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  1. Taylor Hall. First with the Oilers, now with NJD.
  2. Near Venice. Yes, I will be here at 2am. Nothing compared to 4 am games (usually I watch only 1am games live, the others the day after).
  3. Welcome to the "Italian Method". This time you'll be right. 9th to 12th. No chance top 3.
  4. Two hours till our 9th to 12th pick. Can't wait.
  5. No, it's impossibile. We will pick 9th to 12th. No chance. :ItalianMethod: :scaramanzia:
  6. Guys, It's time to try The Italian Method "Scaramanzia" So, repeat with me. We will pick from 9th to 12th. We will not pick in the top 3. Not this year. It's impossibile.
  7. Too good to be still there in the 9th - 12th range.
  8. I don't blame Green. Maybe Goldy deserved a full season, yes, but overall I think he had his chances. Simply not a fit here. He's skilled so he can be succesful in other systems. It's a shame but that's not on Green.
  9. So.. you're telling me that Gudbranson gave us Pearson back.
  10. The wrong Schenn. Time to start with the Schenn-O-Meter, Luke.
  11. It's time to say goodbye. I'll miss my Canucks. GCG
  12. Boeser has improved a lot his passing game since his rookie year.