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  1. Great win by a great team. over the cap lol. Keep crying. and reporting you know who you are.
  2. We Still gave way up to many five star chances. I don’t think they played any better than any of the past games they just had a weaker opponent and demko made some great saves. 35 shots against a 1/2 dozen odd man rushes again.didn’t they just get into town from WPJ the night before. Murray looked awful. Myers flatting a guy into demko bright spot so far hoglander And OJs been steady chatfield was looking good prior to the injury And demko been solid. A contract year for sutter and huh look who actually shows up.
  3. Sens are quicker and will expose the old slow d and the terrible coverage. 6-5 van.
  4. no point let things happen this year and then Fire Jb and green at seasons end. start fresh for next year.
  5. Mg drafted Horvat his two top ten were Horvat and Hodgson who was the consensus pick and looked unreal at the wjc that year. Most of his picks came from the late first rd because his team was built to win. Most of Jb picks been top ten and he had a far better scouting staff. judd did a great job finding us diamonds Gillis had delarone who was terrible. cap era changed the value of picks to since buying established stars cost way more than developing them. Draft develop = long term success cap friendly and tradable when you’ve build up DEPTH from with in there fire not needing to over pay worn out veteran plugs. but yeah picks are overrated.
  6. Yeah over pay ufas way better than Building through the draft. cap era picks how you build long term. FYI the only steady nhl picks from JBs time here came from the first rounder. brilliant.
  7. Huh did he evaluate LE Benn Myers Gagne sutter beagle AR ferland hamonic ect ect ect... how many ufa fails has this guy evaluated I’m sure it’s a another franchise record for fails.
  8. Good a rather see rafferty making rookie mistakes than hamonic gettting walked around ten times a game. hamonic a another fine find by Jb - ferland has really helped as has LE Benn ect ect ect.... even.
  9. I sense another defensive struggle for a team that doesn’t seem to know how to play defence. pk ranks 26th might be good to not take stupid penalties (Myers) most goals allowed league wide and I’m betting shots too. averaging 40 per night. Another long night.
  10. Cap mismanagement and Jb getting focused on new toys he can’t have. offered tanev a contract after He realized OEL was out of his capped out league. made tanev feel like plan b. We new markstrom was going to ive out our range too. LE sitting on the taxi i squad making what markstrom gets toffoli was are answer to scoring depth but a capped out plugged up team with soft bottom 6six overpriced vets. We finish out of the playoffs and at the bottom of our division JB will be gone and rightfully so. Most gms don’t get two coaches and 7 years of being terrible.
  11. Best gm in history how many top ten selection has his teams had.while being capped out why couldn’t we resign any piece this offseason. markstrom saved his job before his last extension, we would have been a last place team without his play. and yeah demko was unreal and it’s unrealistic to expect him to play like that. Scouts did there jobs they found those guys not Jim hence why we have scouts. Hes a below average gm at best and his team overall is proof. The best gm gm’d his team to the most franchise worst records any Vancouver gm has had. we end near the bottom of our division he’s gone. The Most capped out bottom feeding teams gms don’t survive let alone six seasons.
  12. You mean the goaltenders got us past those team facing 40-60 shots on a nightly basics that’s was the gm and coaches plan. the old fingers crossed we get ridiculously great goaltending oh wait that’s been JB and greens system all along. Not sure why anyone’s talking about who JB hires next as his third coach. because I highly doubt JB is the guy that will be hiring the next coach.
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