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  1. Late to the party, but I love this signing. I wanted him to stay the first time. Second time Luke won’t be a fluke.
  2. I’m tired too. Up late working and decided to pack it in. Last check on NHL.com before bed an I see this.... Screen shot to verify, funny stuff. Buffalo has made a trade to themselves.
  3. (Rumour) No one even thought about this until you brought it up.
  4. Wow. That term is stilll used? PM my account if you want, I am open for discussion....
  5. I thought as much, but I consider myself old at 56 and know all of those terms. What is your age, if I might ask? I know you don’t mean offence.
  6. Ahhh Heath. His crowning achievement. Great actor with serious sociological issues. Can we please not meme him.
  7. I like everything you said after the word ‘chick’. I’m in my late 50s but really ‘chick’ are we not past this yet?
  8. Do you follow hockey news? It appears JB has cleared 26 mil of cap and added 2 valuable pieces to this team.
  9. For sure, but what a different era. Would Tanti be putting up multiple 40 goal seasons now?
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