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  1. Lightning deserved the Cup. They've been so good for so long. Finally they win. Bolts were very active at tdl, spent a lot to upgrade positions they needed help at. Congrats!
  2. Exactly why I said he'll retire. 5 mill over 2 yrs. That's 2.5 mill per year. His contract is heavily front loaded and bonus laden. Swedes seem to be less greedy. Naslund left 4 mill on table over 1 yr.
  3. LE will retire after collecting his signing bonus. He leaves 5 mill on the table instead of going to AHL. He knows hes been vastly overpaid and it's the right thing to do.
  4. Have you been?. My mom's sister lives there. It's been a few years. 2013 was last time i was in Finland and Sweden. But i did grow up in US and go school there so I love the USA. Scandinavia is wonderful .. in summer.
  5. It's better if he stays in Sweden. Play actual games and keep developing rather than being a black aces practice squad member with Canucks.
  6. I think Colorado goes after Marky. If they hada good goalie they'd be in the WCF right now.. I've said this in previous posts.. Colorado is a good goalie away from being a complete team, in win now mode and able to take multiple Cup runs..
  7. I'm not he got traded 3 times so it could be character flaw issue... I'm saying there is a character flaw issue that's why he's been traded 3 times... Don't need no inside info.. I've seen it my self thru his personality in the media.. the way he presents hime self doesn't come off the right way...
  8. Ian Clark is a huge reason for Marky's success. I'd let Clarke continue to work with Demko and get him to a Vezina calibre level over the next 2 or 3 seasons over signing Marky to an expensive long term contract. That's when we should be legit cup contenders if our rebuild continues on a positive path.. If Marky signs a 1 year deal great. Which is highly doubtful Signing Marky to a high cap 5 or 6 year deal at 30yrs age is not the best route to take imo. Demko is ready to play 50 games. Get him a good backup and it's time to give him the keys.... I'd re sign Toffoli and upgrade our D with available cap for next season. Demko is cheap 1 mill cap for next season before becoming RFA end of season. Get him decent backup and we're good. Having said all this if someone offers us an amazing deal we can't refuse for Demko then things change..
  9. Stars 6 Bolts 7 @goalie13 If you decide to make this every game just like Canucks games I'd be in for sure.... More fun every day instead of just series....
  10. Canucks gained a lot of fans across Canada after these playoffs. A lot of people didn't like the Canucks during Burrows Kesler Lappy days..ie: Sedins era... Now this run has introduced the young Canucks to a lot of people who don't watch much Canucks hockey hockey due to time difference particularly in the east...they play hard .. no diving and complaining.. good, honest hard working hockey most Canadians love to watch.. EP is a great example.. took abuse fought thru it put up points played a strong 2 way game..
  11. Ya definetely need upgrades at more than one position... But with cap being flat next year and us being up against it I dont think we approve much next season.. might take a step back just like the Avs did after their young core made playoffs and missed the following season..
  12. He'll be RFA and need to be qualified at 7.5 mill in 2 years.. We won't trade him yet.. his value is at a low point.. he'll be here for atleast 1 more season.