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  1. NBA officiating is awful, I'd say it's worse than NHL officiating. :sadno:

    1. SabreFan1


      It doesn't help that an NBA official got caught betting on games a little over a decade ago.  It makes you wonder how many other officials in the NBA never were or have yet to be caught fixing games for their own benefit.


      Fortunately I lost any major interest in pro basketball 20 years or so ago.


      These days, the players basically run the friggin' league.

    2. 6string


      Nah, the NHL refs manage the game not officiate it. Make up calls and reputation ( not so much today ) calls have ruined the game for decades.


      Basketball was always star power; they never foul out of a game and draw ridiculously high rates of  fouls even in crucial moments of a game.


      The NHL refs are the worst imo because they don't have to deal with streak scoring like the NBA which a ref can not control.

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