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  1. I'd still prefer Ferland take the rest of the year off for his long term health.
  2. Meh, some like me have found/turned to other hobbies. I've taken my time off to put work into my car now that I have had the time to do so.
  3. Anyone else forget what day it is right now?
  4. Just need to take your Vitamin D and it will go away
  5. Yeah Quarantine didn't officially start for me until March 18th, wonder where 5th got the extra 3 months?
  6. Living a healthy lifestyle is good for you. Shocking. I take Vitamin D supplements in the long winter months. Among other healthy lifestyle choices. Literally no one is saying don't just hide inside and not boost your immunity. We’re simply stating to be cautious about how you interact with the public until this passes or a vaccine is created.
  7. None of that has anything to do with my post just more mindless rambling from you. And it has been pointed out to you that multiple sources have advocated regular exercise and healthy lifestyle choices to help combat this. Not our fault you're either too obtuse or too lazy to do a very simple google search anyone can conduct in under 10 seconds.
  8. Except you're being told to practice social distancing and only go shopping for essentials when necessary. They're not saying only stay inside and eat junk food... I don't understand why that is so difficult for you to grasp wadr
  9. It's pretty much 1/1 on both extremes with a fair middle ground imo. Sadly the idiots as in many public forums Are always the loudest. See: Reddit, Twitter, Youtube comment sections etc..
  10. But then he'll just prove his confirmation bias by following fake scientists
  11. Fair enough, and yes I did. The current schedule of drinking and painting car parts has really taken a number on my daily schedule.
  12. I get that however, we supported team Canada very well in 2010 so harping on something that happened nearly 50 years ago is lame imo
  13. You sleep through the 2010 olympics?
  14. Sorry for your loss, hope things are going well for you now. Cheers buddy.
  15. I have two in the freezer for a rainy lazy day but not a go to in my house for sure
  16. This is the first time I went grocery shopping and our frozen pizza’s weren't totally pillaged in over a month. It's crazy.
  17. Thank you again for the recommendation
  18. They'll just spin it that god took him to a better place
  19. I'm sure @Timråfan will be in here blaming Benning for this too, soon
  20. Baseless speculation =/= evidence.
  21. Took advantage of the time off to order a new grille and Blow Off Valve, needed a slightly bigger cutting disc to remove the grille. Now rationing scotch and Pink Whitney while I wait for the disc
  22. Thanks for the recommendation will be picking up a bottle once I get my car put back together