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  1. Nice, congrsts Travis. Always nice to see a player keep scratching his way onto teams. Its a tough league to crack. Lots of ex Canucks on the Yotes so I'm actually going to watch some games, or periods, or minutes, or shifts.......I will watch Yotes hilites anyways.
  2. Lol at that list of terms and monies. It looks Iike the bottom of a vomit bag.
  3. Exactly. If he's just average, it's a little overpay. But if the talking heads got together and think that there is room for growth, the last two or three years will be a bargain. You gotta take some risks here and there to get a pay off. Good skater and worth the gamble imho.
  4. I see Del Zotto got 2 × 2. Really? Poolman is a steal compared to that.
  5. This thread is a mess. Let's wait and see what he does on the ice. I always notice Poolman on the ice for the Jets as, "in the way a lot". That's a good thing so lets have it play out.
  6. Meh, he's no replacement for Zak Hyman. Good net front presence for the PP. He's not the skilled sparkplug Zak is though.
  7. Yes, Except they are running out of currency, that is their previous bonanza of picks.
  8. One of the most overrated players in the NHL. Yes he can chuck them, but useless otherwise.
  9. I believe he lives in Kelowna in the off season? Back in BC with a couple shiny rings. Nice job big guy, you've come a long ways from those crap Leafs teams. Lol.
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