now in the same time zone haha
  17. I've been a fan of Halak ever since he almost stole Carey Prices job long long ago in Montreal. He's always been a good goalie. I'm thinking this is a guy that Mikey DiPietro can look up to as well. He's going to learn a ton off of him and his playing style since they are comparable stature wise.
  18. People act like the opinions on this board and the nastiness you see on Twitter and such represents most Canucks fans. The majority of Canuck fans are amazing people who love and support their local team. I’ve travelled all over BC, pretty much every corner. From Atlin to Victoria, great fans, absolute beauties. But most do not go online to spout anything about the team, they just watch, enjoy, and cheer. …you would never know that if you didn’t live in BC or ever go to any of the games at the arena….
  19. Haha too true, every August is like watching paint dry hockey wise!
  20. For sure, I see your point. But I watched every AHL game of his too. I was shocked how he just come in and made an instant impact. Then goes up to the NHL and does the same exact thing. I’m pretty sold on him. I’ve watched a lot of defensemen come and go in utica and he is no doubt by far the best. And I love his instant chemistry with Jet Woo. In the end it is too early to tell tho and I think it’s prudent to keep both unless like I said they make us an offer we can’t refuse. Which isn’t gonna happen anyways.
  21. I hate CHEL, the ice is so glossy and everything is white with the outdoor rink environment it's overload on my eyes. I literally cannot play it unless I dim my TV or put shades on. I'm a HUT guy
  22. I'm not shocked. I wasn't a fan of either candidate. Biden isn't competent. Trump wasn't either. I think his approval rating has dropped because he doesn't have an original thought in his head. Biden is a parrot and is just a figure head. I think people are seeing that now. The most powerful nation in the world and they elect a guy that sniffs womens hair and probably can't even bend over to tie his own shoes...like this is the best they can drum up?? It's a $&!# show down there. The politics have been watered down to a popularity contest now it seems. Who cares about policy and how you govern the nation. You can spout BS all day to try and get elected, and not mean a stitch of it. It's embarrassing. Instead of American Idol they have American Political, sing and dance like a little puppet and then if you really impress people you get to sit in an oval office for a while as the prize. yay
  23. No agreed, owners want to make money. Not toil in the basement for years while suffering in revenue loss. The Buffalo situation is interesting because it just seems like a ship at sea with out a rudder. They are totally directionless. Haha, at least we can thank Buffalo for that. Good point.
  24. I think you're right, i'm just thinking Benning could capitalize on NJD thinking that they will be building one. I'm a fan of Hughes but with the emergence of Rathbone i'd be comfortable with it. Especially if the return is juicy!
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