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  1. What Cam Neely Ha, Ha, Ha...………..
  2. Spooner will be good in Utica, add Schaller and Eriksson too.
  3. The Butterfly effect. If JB had picked the best players at the time Virtanen …..Should have picked Ehlers/Nylander Boeser ….above pick would not changed draft order. still Boeser Juolevi..... above picks would have changed draft order likely a Deman, Sergachyov , Chychrun Petterson….. Above picks would changed draft order Foote or anther D man Hughes...… Above picks would have effected draft order. Veleno or Kaut So as you can see changing the order would have a big impact on the team Virtanen < Ehlers/Nylander Boeser = Boeser Juolevi < Serachyov/ Chychrun Pettersson > Foote Hughes > Veleno / Kaut Would we be better, maybe, and maybe not
  4. Juolevi could be reaching Bust territory if he doesn't show his stuff this year or next. Considering who we should have picked I would say that was a bad miss.
  5. I say two forwards and one D. B. Connolly x 4 for 4mil and then Kapanen 4 years x 4mil and then Myers 5 years x 6.5 mil
  6. Totally a bad idea what happened to mister build threw the draft. Virtanen alone would get Kapanen or Nylander . but that would be unilateral at best.
  7. Depends on what your looking for . I would say anywhere from the second pick overall and down the list at one point about fourth it would be a massive over payment. You would have to be sure of your scouts. Picking the right player.
  8. If there is a chance I say make the trade. Sutter, Granlund, Hutton, Goldobin for Lucic and Edmonton's First 8th overall .That package would make the Oilers playoff bound
  9. Hey I admire your enthusiasm Some of your trades would get another First in my book..But what do I know.
  10. Cannucks contend with the right adds Kapanen , Myers , gets it done with this roster, a trade for a top 14 pick and we are off to the races. Two in the top 14 in the first round. Will get us two pieces to make this rebuild just about done, Madden added in two years , and what other jem's JB can come up with.
  11. Trading Boeser LOL not going to happen . JB would be shot by owners .
  12. Wow that is such a over payment JB would be shot to give that up Take Lucic and their first 8th overall and their Second 38th overall for Sutter retain 40%, Granlund and Goldobin Edmonton gets Scoring help Defensive help and penalty kill help. this package helps them a lot makes them playoff bound.
  13. You should not give up Madden he will be another Mike Peca type player.
  14. Replying to my post and not talking Madden is maddening LOL
  15. Not as good as Broberg will be but time will tell Podkolzin may be that good be fun to watch
  16. Horvat, Virtanen, Juolevi for # 1 Jack Hughes. final offer. We Draft Hughes and Broberg # 1 and #10.
  17. I have a tough time with Russian players to easy to bolt to the KHL if they don't like it here Goldobin gets marks for sticking it out but there are better players would I take him over Broberg I say no and take the D man. Now if he is the best forward then take him. But I worry about the Russian factor
  18. LOL Madden rules