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  1. I know that, but some people don't seem to think we'd be trading from a position of strength.
  2. I disagree. If play doesn't resume, we won't get playoff experience, or a chance at the 1st overall pick. The season being cancelled is the worst outcome that can happen. Besides, I want some hockey--I think most of us do.
  3. Boeser is only 23 and has 161 points in 197 games... You don't trade players like that for a cap dump. He's has been an important part of our powerplay since he was a rookie. While his shot has waned in effectiveness, there's no reason to believe he won't recapture his form from when he was on pace for 38 goals and break Bure's rookie franchise goal-scoring record. He still has a lot of hockey left. If he stays healthy, he could be a perennial 30+ goal scorer. His playmaking is very underrated. He has found other ways to help the team when his shot is being taken away. That's what good players do--they adapt. Boeser is a high character guy you want to keep on your team. I would rather keep Boeser than resign Toffoli.
  4. I think we can beat any team, but experience could be the difference in a series.
  5. I really liked Ballard, but his hip was never 100% with us.
  6. If we win a cup there is no way I'm not celebrating. We can always win a second or third with this core.
  7. Would like to see him go to Montreal. They would get a superstar francophone player, and he'd look good in their colours. If he went to Edmonton I'd be kind of pissed off, but would have to laugh. They have had enough 1st overall picks. I wish you didn't make the third field required. As with the Canucks or Wild thread, I wouldn't have voted. However, I could not hide my hopes of us getting Lafreniere.
  8. It's a win-win. If we win, we get valuable playoff experience. If we lose, we have a 12.5% chance of getting Lafreniere. Not going to vote either way. Would like to see us go on a run, and winning the cup. But, if we get Lafreniere we could potentially win multiple cups. Hard to say. Will be cheering for the Canucks regardless.
  9. I actually think we have a fairly good chance of winning the cup. Maybe not as good as we would at getting Lafreniere if we lose in the qualifying round. But, we could surprise teams. If Pettersson catches fire watch out.
  10. Which is why they want a hub city in Canada. Even if they have to do it next year I think they will. Might make sense that way actually. Playoffs usually start in mid April. If they are able to resume then, they could start next season at a regular time in October.
  11. There's a lot of pressure to continue the season though. Even if it happens in December I think they'll do it.
  12. But they shouldn't have had a 24.5% chance to win. There shouldn't have been the possibility that they'd get two or even all of the top 3 picks, even if there was an infinitesimal chance of that happening. I understand the reasoning for why they did it that way, but it's skewed--if they wanted to prevent tanking, why would they allow a team to purposefully lose in the qualifying round in the hopes of getting first overall?
  13. Yeah I feel bad for Detroit, because they need help badly. Ottawa should be happy they did the trade with the Sharks, but they dropped from 2nd and 3rd to 3rd and 5th, which sucks too. While I'm happy the Canucks have a good chance to get 1st overall if we lose in the play-in, if a team like the Penguins or Oilers won that'd be messed up.
  14. Had the approach that if we win the play-in series, we get valuable playoff experience, and if we lose, we get our pick back in a deep draft. Now, if we lose, we have 12.5% odds to get 1st overall... That's better odds than we've had in a long time. We've had such bad luck in the lottery with dropping every time. Imagine if we move up and get Lafreniere...
  15. Yes. There were 8 placeholders (Team A - Team H), with them all adding up to 24.5%. The placeholder that won was Team E, which had a 2.5% chance to get first. But, they're trying to make it sound like it was such an unpredictable outcome even though a placeholder had a 24.5% chance to win the lottery--the second highest odds to Ottawa which had a 25% chance. Now, they'll do a second phase of the draft lottery for the teams that lose in the qualifying round, and each team will have a 12.5% chance to get 1st overall.
  16. Pretty stupid, but I think there's a lot of pressure to finish the season. Really hope play resumes, because I miss hockey.
  17. I feel bad for Detroit--they could really use a top 3 pick. Feel kind of bad for Ottawa--they're glad they got the Sharks' pick, but they had the highest chance at 1st overall, and now they have the 3rd and 5th. Don't feel bad for Los Angeles. I'm kind of annoyed they got 2nd overall, but it was worth it to see their faces when they realized they didn't get 1st.
  18. OMG. Imagine Lafreniere with Pettersson, and Podkolzin with Bo...
  19. Mogilny got snubbed again. He was one of the three first Russian superstars to play in the NHL, along with Federov and Bure. At one time, it wasn't crazy to think he was the best of the three. He's an important player to me because he played for the Canucks and Devils, my two favourite teams. He was such a skilled player
  20. But when Podkolzin was drafted, Benning was asked about the 2 year contract with the KHL, and said, "Well the way we looked at it, no matter who we picked at that spot probably needed two years of development anyway." If Podkolzin is ready now, great. He's ahead of schedule.
  21. I think Benning was right to think it's okay he's going to play in the KHL, because he probably won't need to play in the minors.
  22. Apparently they are doing a draft lottery for the 7 teams that are not playing in the qualifying round, and some "placeholders." If a placeholder gets a top 3 pick they will do a second draft lottery for the teams that lost in the play-in. However, theoretically there could be two or even three placeholders, but the odds of that happening are really low. Weird, I know.
  23. Ottawa might have more talent now, but Yzerman proved himself to be the best GM in the league in Tampa Bay. If I were Lafreniere, I'd rather play with Larkin than any of the Senators' centers, including Logan Brown.