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  1. Wow really setting the bar high comparing us to the leafs. #proper -rebuild... lol good one I needed a good laugh. miller trade was a great move and it worked out good for us hes been a great fit. However. #13millbottomsix #caphell. #removehomergoggles
  2. Gotta see who and how many Just walk away from this team because of the cap issues. On ice the team played were a team at this point in a rebuild really should a wildcard bubble team. so on ice this seasons a success off ice is TBD
  3. Actually Btw August 2015 Was the promotion how have we done since then. Huh. A few years you say. Oh but your Just another Jim is god and he’s done it all by himself. Has he kept more promises than he’s made too. He’s lucky he still has a job a job the scouting Staff And a Gillis goaltender saved.(Because it wasn’t his ufas signings or trades before last season) decades of bad scouting was why this team was fkd because it equals bad drafting. great scouting = great drafting is it really that hard to understand. Funny I just gave Judd credit for Scouting drafting which was HIS JOB !!!! and the benning fanboys gets offended and go on the defensive.
  4. Maybe but it’s the head of the scouting departments job to identify and report on talent. Drafting didn’t improve when Jim came in it did when Judd was promoted. But I guess that’s just a coincidence too. Linden/Jim’s scouting department Overhaul 4 years ago set the stage for what we have on the ice and in the farm Today and Also a very good trade to acquire Miller by Jb.
  5. Wow just wow this young man is incredible and it’s only his first year. We’ve been Spoiled with great picks over the last 4 years. what a great job and pick by Judd Bracket.
  6. Right he’s been a dominant force since before the trade here. a below average slightly better than Gagne overpaid third Line Center at best, that rarely gets engaged in physical stuff and lets not forget He cost one shorty and almost another ( Jake saved him) que the excuses he’s been injured yup for 4 straight years...That’s fantastic for a non physical player.Lol, I get it you can’t remember past his last two games good stuff. I guess that true thou because he’s done very little that he should be remember for well aside from Being injured. he was good for this series I hope keeps it up and I hope he’s not on the team next year.
  7. Nucks have been the better team 5/5 but the goaltending has been awful. refs doing there best to make sure the wild survive too.
  8. Yeah he had one good game in 4 years Jb should resign him and give him a raise. Lol. He did play really well Now if only he’d play like that every game or even most Games he wouldn’t seem like a total Waste of a roster spot and cap space.
  9. Nucks need To stay Aggressive but also out of the box. Hope the boys can close this thing out and move on.
  10. I’m very critical of sutter but he had a good game today and to see him involved and Then Jumping in for A guy bumping the goalie. Markstrom outstanding wasn’t stoked on All of Myers penalties but at least there were aggressive physical ones.He Played mean. i wasn’t sure green would be able to match the coaching clinic we saw in game one pretty clear greens adjustments have been effective. d zone coverage even looked good. pp got two but still looked pretty bad.
  11. Sorry to hear that deb here’s my story : I had a vestibular physiotherapist doctors Vision ears Stroke and heart brain test after test and the best they could figure was I had an inner ear infection that caused nerve damage Leading to a bit of scar tissue were the crystals should have sat. So there is a movement or exercise that the physio guys tried if it’s position vertigo it can correct it almost over night. what I had I was told there’s no time line because it’s how your body heals. I woke up spinning like I was in a record three day like that then I couldn’t walk in a straight line for about a month migraine like headache and eyes felt like there looking in different directions for basically a year. I tried everything and anything. The expert told me my Brain will start to relearn to compensate. ( great it took me 45 years to figure it out the first time lol) the last time I was tested By the same expert I was told I my balance And awareness on my left side was much weaker Than my right And would most likely stay that way. If you haven’t contacted a vestibular physiotherapist I would strongly recommend it they will provide expertises to help or be able to to the maneuver. It’s Been three years since and I’ve had a few short bouts that Last about three weeks but nothing like the first time. apparently people who suffer from the position vertigo will get it more often butt they can correct it by doing the maneuver. hope that helps.
  12. Sure like motte wish his hustle and drive would rub off on some of the so called veteran leaders.