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  1. It's all good. I like how you mix it up. I had fun when I participated, that's the whole point. You made it FUN. Just do what you do, as I think most on CDC appreciate it. I look forward to next season, provided it happens? And maybe we may be partaking in your polls with the Canucks in the Final! All the best @goalie13 see you next season!
  2. That's a cool old ride, too bad the jake brake doesn't work. Notes rock under front wheel.
  3. Sure, apples and oranges. I am not defending the NDP, nor am I an advocate for the Liberals. The facts stated there are there before the election. It is that on which I base my argument.
  4. I have, and have seen the responses on this board regarding that. Nothing is substantiated at this point.
  5. I assumed you were previously "Jimmy McGill". If you read the article I supplied, it clearly state that the Libs were not going to eliminate the MSP payments. They only adopted that as an election ploy.
  6. No sh#t, the NDP initiated ICBC in 1973. No government since has abolished it. First the BC Social Credit, then the NDP again then for a long time the Liberals - who constantly raised rates throughout their time in office. Now Horgan is promising reductions and everyone (especially the Libs and their supporters) are trying to shoot holes through it.
  7. Sorry Jimmy (Robert) I have to disagree. The Liberals had no intention of eliminating MSP payments, in fact they had planned to raise them. As for the bridge tolls, the Libs had a longer schedule, Horgan eliminated that.
  8. Agreed, always good to have a ‘somewhat’ unbiased viewpoint. I never will understand the homers non accepted view of a ‘secondary’ canucks fan. He still loved this team, just loved Buffalo more as it as is his ‘home’ team,.
  9. He left CDC before COVID. Stated he couldn’t take the constant judgement He received here being a Sabres fan and a canucks fan. I don’t blame him, there was some pretty nasty sh@t thrown his way.
  10. Are the rumours true that Barrie would not be a fit for the Canucks? My opinion of course.
  11. Elder has only been undervalued by the fan base. The organization has seemed fit to resign him.