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  1. This would make Edmonton a playoff contender but I would keep the 8th and 10th and draft Broberg and Kaliyev or Lavoie, Send Lou Ericksson Utica or any one that will have him. put Lucic in the press box and leave him there.
  2. I would be exstreamly happy with Broberg and if JB picks up another first Kaliyev or Lavoie
  3. Yes This al day long but Broberg just propelled him self in the top 8, oilers will pick him Benning should be doing all he can to get another pick in the top 10 .
  4. Broberg if your looking at a defenseman could be Elder's replacement . He is the second best rated D in the draft. rate by Craig Button . 6.3 big mobile and can score. Start drafting some size All the teams left in the playoffs have size on the back end.
  5. Lind would have been better off playing for the Giants where he could have dominated than he would have transitioned better to the AHL sitting on the bench being scratched, showed him nothing time to clean house in Utica . Once again this shows how JB fails at prospect development.
  6. Highjacked thread, Madden only
  7. One more year we need another pick for the first round. 8 to 14 range time to make a splash our draft
  8. Broberg stock is climbing he will go in the top 10 , Soderstrom is falling concussion concerns . I would go with Kaliyev scoring triumphs all other concerns.
  9. Broberg stock is climbing he will go in the top 10 , Soderstrom is falling concussion concerns . I would go with Kaliyev scoring triumphs all other concerns.
  10. Soderstrom wont be the BPA any way we need scoring not some undersized d man .
  11. If you want to help our right D ship Virtanen and Goldobin for Phillip Myers out of Phili than your wait wont be so long to develop he is ready now,
  12. Soderstrom wont be there at 10 anyway Best player available is the way to go I like Broberg if we are drafting D, Rafferty will be the right d replacement along with Woo .when ready we need scoring skill more than anything. Sign a UFA right D and keep drafting Arthur Kaliyev is another Brock Boeser yes please.
  13. Hanging on to the past at the expense of future. Sedin's cost us lots but was it worth it I say yes get over it . Now we are moving in the right direction, move a couple of players for picks and move on manage your assets. Trade for picks. Out Virtanen, Markstrom, Goldobin, Hutton, Granlund, Sutter, Stecher Spooner, Pouliot, Schaller Tanev. Some of these should get a second ,third, maybe a first. Package for a young D man if you can.
  14. If we take a D man this is the guy I want Broberg Demco, Virtanen, Madden, 2019 first rounder, and 2020 first rounder.
  15. Precisely, If Brackett would have come on board at the start of JBs tenure where would we be now ? Hopefully Brackett gets us a goal scorer, D can be picked later.
  16. Offer sheet Kapanan yes, trade for Kadri no , or trade Tanev take back Zaitsev and acquire Kapanan
  17. Buffalo is looking for scoring help Virtanen gives them this .I'm not sure we keep Virtanen trading him for right D help is a better option do you have to add maybe, but not our first.
  18. Subban you got to be kidding . His ego would be toxic in a young locker room.