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  1. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    McAvoy is currently the best D-man from that draft and it isn't even remotely close lol... Very much agree with your post sir.
  2. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    I'm very impressed with how Jake has come along as well... he is hustling and making things happen... if i'm to be honest though, there were several instances in the 3rd where Jake tried to do too much instead of making the smart play resulting in sloppy zone exits/give aways/edler's penalty on Keller... he is very much a work in progress still but i'm confident when he is 24/25 he will be a force - just needs to be a bit smarter with the puck and know when to just make the safe play
  3. 2nd Best Dman in 2018 Draft

    I watch them from my fancy tv box heheh... legally of course
  4. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    the last place i would have expected to find a cryptocurrency thread haha... am a long-time crypto investor and am still very bullish about crypto/blockchain tech despite our current bear market... Now is a great time to enter if you have spare cash... only invest in projects that could/would survive a crypto apocalypse.. my picks are as follows (note: i do have big holdings in some of these so do your own research)... i'm not a day trader.. only focus on good projects and prefer dividend/staking coins... bitcoin ethereum neo vechain (my favourite project) icon omisego eos currently very bullish on high performance blockchain as well... happy hodling guys!
  5. 2nd Best Dman in 2018 Draft

    Dobson Boqvist Hughes Bouchard In that order.. Have watched them all play and I while I agree with taking the BPA, you also have to factor in your team's needs and current makeup. We already have players in the Boqvist/Hughes mould in Pouliot and Stecher... With a first round pick and given our dearth in defensive prospects, we can't afford to have a bust... My pick is Dobson because he is highly mobile, 6'3 and plays a steady high-IQ game offensively and defensively. He makes playing defence look effortless because he is so smart. He might not be as flashy as Boqvist or Hughes but I would say he Dobson is a sure-bet to be at minimum an excellent top 3 defender who can take 18-22 minutes a night while contributing offensively and playing event-free defence. He may well be a top-paring defender as well. Bouchard is just too slow for the next generation of the NHL...
  6. Relationship Problem

    28 lol.. am i old?
  7. Relationship Problem

    dear OP.. 1) how old are you? (just for factual purposes and to get an idea of what stage of life/priorities you may have right now) 2) be honest with yourself.. do you have any attraction for your co-worker and is there any reason your gf would find her threatening other than the fact she is a female? if so, you gotta take some ownership of the situation and try to see from your gf's perspective. 3) is your current gf someone you see yourself settling down with? if not, i would simply carry on as you are and stick to your guns... if she can't handle it and leaves, you dodged a bullet... if she is a keeper, then also stick to your guns... i've found that being lenient with insecure/needy individuals only feeds their behaviour... sometimes people need to be confronted about their issues.. often it isn't about your actions or what you are doing but more their own sense of self and confidence (or lack of)... just my 2 cents
  8. Derrick Pouliot | #5 | D

    Just wanted to add that the provies failed to also note that on the Baertschi goal, Pouliot had the awareness to drive the net and create space. That goal doesn't happen otherwise. It's early days but I'm willing to bet that many will be buying Pouliot jerseys in the coming seasons edit: That turn against Pearson was ill advised lmao... he needs to put his head down and skate with him...
  9. [PGT] Ottawa Senators vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I much prefer coach Green's up-tempo strategy compared to the nebulous fluff that was Willie D but I'm not convinced our current team has the correct personnel to pull it off... I can see it working when the team is pumped up (like vs Edmonton) but over a 82 game season, I think we will see the team wear down and our lack of team speed exposed. Outside of Bo, Jake, Stecher, Dorsett and maybe Baerstchi, Tanev and Granlund - our team is just not that fast... Our goal is to one-day win a cup and I feel that squeezing every ounce out of our veterans for a chance at making the playoffs will set our team back and prevent us from getting the marquee draft picks we need to speed up our rebuild. We should be playing more prospects, letting them make mistakes and growing into our future core. I hope we trade some vets this off season so we can pick up some quality assets. just my two cents
  10. Hope you all staying dry. Just wanted to add that the Canucks have only given us 150 autograph vouchers and they are first-come, first-serve starting Oct.19th at 10AM until they are handed out (requires purchase of Pharmasave Calendar). The autograph session will start at 3pm and the voucher allows for the signing of 1 item. Sorry for the technicalities but the Canucks and Pharmasave have set out pretty tight regs and I certainly don't want anyone to travel here and not be able to get an autograph. You are welcome to call the store to inquire about how many vouchers are remaining. On a happy note - let's douse those LAMES tonight!
  11. We are all Canucks! Just letting you guys know that Alex Burrows has been generous enough to come sign autographs from 3-5pm on October 19th. Details in the Facebook event link. Note: you need to buy a Canuck calendar to get an autograph voucher but Pharmasave makes no money on the calendar. Proceeds go to the Canucks for Kids Fund See you there and feel free to share!