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  1. And if some people don’t want see fun stats about one our key players maybe they are in the wrong place. I don’t believe these posts are meat to say Hughes is better. As a matter of fact, last year’s Norris winner has only played 130 NHL games thus far and only has 93 career points. And is now, 23.
  2. True. I’m sure this will affect Alec Baldwin’s mental state for the rest of his life, regardless of it being an accident. As it will affect everyone on set in some way. As it will affect the families of everyone involved. I don’t think anyone was pointing fingers at @johngould21 just pointing out that the immediate focus was on a life lost, rather than the affect it will have on the living.
  3. If you look at Orr’s first 133 games he wasn’t as prolific. He probably was just under 100 points. But yah, by the time he was 23 he reached over 300pnts. I don’t think anyone could or would dispute Orr is the greatest Dman in NHL history.
  4. Yup in the blink of an eye, a young woman’s career and LIFE end drastically.
  5. My first wife passed from breast cancer that metatisised to her lungs. It was a very scary and difficult time for her and everyone that loved and knew her. That was 21 years ago, she was 35. Love you dear, I know you are in a better place.
  6. This. Why do fans or media think they have a right to know? We’ve been told all we need to know, let’s leave it at that.
  7. No. J.T. is not trending down, I expect he will put up a career high in points. That is worth his few blunders once in awhile.
  8. Well at least one of each orphan sock to add to the collection. Does anyone know where their brother/sister goes? Is there a sock heaven?
  9. @johngould21 Petey is breathing down your neck Johnny.
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