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  1. I couldn't read Yet another one of your pathetic drawn out pointless self important posts That lack insight Or wit. they need to add a yawn emoji for your posts. We get it your JB biggest cheerleader
  2. You wouldn’t know he’s a fringe nhl 4th liner on bad teams with the way the JB super fans are acting like we stole the unqualified RFA from the highly competitive And deep Senators. Who claimed him off the other super deep and highly competitive panthers. we lost some ahlers Boucher goldobin he’s more their replacement than a nhler.
  3. Right, it’s to bad because those two (Fur and Rousel ) are the type of players we need more than sutter and even more so Louie. We are Just to easy to play against And have an ineffective 4 check with no size behind it. once again the CDCs always confused super troll strikes again.
  4. Can’t fit that under the cap Levio JV unsigned with one mill.left I’ll be disappointed ( but not surprised as Jb seems to hate his Own prospects ) if hawrlyuk gets in over mackewan SIZE tougness and a good skater. sutter needs to go via trade. But that hasn’t changed since we got him. And you forgot furlund and rousell unless you think both will be gone.
  5. Nice. Term isn’t favourable for the team but good value. A solid young player.
  6. Huh really don’t see who or how he is an improvement over anyone current or on the farm. meh good for Utica I guess replace Boucher. The sens are such a deep team I can see why they’d let such a valuable commodity leave.
  7. Yeah I know, someone should tell him that thou. it’s actually a good thing his Past stupidity has prevented Him from being able to screw this team again with Even more bad contracts and signing (OEL ) I doubt he’ll be here in two years especially after this offseason. begging owners to fix his bad judgement once again.
  8. Still worth it. Can find a pressbox super star for less than that. and be still more effective than LE has even been.
  9. Nobody wants any of JBs horrible contracts. owers most likely don’t want to spend to fix his f ups. (Again) his stupidity has handcuffed him and put us in this position. with all the top talent we lost already we should have money to spare instead we need to give more players away to compensate for his Mismanagement. Keep making those great job Jim threads thou.
  10. He’s not nhl capable, he doesnt hit score check Pass or even skate that well. he’s a fringe bottom six at best making him an AHLer. Same for Benn. Not having him in the line up improves our team The 1.7 cap we gain is more than enough to sign someone who can do a lot more give his spot to a prospect atleast they would play with some heart and drive. That alone would be more than this pos. I wouldn’t even play him in Utica I’d try to Loan him to another farm team We don’t need floater garbage screwing up the kids too.
  11. Don’t take on any contracts past next season. The landscape is changing and we need to be sure we have enough cap so we don’t have to watch high quality players leave for nothing.....again. And again an so on. Go with what we got get through it and expansion then we will know what this team should look like for the foreseeable future.
  12. No thanks. these are no better than what we have in the farm. Want Depth Resign fantonberg Benn can sit in the press box till he’s traded or his contract ends.
  13. Would rather have had toffoli. JB and his loyalist always Preaching “character” that Alone should eliminate this guy from all conversations. fortunately for us past ufa over spending Mistakes are saving us from a new batch of disasters.
  14. I don’t think JB has much choice our cap situation is terrible. If he makes arbitration the decision will be made for Jim. If he’s Awarded to much we can’t keep him. Best case sign sign him and gaudette I doubt we could get anything better under our cap. and bury Louie and bear to make the needed cap. Hope furLand retires and another team needs a “foundational” 4 mill 4th line Center.