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  1. That’s just not true. Every prospect is unique, and while star players often go straight to the bigs there are lot of exceptions. I do agree that European prospects are often better off developing in Europe until they’re ready, but once again, everyone’s unique. Oh - and 2 of the last 3 Norris winners played a full season in the AHL ;-)
  2. Agree and even if he’s ready out of camp it might not be the worst thing for him to work on his D game in the A for a while with less pressure and against lesser players. All while being the 1D on the PP.
  3. With all the forward additions on the roster I think Lastname is flying a bit under the radar. I fully expect him to win a spot for at least #13F.
  4. Yeah, I know, you're right, just venting some frustration with the regulations in these matters. Not saying he should be banned for life or anything, just that I think it should be looked upon as more serious than having one too many drinks.
  5. So he's banned from international play for 4 years after testing positive for cocain but in the NHL it's not considered "performance enhancing" and so no consequence at all? Questions like this one, headshots without actions etc. makes me wonder how Bill Daly sleeps at night... I mean - maybe suspend him for the season and make sure he's clean for a number of tests with months in between before he's cleared to play again, no?
  6. EP not happy with the later parts of the season and working on getting faster and more unpredictable, sounds good to me... https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/elias-pettersson-working-new-ways-get-unpredictable/
  7. Has Larsson fallen out of favor with the oil? He’s a really good player.
  8. This summary is sorted by ice time: https://www.roglebk.se/statistik/spelare/timeonice?season=2018&gameType=regular&count=-1&position=All&status=All&team=ee93-ee93uy4oW&vsTeam=All&outcome=all&location=all TLDR; he was 9th in points on the team and 19th in ice time with 12:36. No PP time. If his ice time is top 6 F this season including PP and his points is 0.5 or over that would be great.
  9. Like Sid I like the idea of seeing LE with more PP minutes. We should have the players to have a decent PP2. Something like: PP1 Baertschi - Ferland - EP Boeser - QH PP2 Horvat - LE - Miller Edler - Myers
  10. Prospects are always gambles, some work out and some don’t. While not projecting him as a top six forward, Linus is a right handed center with decent size and a bit of a late bloomer. Huge upcoming season for him so will be interesting to see how he does.
  11. And all I’ve seen from that slacker EP is photos of him hanging out in the sun or playing with dogs, no workouts at all?!
  12. Yeah, good points. I wouldn't see Laine, Tkachuk or (especially) Marner as real comparables, but it's a good point that once those deals start getting done it will set somewhat of a market for the rest. Boeser's contract is really tricky though as it's not clear what his ceiling is and he has lots of question marks surrounding him. I guess he wants some term and security but otherwise 1-2 years at 5.5 wouldn't be a bad thing IMO.
  13. Who are the other RFAs? (Not saying you're wrong, just curious what people see as comparables...)
  14. Yeah, I can see why Vegas wouldn't trade him here but I really like that trade incl. the extension for the Devils. A hell (pun intended?) of an off-season for them.
  15. And minus the holdout part, please.
  16. What would Anaheim gain by that? And why would Kesler need the hassle (he has a NMC) of returning to VAN, on paper or not.
  17. Don't think Flames would consider this move if they didn't think Neal was done. He sure looked done last season. Feels like a lose-lose kinda deal to me. I'd rather deal with Loui than getting involved with other team's failed FA signings (with worse contracts).
  18. Guddy is one thing but he declined challenges from Bo and Rousell as well. I think he will have a rough time whenever he plays the Canucks for a long time, only problem being that he's a borderline NHL:er...
  19. Sutter while injured a lot did have 17.28 TOI average. Gaudette had 10.57. I think that's all you need to know, really. AG is not ready to be a 3rd line center yet and Sutter's cap hit isn't that bad for what he provides if he can actually stay healthy. Also, ice time around 10 mins is ok for MacEwen playing 4 games, it's not ok for someone being on the roster for a longer period unless you're a career 4th liner.
  20. I think it goes both ways. LE has a point that he wasn't used properly and GMJB did sign that contract, you can't blame LE for agreeing to sign it. On the other hand he didn't play up to expectations regardless of usage. So if he comes in and works hard and proves he still has it, great. If not, the team has taken steps to be competitive and if he becomes a distraction (being a $6 mil player) and hinders that development, that's on him.
  21. That's an interesting take. I don't know Benson and have never seen him play, but judging by the stats it's curious that he hasn't got a taste with the big league yet. Any thoughts on why that is? IMO, taking a flyer on a highly regarded prospect like pool if you can buy low is always a good thing. I wouldn't mind seeing him on our 3rd or 4th line to start with and giving him a chance to work his way up. If he can't do it, so be it. I wouldn't care too much about waivers, if he puts it together great, if not he can play in the minors or be claimed.
  22. I just remember EP knocking Neal over with a solid hit. Sorry, EP:s not really a hitter (yet) although he does have kind of a mean streak, but it somehow shows that Neal doesn't really have the fire anymore. Frolik is still a good player in the right role - so I don't see why the flames would ever consider this. Though - if this deal would happen and OIlers retain some of Lucic's salary both teams make a really bad deal. i could live with that.
  23. I totally get that LE hasn't lived up to his contract no matter how you slice it, but I think 2 things that many fans forget are 1) LE is a garbage collector around the net and a defensive player (still one of the best PK:ers in the league). If he's put with EP and Boeser 5v5 for 20 games I'd say no way he gets less than 5-10 goals. And then we're having a different discussion. 2) LE signed the contract, but who offered it? Almost every team in the league has bad FA signings, and this is ours. So deal with it, it's not LE:s fault, somebody in our management had something to do with this, right? I like the notion of LE coming to camp with a chip on his shoulder and proving to Travis and everybody else what kind of player he is. If he can't do that, well then we'll all have to live with the fact that his contract is an anchor going forward.
  24. This thought has struck me as well. Usually veterans and star players somewhat glide through the pre-season games and that’s fine, but in LE:s case this season just let him earn it and give him time in the top 9 with a playmaker on his line. If he doesn’t grab the opportunity, well off you go.
  25. That’s true and a fair argument, but since the Canucks have prioritized character when drafting I’m not sure the theory is that far-fetched. Personally, I still think OJ can be a puck-moving #2-3D playing behind QH and being solid defensively. That role over time is more valuable IMO than what MT brings, and I’m not sure he’ll continue bringing it over time as his style will likely take a toll. Whether this is wishful thinking or not remains to be seen ;-)