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  1. As the saying goes, "united we stand, divided we fall". This pandemic shows us valuable lessons of why living with family is important. Grandmothers or Grandfathers living in old folks home that is risky during this crisis. Or couples living pay cheque to pay cheque, now are probably stressed to get EI cheques and barely could afford to pay rent. Now those families that stick together can combine their income and pay off any mortgages or rents while having enough to eat. I think after this crisis there will be a lot of restructuring for some families.
  2. So does Trump still want to have everyone back to work by April 12? I guess they want to be number 1 in everything.
  3. I think the steps taken were reactionary rather than proactive steps to control this. Canada knew how bad it was in China since February and they had ample time to put in place necessary steps before it got to this point. Am not saying it would have stopped the spread but it wouldnt be 3500 cases that we have now. Sometimes its hard to balance economical and health factors but the sooner we can deal with it, the sooner we can get back to work.
  4. The higher the mortality rate of a virus, the lower its ability to spread. Coronavirus is like the perfect virus, that could be used as a biological weapons model. The economical and global health complications of SARS, MERS, Nipah, Ebola, H1N1 viruses combined dont even come close to the impact that coronavirus has had. When a virus could shut down India, China and US, you know its bad.
  5. Am not overgeneralizing but hoping is what got us here.Hoping for people to self isolate or hoping that conferences like the PDC2020 gets cancelled which it did not. Am saying that a country like south korea, or singapore or Japan must be doing somethings right if they have already flatten the curve. Why are we going with failing method or hope? Just remember how they didnt want to ban flights from china 2 weeks ago and then they banned all foreigners last week. Canada is no exception. It was written in a scientific journal that countries with the most strict rules regarding self isolation and higher testing have the best chance to control this virus.
  6. well, if he does, based on his age and health, he could end up in ICU. I doubt he could cover that up.
  7. unfortunately the government will have to step in at some point. I doubt people listen and they care mostly about themselves. Canada is no different than Italy, Spain, US etc. People are people no matter where they are so we need tougher restriction. Now is not the time to go soft if you dont want this to get out of control here in Canada.
  8. I dont agree, everyone should be tested, symptomatic or asymptomatic and everyone should wear masks. Learn from countries like South Korea, Japan and Singapore. These half ass measures wont do anything and it has same consequences as Italy, Spain and US. They should be contact tracing every case and do everything possible to flatten the curve. The economy has tanked so I dont get all the half ass measures taken place in Canada, especially at airports where they ask a couple of questions as their method of screening. If they dont put strict measures because they are scared of infringing on peoples freedom and rights ,they will regret it in a month.
  9. But trump said they should all go back to work. Would be interesting what his opinion would be if he gets infected.
  10. Myers just isnt good in defense. I think we paid too much for him, since he is a 3rd pairing D at best
  11. The Canucks added Hughes, Miller, Toffoli, Myers, Ferland, Benn, Fantenberg this less defensemen injured...why would you think they wouldnt improve? The team improved a lot due to player upgrades and any coach would get higher points with this team compared to last years team.
  12. its ok , I think the team just isnt good enough for playoffs. Markstrom just made a mirage. Unfortunately Markstrom will not come back til playoffs.
  13. Markstrom is the only reason Canucks are in this position. Without Markstrom, we are just a more offensive Detroit with more washed up players on the roster. The vets aside from maybe beagle and markstrom are all dead weight right now.
  14. Green seems too relaxed with the team that might not make the playoffs. I love Torts, he is better than Green when it comes to defensive aspect of the game. CBJ kept blocking shots while our team just waves their sticks at the shooter or passer scared of getting their nuts in the way.
  15. Please Green, shorten the bench and stop playing sutter so much or Myers. The offense just dies when they get the puck.
  16. If we cant beat teams like Columbus, Anaheim, Ottawa, Toronto, then we dont deserve to be in playoffs. Just the sad truth without Markstrom.
  17. Edler, Tanev and Myers move slower than a slug when moving the puck out of D zone. Sometimes they just take their sweet time looking for options and surrender the puck even if not pressured. Only guy on D that thinks on the dime is Hughes. I hope they completely revamp the D this summer. I would even trade Edler and Tanev just to promote within. Rafferty, Tryamkin and Joulevi need to make the team.
  18. Am not sure why he is playing...he even plays PP2 and he has how many goals for this year? No offense, bad defense and takes bad penalties.
  19. The virus kills anyone. Why are you so worried about people dying of hunger when lots of people die for a lot of other reasons too? The reason why there is fear of this virus its because there are no solutions that can stop it unlike hunger. Also its totally unrelated to this issue. I didnt see you crying when palestenian kids got killed. If you want to start worrying about every issue that kills human beings, we would have a list longer than santa clause. The problem with this virus is the lack of vaccine and also higher fatality rate compared to regular flu.
  20. I would not worry too much since the risk there is still probably pretty low.
  21. If you are taking meds and not serious illness, I guess it would be ok if your doctor said it was ok. You had cancer before but now you dont so I wouldnt be worried if you have recovered from your cancer. Now the people who are taking chemotherapy would be at higher risk due to weaker immune system.
  22. 9 million die of hunger, ok but this virus isnt relates to famine. Stupid logic to compare this to the virus. Might as well say war kills less than famine and cancer so its no big deal. Am more scared of ignorant people in this crisis more than the virus.
  23. The coronavirus is an RNA type virus that is transmitted mainly by droplets and in some cases through contact contamination. This virus would not be airborne unless it becomes aerosolized which would usually happen in dental settings due to highspeed hand piece. Secondly surgical masks would mainly be useful for the people who are sick, since it can prevent the spread of droplets. A surgical mask has an outer layer that is resistant to droplets and has a middle layer that is absorbant. A person who is sick should wear the mask reversed, so droplets due to cough get blocked by the resistant side. The virus has an R0 value of 2-3 which is greater than flu with R0 of 1.3 which means it is more contagious. R0 of 2-3 means 1 affected individual could transmit the virus to 2-3 people. Healthcare providers are urging people to not buy n95 masks because of shortage in hospitals and its more critical for health workers that may encounter patients with airborne diseases. The main takeaway is that washing hands is the best solution to prevent spread. Also self-isolation should be required for people travelling from hot spots like Iran or China.