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  1. Sell high? I love Demko, but I'd be willing to part with him if it gets us a stud d-man somehow. Like maybe straight up in a trade, or to get rid of the Eriksson contract so that we have the space for that d-man. Yeah, bottom 6 needs a makeover... way too expensive for what they bring. I hope we can replace at least some of them internally with young guys coming up.
  2. Sometimes you gotta lose big to really learn the lessons you need to learn
  3. hope pettersson is ok. looked like he got clipped by schenn, and then got off the ice immediately
  4. Isn't it the refs JOB to make sure dangerous stuff like that DOESN'T happen??! Great job, they should be proud
  5. Reffing has been absolutely brutal. This is the worst reffed game since uhh.. last game