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  1. Allright, on a side note, I give up. I'm trying to find a printer friendly game schedule for the Canucks. Anyone have a link to one?
  2. Who knows. But how do you explain a guy like Roussell. Loved the way he played in Dallas but he's invisible this year. He's playing his home province Habs and he's invisible. Is that coaching, or Rousell tired of having no backup?
  3. 100 percent. About time someone got a little mad and mean. Canucks for years have been too nice. I've been saying for years that teams land at Vancouver International and know full well they won't be pushed around. It's only one hit but I wish we had more of that. I've also wanted Petey to let that one timer rip and if it hits some opposition turd and fells him, so be it.
  4. I'm surprisingly postive today. Marky was a beautiful mask on a wart filled face that needed to be ripped off. Here we stand, one ugly face in the mirror with potential. This team with it's up and coming stars will take a step back this year but it's not all bad. We are perfectly set up for the expansion draft with at worst, JV being the sacrificial lamb. We have our first. We have lots of cap space next season with contacts for EP and Hughes looking more affordable, if not bridge deals. We have some trade chips at the deadline in Pearson, Sutter, maybe Hamonic if he can find some resemblance of his former self. LE is done after this year as his contract is at very worst, buyout friendly at two million over two years. F you LE. Pods and Hogs will be here next year. Chatfield and OJ looking like players. There will be opportunities to pick up another veteran D next year from a cap strapped team, maybe even Tryamkin is back. This year is a like a bandaid that had to be ripped off. It hurts as fans because we all pumped our chest a little after the playoffs and this stings. I am more postive in our future than ever but this year is going to be God awfull painful. EP and Hughes will be entering their prime at a perfect time.
  5. Are you sure we aren't the worse team in the league?
  6. I hear you. I'm gonna go shovel the driveway in barefeet and t-shirt instead of watching the third.
  7. Wow. From the heights of last years playoffs to this garbage is tough to swallow as a fan. This is garbage.
  8. This is definitely part of the problem. Goaltending covered up a lot of warts last year.