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  1. There's an outstanding warrant out for a Benning... Jim

    Ahhh but +/- though? Tough stat to base an individual on, technically he is one 6th of that's stats merit. Forslings ice hogs went 25-39-9-3...that's brutal. Clendenings Rockford team was 40-22-10-4...which is great, so you could say his +/- should be above 0. I agree with you that they are pretty similar in value, maybe forsling has an edge due to his clapper on the pp, and age. None the less the trade isn't a big robbery by any means. Pretty minor transaction with neither player really showing much promise Not looking to argue but +/- isn't a great metric of player value. People use it to paint a picture that really isn't accurate at all. cheers
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Buddy has top scorer as his jersey number. Fetch
  3. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Love the fat shaming around here! The real shame is we don't know CDC users BMI/weight or we could have a daily user roast. Maybe it would inspire some people the way it "inspired" Jake. I bet there a hipocrit or 500 in here.
  4. It sucks that we dropped but this format is probably better for hockey. Sent a strong message to tankers.
  5. Alex Burrows memories/ appreciation thread

    Alex Burrows is the man. Grinding his way too the NHL. Giving us a decade of maximum effort. Now giving us a slick prospect for potentially another decade. The gift that keeps on giving.
  6. Olli Juolevi | D

    I recently had the opportunity to watch a few knights games as I have been watching my cousin on the team. It was amazing watching Ollie control the pace of the game. He made very few if any mistakes. Made crisp accurate passes in stride and really drove the offense. He put up numbers in all the games. Talking to some staff, players and player parents they all agreed he was as smart as they come and smooth as butter. His shot could use work buy it should improve with weight and strength. My cousin says off the ice Ollie is a real quite well mannered kid who really likes Canadian culture. I was very impressed. Other players that stood out were; mete (montreal) and crawley (un drafted 19 year old). Also rasannen on kingston skates like a newborn deer.
  7. I don't think Vancouver going after Trouba is very realistic. Seems like every time a good player is on the "market" everyone starts throwing our quality players under the bus. I like Tanev but too get a player of Jacobs caliber we would need too add significantly more. We don't have much more too offer, or the need positionally. Trouba is great, but I feel the Canucks are out of this one. We just got Guddy and drafted Ollie.
  8. What answers are you most excited for coming out of camp?

    How long till all our defence and center depth is crippled with injuries....2 months??
  9. (Discussion) Value of Sebastain Aho

    Thanks for the feedback! I think I would do Demko and 3rd for Aho. However, I don't have a soft spot for goalies. I would rather this team rolled with Markstrom and added potential top end talents up front . This team needs a game breaking offensive talent and to get you must give. Aho-Horvat-Boeser/Virtanen Juolevi-Guddy/Tanev In my opinion that looks eerily simlar too Chicago's winning combo of Kane-Toews-Sharp/Hossa Keith-Seabrook/Hjalmarson Obviously not as a good (yet, maybe never) but the playing styles and "potentials" are there. I do the 3rd but they probably ask for a 2nd, so there might need to be some tinkering with that. If they weren't interested in a Goalie, then I would try to sell them on Edler/Sbisa/Hansen/Baer + 2nd + prospect (gaunce, brisebois) I could see it happening, with a little overpayment from us, and positional need on Carolinas part. He seems like type of prospect that could really rack up the points, and now might be the cheapest time too buy. I apologize if this is all over the place
  10. Aho is a prospect I really like and I was wondering what people think it would take to pry him from Carolina. I feel like Carolina is the most isolated franchise on planet earth, I have no idea what they are up too. What kind of packages would you offer for this player? or maybe a similar player on another team to compare him with value wise. Aho is a really fun player too watch, has serious creativity and could be Top 6 C with Horvat once Hank hangs em up. Or possibly a scoring/playmaking LW for the future. Who knows, I just like his raw talent and offensive prowess, something the Canucks dont have a ton of. Thoughts? Criticism?
  11. (Poll) Who should be the next Alternate Captain?

    I picked Edler. Then I started typing out why I chose him and completely changed my mind. Turns out I pick Horvat, sorry for tampering with the data.
  12. Happy Birthday, Jake Virtanen!

    What has Jake done to get the Wellwood birthday wishes? Did I miss something? Is he fat now?? Happy 20th too Cake Virtanen. Hope he has a good night, and continues to progress as a player.
  13. Virtanen Vs Etem

    Etem is fairly physical, at least in my opinion, but not too the affect of Jake. He has good wheels and finishes his checks, however I think Virtanen has the upper hand in shooting. Virtanen can turn broken plays into goals, Etem has trouble burying back door tap ins it seems. I remember near the end of last year how many chances etem had to score and he couldnt make it happen (missing chances is a good problem though). Etem is probably better defensively. Either make a solid athletic bottom 6 winger. I would think Jake going to Utica is best for his development but I hope he makes the team because he is always entertaining, good or bad.
  14. Franchise Hockey Manager 2

    Too be honest I cant really remember everything about EHM but its really similar. Yes the downfall is the actually games themselves are not very entertaining but thats not really what the game is about. Ya the expansion draft is really cool, I also like how there is no "one" way to evaluate players. You have to pick what skills your looking for and see how the stats matched up. I could go on for days about all the things you can do. My biggest problem is that I cant see my depth chart, so I have to look at my contract screen and see where things line up. I agree totally worth 20 bucks, you can spend hours on end fine tuning your team, staff, scouting etc...
  15. Franchise Hockey Manager 2

    I was fairly unclear, but its not an app, its a PC game, full verison.