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  1. I hope Mr. Benning does not go out and get a zombie for the play off push, better to build the team from within, sure make trades that make sense for the long run.
  2. That was a beauty! and the Hughes shot also..all the Canuck's goals were good
  3. "intelicentrics" is that the AI program used to focus on empty net scoring?
  4. My thought is how will BB react if he reads this forum, but I guess that comes along with being a Canucks player, the critiques and the laurels.
  5. Jake can make a perfect pass, he is force on the ice, but it is a team win, good going Canucks!
  6. Anyone seen this, looks like they have Landstrom's disease(from Red Dwarf) Loui Eriksson, the secret weapon.
  7. Gallant could talk to Markstrom to put a good word in for him LOL?
  8. And there is also Peter Laviolette who was just recently let go from the Nashville predators, may be available.
  9. About goal tending, I thought at that time: why not put Demko in? since chances are it will be a loss and maybe Demko can bring a different play style in, also would be better to rest Markstrom....maybe.
  10. Ok, but I think the whole Jets team think the Canucks are an easy 2 points, Canucks need a fierce, feisty, push back.
  11. Why do Winnipeg always have our number? why can't the Canucks beat them?
  12. I wonder what Kevin Bieksa would have to say about all this?
  13. In my town the deer use the cross walks sometimes, I have seen it here in Princeton
  14. The Canucks could use another Gino, somebody who is willing to take his jersey off, just so he can cool off a little
  15. My thought is that if hard hits like that, where Tkachuk wound up to a freight train when he hit Kassian at the side of the goal, and then retreated in a hurry to admire his own work. To me it seems like a intent to injure, and players will get injured from heavy hits, especially those that are not seen coming. It is up to the NHL to decide what is allowed. Kassian's reaction is understandable, but he failed to control his anger
  16. And also there is another defenseman, right hand shooting...Brogan Rafferty, playing for the AHL Utica Comets
  17. I look at the hiring of Ferland, that was a gamble, he has concussion issues so not playing on the team, I can only hope it will not end Ferland's hockey career.
  18. That was a sheep remark at us homers.....BBBBBBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !
  19. Calgary will be a good test. Canucks can score goals, and the defense are good, maybe more defensive back checking by the forwards, I don't know but as been said, the desire to win and energy behind that is important. like a swarm of angry bees.
  20. Just a question... why do the Canucks get out shot so much? and what can be done about that. It's a win.....watching Canucks games, is stressful.