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  1. TO’s last year 1st got traded for muzzin. So it would be 3 years of no firsts.
  2. No chance cgy gives up on mt, especially for anything in that package. Ottawa should be interesting to watch come trade deadline though
  3. No they have an amazing top pair in jones and werenski. The kind of top pair every team dreams about. You want jones the price starts at a young 1c, and we have one of those but it makes no sense to trade him. Imagine a team wanting petey, but with the caveat that they dont want to trade any first rounders or any of their 5 best young players/prospects. Now would you even bother to hear the offer before hanging up after that?
  4. He's about as available as pettersson, is there a package that could theoretically land him sure but its never going to be worth the overpayment needed.
  5. Would love to get the sweedish raymond, kid looks amazing
  6. Really excited to see how pod progresses this year, does anyone know when the khl season starts.
  7. Heres to hoping the new cba comes with some compliance buyouts
  8. Hes gonna get way overpaid by a gm desperate for toughness
  9. This is a great move thats should make us optimistic for the extra flexibility, but instead i’m filled with impending dread.
  10. Is it too much to ask that the jets re sign myers before july 1
  11. Pretty much this. Dumping that contract will cost a decent asset unfortunately. Any team needing to reach the cap floor has tons of options to get there, theres plenty of teams right now that are desperate to dump cap and are willing to pay to do so.
  12. I agree, but the problem is they havent improved their team. And now they still have to replace Marleau with a player in the roster. So effectively they are paying more for less on the ice. Theres gonna be a lot of ahl calibre players on the leafs next year, with the hopes that the stars can carry the team with even less depth. The fact that an aging tavares had a career year, by a lot. Along with marner, reilly and freddy having career years. Will that much go right again with less depth to fall back on. Its gonna be very interesting to watch them next year. They may have a worse backend then us