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  1. The Hodgson trade is Neely all over again. Except we are getting Neely this time.

  2. First glimpse of the new guys tonight: Time for snap judgments!

  3. LOL Nobody hates anyone as much as Canucklelion hates Bieksa.
  4. I think my absolute favourite part is when he suggests keeping Krog, Pettinger or Brown over Burrows LOL That kills me every time.
  5. Hard to believe this was only 3 years ago
  6. One of the sweetest ironies is knowing that every time Burrows scores at home, a song BY THE BAND CLUTCH will be playing. That, and Burrows IS clutch when it matters. This thread should live forever.
  7. If a robot joined Alexander Semin's fan club, would it be an artificial in-semin-nation?

    1. SpinDrive



    2. :D


      Bit of a stretch

    3. davebabychisback


      ^^ That's definitely what she said.

  8. Not only that, but imagine he gets the Conn Smythe? He definitely has a knack for scoring HUGE goals. This thread is already so epic. It's unfathomable.
  9. Haha e props. Ya dude, while watching Raymond in these playoffs, we keep thinking he's due, the way he's playing ya know.

  10. Hey, nice to have some e-props, thanks! People are just crazy, I think people need something to complain about at all times. So, it's nice to bring some common sense to the table in the Raymond threads (et al.) In the words of Zach Galifianakis, "Common sense is so rare these days, it should be considered a superpower"

  11. + 1000000 for all of your comments in the raymond is useless thread. I didn't think we'd see any more comments like the op's till next season, seeing as we re 2 up in the finals, but hey, that's why I gotta love comments like yours! So true man, so true!

  12. LOL In my opinion, this thread deserves worldwide fame. Or at least nationwide, anyways
  13. LMAO. My dad just said "Burrows was hungry in a different way tonight" I almost peed myself laughing.
  14. Linen was a cheap tablecloth compared to Burrows! (Linden, on the other hand, was definitely the only Canuck that was more clutch, you're right about that)
  15. If Burrows is a career Canuck (which I think he will be), and IF Burrows continues to be this clutch for his career (which he just might), and IF Burrows has his jersey retired in 20 years (which wouldn't be a stretch to imagine anymore), this thread will become the most epic thread in internet history. Just a bit of prognostication.