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    bro poor afghanistan got slaughtered rashid khan 0-110 in 9 overs lmaoooooo rip also bro i hate this venue. half these matches are getting chopped cuz the rain
  2. Did u guys know Sam Bennet 18!!! I repeat, he is 18 years of age! We should go ask his mother if hes 18 becuase i mean he's 18 so that must mean his ma said hes 18 with him being 18 and all, this all makes sense why cbc is calling him 18 cuz hes actually 18. I cant F**king beleive that he's f**king 18 that mothaf88kin 18 yeay old he is. he is 18!

  3. You made a small typo in this: Kings-1109 (2nd in the league) Ducks-10209 (4th in the league) (The ducks hits cant be 10000+) But besides that nice post. I think the Canucks could beat the Sharks or the Ducks in a competitive 6 to 7 games. But the kings IMO will be a bigger challenge.
  4. Your sig is done. Check it out in the thread!

  5. Credit would be appreciated for the sig! :)