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  1. Sign depth LHD for cheap (jordie benn?) and give Juolevi a chance to beat him out for a job... We have high end comparable to ghost in (Hughes)
  2. Ya I agree with your point overall, If he was a RHD it would be a different story.
  3. Agree we should hang on to them all. I don't want to have have the club trade away prospects to make the playoffs this year. I was simply trying to see where people put the value of our prospects, haven't seen these names discussed in all these trade proposals. As for Baer, I think we are due for an upgrade in his role. Great player, silky hands and scoring touch, however his injury history makes me believe he isn't a going to be a part of our winning combo. Hope he proves me wrong though.
  4. What would the value of a Jack Rathbone or Tyler Madden be in the trade market? These are some names that haven't been thrown around in trade proposals. You have to give quality to get quality in this league. Tanev + Madden + Dipietro = Top 4 d?? Baer/hutton + Rathebone + mid round pick = Top 9 scoring winger?? To a lesser extent what are the values of Briesbois or Lockwood? I feel these are the kind of names we can use as add ons to surround our semi-valuable assets. Without giving up top 90 draft picks or Olli/Jake/Demko. Thoughts?
  5. Honestly not a terrible proposal. We will see sooner rather than later. There is definitely something that could be done with Makar/Q.Hughes. If avs pick first and we pick top 3, there are some real possibilities. Nice job OP
  6. I have high hopes for MacEwan. I think he could be the perfect long term 4th line center for us. He is still young, big and pretty tough. We will see how he develops. I guess the major question question with him is if he is sound enough defensively to hold a spot in the NHL. I do like his pugilistic qualities though. Although I see him as a light heavy weight, wouldnt want him facing off against the top guys in the leauge.
  7. Well said, I agree on the pack mentality. I think checking with your legs is the most effective grit out there. I'm not trying to make this a bashing schenn party either. I love what he does, and am a huge fun of his willingness to protect the youth. Speaks volumes on his character. I just want this team to be hard to play against. And as cringey as it sounds, I want someone who wins fights regularly. There is a morale boost for the whole team when there is someone in the room that can chuck em with the best of them.
  8. Just for the record on the dust up
  9. I may have phrased things poorly. I don't think our protectors need protectors. I just want one effective scrapper on the team, just one. I know the game is trending away from fighting, and teams dont carry multiple. But lots of really good teams find the space to carry at least one. I agree guys like kmac are a dying breed, but hes also a younger player who played in all situations in the AHL. Who wouldnt want a Mcquaid type guy growing up with this team. He doesnt take up much cap space at all, and we need to fill roster spots regarldess. Its not like we are up against the player limit. I guess we agree to disagree, but I wouldnt call it a wasted spot.
  10. If you have the time, check out his hockeyfights page, wins are few and far between. Regardless, I like what schenn brings to the table, aside from fighting. He's a solid, effective dman who can punish players with his hits. He also is a great guy who knows his role. Not to mention the work hes done with adam oats on his puck skills a decision making. There is a difference between just showing up and actually delivering.
  11. It does seem redundant I know, but its not like hes going to be a go to guy, he would simply play when we inevitably get injury's. It is overthinking, but this is a forum where people discuss theoretical situations. I could have not said anything of course, but I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. Also I don't think being concerned the team gets bullied is "paranoid". Its better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.
  12. Schenn is smart, and useful no doubt. He is also smart enough to drop asap when in that scrap to avoid getting pumped (I dont even think it was a fight). I like schenn, and he doesn't need to be protected. Its for the other guys. Maybe I'm just old school but I would love to have a legit heavyweight. I don't think kmac will make our defense any better, but he also isnt the kind of player that dresses everynight, I think he played 11 games and is a 51% corsi on a terrible team, which is pretty solid. He is simply an 8th dman who can bang. Worst case he plays in utica and sets the tone down there. To each their own, I think it would be a small move that could have a big impact on the dressing room. Schenn just has a reputation as one of the punching bags around the league and it hurts the ol soul as a fan watching your "guy" get run through every time he stands up for the team. At the end of the day, I want the canucks to do as well as possible. I want the team to play for each other and I want the team to win. Having a guy like kmac as an 8th dman is pretty low risk. IMO he = guddy but tougher, at fraction of the cost. Obviously I would rather have Jokiharju or someone like that, but they don't come cheap. In no means am I saying kmac is a solution for a dcore, he is just a solution for toughness.
  13. I totally understand what your saying, and obviously I would prefer to have a dman that can snap the puck tape to tape and wheel all day. I just feel that people are painting schenn with the wrong brush. I'm just saying if your going to have a guy to protect younger players, he might was well be good at it. I wouldn't even dress kmac every night, I would just have him as an insurance policy that fits the demographic of the team. Ideally you find a forward, like ferland who can do play and fight. I just want whats best for the team, and if you ask any player/ex player, having a guy that puts fear into your opponent is invaluable. Also, you personally may not have time for fighting, but I believe that majority of the fan base takes great pride in having players that keep opponents accountable. You look at the two teams in the finals last year and they have Reaves/Wilson, who were both extremely useful. This isnt a major franchise changing move, its just a move that wouldnt require much sacrifice and could elevate the play of younger players.
  14. I am a huge fan of what Schenn has brought to the line up. My only fear is that he is going to get his face pounded in on the regular if he is our "protector". Don't get me wrong, I love guys who just show up, and I love his bone crushing hits. Just when it comes to fighting he isnt scaring anyone, hes a a slow, wrestle type scrapper. I still think we need a legitimate fighter since Guddy left. Jake - doesnt fight Horvat - Maybe twice a year Hutton - Maybe twice a year Roussel- Love em, but nobodys losing sleep over him I would be a huge fan of Kurtis MacDermid from the kings. The guy is SCARY, young and Lefty. Do yourself a favour and watch his highlights. Now I'm not saying hes a top 4 D, or even top 6. I'm a sucker for violence on the ice and have my finger on the pulse of whose actually tough. Kmac is up there with wilson, reaves and mcquaid . If you look at this top 8 (pending no trades/signings) I think this is a nice mix of size, skill and positional D. Edler-Stecher Hutton - Tanev Hughes - Schenn KMAC - Biega