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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Ottawa Senators

    Finally feels good to say that it was a fun game to watch
  2. This looks like a book from a madrasa. Textbooks in public and private schools do not look like that. They have color and the format shown in the picture seems very unprofessional and created with a low budget. This happens in madrasas. Those idiotic people learn this way. Along with their twisted ideologies. This is a huge concern. But as for public schools, physics is not taught like this. In most subjects, religion is not mixed. But rather taught in separate courses.
  3. The amount of Ignorance is too damn high. I was on my way from Lahore to Islamabad on the day this tragic and horrible event happend. Today I am back in Lahore. Let me tell you this. The park where this tradegy took place is called "Gulshan-Iqbal" park. This park is a public park. The area of which the park is located is not a densely Christian populated Area. Pakistani's of all types have been the victims of terrorism in this attack. I've read someone's post on this thread, asking why Christians even live in Pakistan. I'll give you an answer, becuase they want to and their rights are protected. Now, before you rage out. Ask the Christians of Pakistan. Here there are many Churches, Christian schools, and ChristIan Institutes. The people of Pakistan orginally were never "at war" with Christians. Ever since terrorism has been on the rise. Problems have occurred. Other religious sacred places and holy sites ARE protected. In fact earlier today, I visited a Unesco protected Bhudist Temple about 1 hour out of Islamabad. The site was/is being preserved and being excavated. Nothing is being destroyed. Please please please try to understand that here the military, police officers, and local people fo not discriminate based off religion. The bus we took had a Christian driver, who took us to all the tourist spots and showed us around. You will be suprised how many Churches are in the Northern Areas, including the town of Ahbottabad. The terrorists are targeting soft targets. They are targeting children and families at parks. Parks where people go to spend family time and enjoy the last few weeks of cold weather here in this city. Finally, there is the issue of Security in this province. It is important to know Pakistan has 4 provinces. Sindh (Karachi), Punjab (Lahore), Balochistan (near Iran border), and Khyberpakhtunkwa (northern areas, capital). For the last 2 years and especially since the Peshawar school attack, the Pakistani army and rangers have been carrying out military operations targeting terrorists in all provinces except Punjab (where lahore is located). Believe me when I tell you that thsee operations have helped alot. The Karachi of 2 years ago and the Karachi of today are worlds apart. Sure, Karachi is still plunged with crime, but it is much better than what it was 2 years ago. The other provinces have improved drastically too. In Pakistan, the provinces government needs to approve military operations. All 3 out of 4 provinces did. Except for the govermentire of Punjab Province. Only until now, after so many innocent people have been killed, the government of punjab approved army operations. So hopefully huge crackdowns can be taken place and the terrorists will be brought to justice. The current Pakistani army is not with the terrorists. Every day on tv channels across the country, the government has started to issue messages in the form of an advertisement. First by showing verses of the Quran saying how it's inhuman to kill. And then by showing he sacrifices of the brave men and women fighting terrorism in this country. One last thing is I am not writing lies and propagating that my country is corruption free. I will be the first to admit all the problems in Pakistan. But I just cannot stand thay people thing Pakistan is some terror supporting $&!# hole of a nation. Damn that was a lot of words.
  4. NHL 16 Thread

    This is much better
  5. Where do you currently live? [Talk]

    Thanks for the kind comments I'll comeback to Calgary one day. I don't known when, but one day for sure.
  6. Where do you currently live? [Talk]

    Yeah, I also really liked the Muslim Community there. I also prefer them over Toronto's. The Muslims in Calgary were generally more nicer and friendly. I actually felt there were better Muslims generally in Calgary than here in the city I live in. Back in Calgary the Muslim Community was strongly united, as there were Muslims from many different groups and even shias all praying in the same mosque. With stampede breakfasts, Eid festivals, activities for youth, and much more. Felt like a true community.
  7. Where do you currently live? [Talk]

    Dhahran/Khobar/Dammam, Saudi Arabia. But u all probably knew that. Almost 2 years ago I moved from calgary to here. I loved calgary and spent 8 years there. Prior to that I lived in Halifax for 2 years after moving from Karachi, Pakistan. I've lived for 6 months in Qatar. I've also lived in some few other countries across the middle east for shorts stints/also when I was younger.
  8. TV Shows

    Homeland (extremely politically incorrect though), Arrow, Flash, Blue Bloods, Gotham. Not in any order
  9. Would you rather......

    Hick. Would u rather be able to freeze time or be able to go back in time?
  10. NHL 16 Thread

    Do play NBA on PS4/XBOX1 or PS3/360? Just wondering.
  11. Cory Conacher Talk

    And there folks was the end of the Cory CoNaches (damn auto correct) Era. A whole ~3 pages. We will remember him forever and ever and ever. Heil Cory
  12. NHL 16 Thread

    Ughh those covers are a disgrace.
  13. Which team won the Stanley Cup the year you were born?

    Boston Bruins 2011
  14. [Game] Guess The Next Poster

    What defense?