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  1. Having MacEwen and Bailey throwing their weight around is rolling through the lineup Nice to see a dominant physical game
  2. Great ceremony and glad to Trevor in the building specifically.
  3. Great shift there... Just got lost for the past hour watching Sedinery and capped it off with " the shift " Never grows old... Krajicek was involved in a few great shifts from them, lucky guy!
  4. yes, provincial gridlock heading to Calgary to cheer for Lucic.:)
  5. Glad Schaller's out Eriksson > Schaller in the big picture plus we get an infusion of energy
  6. With the Sedin week and than their game schedule spreading out somewhat I see Marky starting the next 4 games or so unless coaching staff see a real tail off of his game. oh yeah, and the Chicago game after this one... will be our most important game of the year, and than Anaheim after that and on and on we go as the pressure to make the playoffs increases.
  7. He was great in October and tailed off noticeably so he should come back in with lots of energy
  8. its a 'Gotta beat a team like this' game. Hopefully they are charged up after a tired looking Boston game. Minny's top 3 scorers are 35, 35, and... 35 Years They should make a youth movement and trade one of these guys for Eriksson. 4-1 Canucks
  9. We need to tweak the lineup Not just from this game, but the last few. 1. Move Eriksson to Beagles line so we still have a decent shutdown line when needed. Eriksson has gone stale for now 2. Move Sutter to Gaudette's line first of all to win more draws but to add some stability defensively there 3. Move Brock to Horvats line to give him 2 heavy forwards and play a simple game to try to get him going 4. Move jake back to the 1st ... ummm because it was working quite well. He adds speed and heaviness that benefits that line Miller- Petey- Jake Pearson- Bo- Brock Rouss- Sutts- Gaudette Schaller- Beagle- Eriksson Also isn't it time to get Benn back in the line up? Not saying Fanta's playing poorly but a little shake up on the D wouldn't hurt
  10. could be a slice if he was playing tennis that Bjorn guy.:)
  11. And on a nightmare contract. I would take Pouty Doughty and many others over Karlsson any day.
  12. A real test and statement game tonight! Every game is a playoff style game now which is new for lots of our young stars, but Boes , Petey, and Hughes are mature beyond their years. Aside from that our defensive game needs to display more consistency and having Sutter back in really helps our shutdown line as well as Eriksson with Bo so here's hoping Sutter >> Schaller Go Pacific Champs Go!
  13. TBH not a big fan of the ASG over the years, but to have 3 deserving Canucks in the show just tells you how far we've come in 4-5 years. For that reason will be taken the action in big time!
  14. Bertuzzi, Roger Neilson, Brodeur, Luongo, deserve it as much or more then Kesler IMO Sure he had an impact as was a warrior for the Canucks as did others, but if we give it to Kesler than it kind of deflates the honour and impact of the award as he didn't bleed green and blue in the end. Nice to see he is trying to right his wrong by reaching out to Canucks fans now which I give him credit for.