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  1. The Hodgson trade is Neely all over again. Except we are getting Neely this time.

  2. First glimpse of the new guys tonight: Time for snap judgments!

  3. If a robot joined Alexander Semin's fan club, would it be an artificial in-semin-nation?

    1. SpinDrive



    2. :D


      Bit of a stretch

    3. davebabychisback


      ^^ That's definitely what she said.

  4. Haha e props. Ya dude, while watching Raymond in these playoffs, we keep thinking he's due, the way he's playing ya know.

  5. Hey, nice to have some e-props, thanks! People are just crazy, I think people need something to complain about at all times. So, it's nice to bring some common sense to the table in the Raymond threads (et al.) In the words of Zach Galifianakis, "Common sense is so rare these days, it should be considered a superpower"

  6. + 1000000 for all of your comments in the raymond is useless thread. I didn't think we'd see any more comments like the op's till next season, seeing as we re 2 up in the finals, but hey, that's why I gotta love comments like yours! So true man, so true!

  7. Konopka is definitely a jerk. Especially since he's a 4% tipping Holocaust-denier. Crude.

  8. "Here at Nabob, we throw our coffee beans on the ground. You should consider trying Maxwell House"

    1. Shift-4


      yeah that commercial really annoys me. and it always comes on in the evening, I can't be drinking coffee in the evening

  9. LOL! Konopka is the biggest jerk in the world. Too bad no one else seems to want to join in.

  10. Haha thanks man, I'll keep the sig for sure, it still makes me smile almost every time I see it.

  11. That Luongo/Parent Sig kicks major ass. Just thought I had to let you know and add to the popular demand for you to keep sporting it.

  12. Haha patience is overrated - I usually just make fun of people and laugh it off as a lack of sense. I mean, that's what it must boil down to...since hating on a Canuck that can score 25 and still has a lot of potential doesn't really make ANY sense, does it?

  13. Dear sir,

    I wish I had your patience with the Raymond haterade. It's seriously getting out of control and kinda making me hate this place.

    - Pea :(

  14. The Canucks are just plain awesome this year!

    1. :D


      Ah cool. Are they doing well?

    2. davebabychisback


      Yeah, tough game tonight though...

  15. I hate that delay of game rule. I hate it when we get a penalty, and I hate it when we score on another team because of it, because I feel guilty.

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