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  1. Canucks Game Experience is Awful

    Well, I emailed my season ticket rep to let him know I won't be renewing next year. I went from full seasons to half (because I couldn't even give them away last year) and I really don't see any value in going to the game rather than watching it on TV, or listening to it at home on 650.
  2. Canucks Game Experience is Awful

    As have I. It just sort of hit me in the face tonight. What they need to do is hire some English hooligans to come and improve the game day experience. Breathe some life into the crowd.
  3. This trade is looking better and better every game!
  4. Canucks Game Experience is Awful

    I'm going to email the Canucks. Obviously I doubt it will go anywhere, but I will email this story to my season ticket rep and anyone else I can within the organization.
  5. Canucks Game Experience is Awful

    This was a big comment from the English fans. Actually, they commented that the music sucked and there was too much of it. They also pointed out how many stops in play there are and how many TV time outs to clean the ice. The pace of the game has really, really slowed down. And I definitely understand why the NHL is having trouble attracting new fans after seeing things from their perspective. Also, this is my ignorance more than anything else...but I hadn't noticed it's now 18 minutes between periods. 18 Minutes! That is insane!
  6. Canucks Game Experience is Awful

    I just wanted to say, I was very disappointed tonight at the game. Not in the team, or the product on the ice, but in the experience. I was sitting beside a couple who was in from London, England. It was their first time watching an ice hockey game, let along a Canucks game, and they were cheering our team on like nobody else, at the top of their lungs, cheering for the Canucks. Like someone would watching English soccer. About eight minutes left in the game, this freaking usher comes over and tells them they need to keep it down, that they’re disturbing other fans, and not to use any profanity (they weren't using that much of it). This is why our arena is half empty. It’s not the product on the ice. It’s not the team. It’s this. I was embarrassed for our team, our city and our league in that moment. I hope they decide to take in another Canucks game. They immediately quieted down completely after the usher came over. Very disappointing. What's more, about 20 minutes earlier that same usher had come down given a couple of free beers to two of his buddies sitting two rows down who were bragging about it. As a season ticket holder I expect better.
  7. Guddy reminds me of one of my favorite shutdown defenceman of all time - Robyn Regehr. I don't know if there's any advance states available out there from when Regehr was in his prime, but the guy was a beast and one of the more under-rated #1 Dmen in the league. Physical, great positioning, could drop the mits. But he's a guy who met the eye test, not the stat line test. Guys like that are hard to give up.
  8. [Signing] Capitals re-sign Evgeni Kuznetsov

    They also re-signed Orlov to a big contract the other day. I'm wondering if there's an Ovi trade in the works. It's the only thing that would really make sense for them. Trade Ovi for a bunch of cheap entry level deals?
  9. [Signing] Capitals re-sign Evgeni Kuznetsov

    I don't be understand how the Caps are going to field a full roster this year. Between their resigning this off season and Ovi that's almost half of their Cap in 4 players. It's insane.
  10. Will Tryamkin Return To The Canucks?

    The KHL will probably fold in the next three years, so there's a chance he could be back. Look at the talent that they're bleeding to the NHL right now, and with the rumours of Kovi wanting to come back to the NHL that's a big name the K is going to lose.
  11. [Signing] Oilers re-sign Zack Kassian

    Really happy for Zack. Seems to have found his game and put his personal problems behind him. I always think it's amazing how mature these guys are expected to be right out the gate, when they're in their late teens and early 20's. Great to see him bringing it all together.
  12. Go all in on Shattenkirk. Pair him and Tanev together. I actually think our forward group could be solid this year, but it's about developments and bounce back. You can't do much up front until the Sedins are gone unless you're bringing in a superstar. We have some depth up front and guys will be competing for spots as is.
  13. 2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    Here's the thing for me looking at our line/up, if Eriksson has a bounce back year, which, let's be honest, he can't be much worse than he was last year, and Daniel and Hank are able to tow the line with similar production to last year, I don't see us as being that bad. We could have upwards of 8 guys who would be capabale of potting 20 goals in our line-up (Bo, Baer, Granlund, Brock [after seeing what he did at the end of last year I fully believe it. The kid could be up for the Calder given that there's no McDavid coming into the league], Daniel, Eriksson, Sutter and Goldobin [big of a long shot but possible]. All I'm saying is a couple of things go right, we pick up a ufa dman and this team could actually be pretty good. Could still use another top 6 centre, but the team could have some potential. Baer - Bo - Brock Sedin - Sedin - Goldy Eriksson - Sutter - Granlund Virtanen - Gaunce - Dorsett Edler - Stetcher Tanev - Hutton Gudbrandsen - Holm Pedan, Biega Miller Markstrom Basisically run the top 3 forward lines the same ice time with the 4th getting a reasonable 10-12 minutes a game as they're capable and it will help with development. Basically anyone in the lineup can move up or down. What the team needs is one true super star, but looking at it right now there's actually quite a bit of depth in my opinion.
  14. [GDT] 2017 NHL Entry Draft

    We should be trading our two seconds right now to move up and grab Vilardi.
  15. [GDT] 2017 NHL Entry Draft

    Wondering if Benning had a deal in the works with NYR, but NY told him they wanted to take Petterson so he had no choice but to make the pick.