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  1. Yep, nothing new here. But isn't this the basic gist of a million posts now? Anyway, I think this is the simple truth. Ownership should hire/fire/move accordingly.
  2. Watched a YouTube video of all the goals scored by the Canucks in the 2011 playoff run. What an effing team that was, and boy were we spoiled, regardless of the outcome (which is we won, obvi). Not sure of my point, but that was a TEAM. By all definitions. And I love our kids today, but we're missing.... SOMEthing. Not sure what it is exactly, but there's a special little something that I'm just not feeling with the group. That mix of character, the sprinkle of salty douche factor (not too much tho), speed and creativity and swagger and ... this crew doesn't have it yet.
  3. They were never going to make any noise in the post-season this year anyway. Play all the kidssssss!
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