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  1. Did you miss that MacEwen is on that line? Kid is a beast at 6'3" 205lb, has hands and can fight.
  2. Thanks for that Sid, same boat here. I have asked for forgiveness and given it multiple times. Without it, what is the point?
  3. True enough, but I think that cap savings will be going towards Jake and Gaud.
  4. the max savings on any contract buried in the AHL is 1.025M
  5. Yes, but that Taj dude spoiled the secret. Now all hell is gonna break loose.
  6. This is true. But according to Cap Friendly we must leave one defenceman unprotected who has met the requirements indicated in the graphic here. At the moment that would mean we would have to expose Schmidt, Edler or Myers unless one of the others plays the required games remaining shown. Benn at 19 RG seems likely, or they could expose Edler as a UFA?
  7. That is not the point. It's not that I disagree with some of the comments. My point is they don't seem to be here unless they have something to complain about. Nor was I name calling, just calling it for how I see it. You know, my opinion. But hey you have your opinion too, and I respect that.
  8. As usual, when something doesn’t go as they wanted the doom and gloom haters come out from under their bridges. i don’t recognize half the posters in this thread, where were they when this team was on a decent playoff run? A lot of bias and crystal balling.
  9. I feel the root of your comment may be misdirecting. Were you offering him a paper route?
  10. Huh? Tofolli only played 7 games and had 4 points. He really wasn’t a factor at all in the Canucks playoff success, he played the first game in Minny, then was out till the Vegas series.
  11. Funny that you would use 'Dubas' and 'winners' in the same sentence.
  12. Didn't they already make us pay with Marky and Tanman?
  13. Does anyone like Fantenburg? He also seems to be in the wind...
  14. Now I know why you have crucify in your user name... Demko is not that bad
  15. In hind-sight would you have expected Markstrom gone? Or no signing of Tanev or Taffoli? Gimme a break.

    1. Chris12345


      0/2 is all I'm saying.


      Not sure I like the term either of them recieved. In the long run probably a blessing but my point still stands. What's the chance they go 0/3? Could still sign Toffoli.

    2. CaptKirk888


      At this point you are probably right. Looks like all 3 may be moving on. Would like to keep Toffoli tho.