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  1. I'm glad the Kraken moved up, but not to 1st. Would rather see Seattle get the 2nd pick than Anaheim.
  2. C'mon, top 2 pick. However, not dropping is a win.
  3. What happened in the residential school was beyond shameful--it's deplorable. The attempted erasure of an entire people and their culture cannot be ignored any longer. As a white man with a bit of Mohawk blood, I have a weird relationship with this history. People chastise me for acknowledging my Native ancestry, saying I am "just white," but I never claim to have Native status--I only want to respect all parts of my ancestry, whether that is Irish, English, Scottish, French, or Native, etc. I remember learning about the Oka Crisis in high school, and remembering how my grandma said she wo
  4. Eeks, you quoted my mistake having Lucas Raymond instead of Holtz . Raymond was the guy I wanted them to get, Holtz was the guy they got. However, Eklund and Holtz did play together on Djurgardens IF, with Eklund getting more goals and points than Holtz did in his Draft +1 season. Hard to believe they'd pass on Eklund. Interesting stuff about Ottawa's scouting department. They've been the butt of many jokes lately cause of their owner, but they have the makings of a very tantalizing prospect pool and young group of players. And, you have to respect how they completely blew it up to rebuild.
  5. Damn, I'm a Devils' fan, and you know more about their scouting department than I do. I think it will go down to whether they want to have two Hughes brothers, or pair Eklund with Alexander Holtz.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if they took Eklund over Hughes.
  7. I would be happy about a Reinhart trade in most instances. But in that one, I'd be chapped.
  8. I was jus kidding, because Sami had horrible luck. What a warrior though.
  9. That's going too far..
  10. Looks that way. I would have liked to see a top 9 with both Virtanen and Podkolzin though. Oh well.
  11. I'd trade up for Clarke or Eklund.
  12. I meant 'sort of a consensus' as it hopefully reflecting what team scouts think. If we draft at 9, Clarke could conceivably drop to us. However, I don't think we will get him if we're at 10 or 11, unless we trade up. Even at 9 it's a bit of a stretch.
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