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  1. For goals yes. More upside all around except for potential at center. Gauds didn't have the skating for center whereas this new kid does. But ya, time will need to prove this one out and for now it's pretty underwhelming a return.
  2. Lol. Like in Moneyball. "You cant start Pena at first. You can't start Pena at first because I traded him". Loved that movie.
  3. Trying to think of the last Canuck traded for a pick at the deadline. Burr?
  4. He was. His release is terrible though. Way to slow and predictable. If he improves that then he will score more imho.
  5. This is real good value for 18 years old. Add a third for Red light Rittich and they did really well.
  6. This year. Last year and other years? All I'm saying is it's all in the same ballpark. Hardly worth losing a persons shat over the Pearson signing like people have.
  7. And there we go. I will stop punching my drywall now. Good to get in on the pick party.
  8. A fifth for Hutton and nobody wants Benn? I don't get these GM's. I would much rather have Benn for a fifth than Hutton.
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