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  1. So something smells off because they made the playoffs?? They didn't give up anything to get there... didn't rent any players. Screw picking a few spots higher and missing the playoffs. If thats the way you think then I'm sure the canucks don't mind you are 'less passionate' about them. Makes no sense at all....
  2. There isn't any point to doing that unless we are targeting a certain player. Moving up just for the sake of 'moving up' is stupid. EDIT:In my opinion of course :D
  3. I would not do it for the Sedins.
  4. I disagree, I would say they actually outplayed calgary. No where near getting their asses handed to them at any rate. But yes, I hope this is a troll thread.
  5. 90% of vancouver supported starting miller in game 5. And he played awesome and won. Then, 97% of vancouver supported starting him in game 6. He lost. Suddenly it seems like 90% of Vancouver was thinking Eddie should have played that game. Funny how that works. I supported his decision about miller, and I still do now too. I haven't flip flopped.
  6. You seem pretty bitter judging by looking at all your posts. First of all, he has a no trade clause which people seem to think can just be moved at will. You said Benning is an idiot if he doesn't trade him. I think only an idiot thinks that. He has stated again and again he doesn't want to be traded. He has that in his contract so thats the way it is.
  7. Don't be stupid. No it isn't. It was a penalty. It was Hamhuis' fault.
  8. You and others blow things out of proportion so easily. Stunk up the joint? They did nothing like that in Calgary. Calgary was worse in games 2 and 5 than the canucks were in games 3 and 4. Of course they do need to be better though, because Calgary is going to go all out to win at home. We need an effort like tonight.
  9. What a stupid post. Piss poor effort? Vancouver has outplayed Calgary this series so far. They are not showing a poor effort at all, stop basing effort on results. Just like i will try not to base your intelligence on this one post....
  10. Hahaha, sven I read this thread it makes me laugh so much.
  11. And the Sedins are also making $100,000 per point. Clearly they must be overpaid as well right?
  12. Cool. start Miller last game of the season. Start lack in playoffs, but make sure Miller plays in playoffs as well. Keep in whoever is awesome. Win. Hoist cup. Repeat.
  13. It seems half the people posting here think this is about hockey, it is not! It isn't geared to hockey at all, it is all events. This bill wasn't created with hockey in mind lol. having said that, its stupid.
  14. A lot of the other police controversies I was on the police's side, often it seems that people just love to try to be offended and outraged by the new 'trend' I don't support the cop on this one though, hopefully he gets charged and it is a wake up call to all other police out there.
  15. Everyone saying bench him is crazy. He is tied for 2nd on the team in goals right now.... yeah lets bench him because he is one of our few players who drives to the net, but he is still 'soft'. Must the the same people who call the Sedins soft.