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  1. All this talk about offer sheets thats not hapoening.. No way Aqua doesnt match.. i dont think it will get that far.. Nashville matched Philly on Weber.. no way Vancouver doesnt match... Dont even think it'll get that far.. Hughes isn't a 10 mill hockey player... he's an offensive Dman. Undersized.. skates great..very poor on D side of game.. cant play boards. 6.5 mill 3 years EP i think 8.5 mill 3 years..
  2. Man there is no freaking way you trade Edler for a 2nd.. He's got NMC and refuses to leave Vancouver so its just a discussion.... He's worth a 1st and top prospect on the market..
  3. Nope.. no way EP signs offer sheet.. Hughes wont either Kane and Towes signed very reasonable contracts .. i think 6.3 mill.. 5 year deals then signed 10.5 mill long term after cpl cups Boeser is qualified at 7.5. So Hughrs gets 6.0 EP gets 8 on 3 year deals..
  4. Why hate when you can love.. Ya they got good team i like them.. they also play very entertaining hockey. I love them.. good team the Toronto Leafs
  5. ??? Barry is saying market is depressed what you talking about...
  6. AVS or Vegas win Cup imo Edler for 2nd? Gotta be kidding me man... Edler worth 1st and top prospect..
  7. I think Leafs beat WPG.. Jets need a top 4 Dman. Who do they trade for? Leafs have their D set needed a guy like Foligno.. heavy player. Board battles, physical, leader.. big locker room guy.. great trade by Dubas...
  8. Hey guys i need help that bell red dot gone.. when someone leaves me msg etc.. top right I tried change theme its not helping.. Its trade deadline i cant even talk to anyone.. Great trade by Leafs with Foligno.. he's a leader and heavy player.. awesome trade..brings so much to the club...
  9. Ya can't say I been in that area so can't speak to that.. Education is key.. people need to be educated on the seriousness of the pandemic.
  10. It's happened before I changed theme it worked. It won't work tried it like 20 times But if i turn phone sideways it shows. But i don't go online with phone sideways. It's gotta be straight I turned phone off and on changed theme signed out signed in again...
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