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  1. Just want to add, going back years to Trevor Linden. early second guessing was part of every Canucks pick. Take the following year, Petr Nedved over so many players that should have gone before him based on his impact in the league, but Nedved was not the best pick, but then Antoski at 14... wow, if it wasn’t for Naslund that would have looked horrible vs the names that came later. After that, Quinn’s picks declined rapidly, save Peca. Second guessing picks, second nature, but until a pick is traded or let go, why not wait and see.
  2. How is Jake a blatant miss. 18 goals in a shortened season on getting 3rd line minutes... that is easily top six production. So is Jake a bust? No but there are shinnier picks, yes, but the players everyone wanted are only better but not when costed out vs dollar per point. Give me the Jake we have vs the Nylander TO has, we can’t afford that guy. Jake has a slower learning curve, sure but he was and is a solid pick, so was McCann. The player missed was Pasternak, and everyone practically missed him. D men can take time, remember Ohlund? OJ was drafted as a project, with blue chip top 4 lock with top 2 potential if he could line things up completely. Having him reach that here for a 10 year period would easily be a win. How is anyone certain at this point OJ won’t reach that base line level of play. So to hear this right, JB has everyone of his 1st rounders drafted reach the NHL except for Podz. Lind, Gads and Woo are the only 2nd rounders who haven’t yet reached the NHL, are they busts, are Demko and Hogs? How about Gaudette in the 5th round. Depietro is looking good, Rathbone and Rafferty are also still here and that’s just off the top of my head. so JV is not a bust, but wasn’t the best choice, sure, but nowhere near a failed pick, OJ is way less clear, but no way is a bust yet. After that, where has JB missed? There were a few that said he goofed getting Brock over Keoncey ? Who is a healthy scratch in Philly atm. Brock who has more goals per 60min from his draft year second to McJesus, how about Petey and Hughes. Glass and whom ever Detroit drafted would have been the consensus picks, but JB went a different route. He obviously learned and improved his drafting, cause he went with the consensus guy with Jake, he then went for positional need over BPA looking long term. His scouting found him Brock, then Petey and then Detroit lost its mind and missed Hughes which was pure hockey gods luck. But all the secondary picks look solid, prospect depth went from the worst in club history to the best in that time frame. JB has had only 4 top ten picks, none lotto picks and his club has made the playoffs twice in 6 years. Yet 3 of his non lotto picks would all be either top 5 in the redraft (Brock) or top 1 or 2 in their redraft with Hughes and Petey. How many late round steals has JB already landed. These picks are like found gold, cause they bring in NHL quality players at ELC rates to allow JB to shift money from the bottom six to the top six. yes he made mistakes, he clearly adapted and refined his drafting and the results are obvious. Currently the only question mark is whether OJ will reach his base line. Not worried, if JB gets that, he is drafting at 100% for the first round. No Canucks GM can say that for more than a two year period, this is a six year spell.
  3. Podz is a coaches dream player, along with Petey, Bo, Miller and Hughes. OJ could get three and Hogs will also get there. Lind is being converted to center, something he was always billed as being able to do, but it suits his game so well. Team is being built, not a series of 1 dimensional players who cannot play a team game. This is why Jake is an outlier within this group, or has been for a long time. That part of his game is weaker, the emphatic team game, where you just know where the right place to be is. Brock really struggled with that two way play, team game approach as well. Bo was the exception for a NA developed pro in terms of his complete game. Podz has a Bo level compete and awareness, drooling at seeing him win puck battles in the corner, coming out with control and feeding pucks to guys in scoring lanes... Podz, Bo and Miller on one line would be almost unfair, Kessler esque from the 2010-2012 years. Hogs with Petey and Pearson with Hughes and Schmidt come out after each dead puck is whistled after the Bo line forces an offensive face off. Switch up lines, mostly put Pearson in with Petey due to his better overall two way play vs Jake. Just want a big body on that Petey line without Miller in this setup. Green could deploy his top two lines as 5 man units if Bo’s line could hem in the opposing team, which with Podz and Miller, devasting puck turn over possession line.
  4. What I find is with JB having a body of work, it allows for the one offs and outliers to be seen for what they are, mistakes. What I have also seen is a rookie GM and mistakes were to be expected. If JB was unable to learn from his mistakes, then he would be long gone, but he has gotten better each season, like his club. Credit, to where it is due. For every poster that berated him for every mistake, some were bad, LE, but I cannot fault his drafting, by any metric, is the best in club history. With two rookies in the starting lineup, JB has a chance to land his fourth consecutive Calder nominee. That he has 3 in a row is &^@#ing incredible and some jag offs posters are still sour that he didn’t pick Nylander in 2014. wtf... JB has assembled the best pool of drafted talent in club history, hands down, no one else is close. Take away Bure, JB has drafted the two most exciting players in club history, so on and so on. Phats
  5. The worst is always yet to come, but I am an optimist...
  6. Give Miller Podz, just for a while, put a translator on the other wing and let Podz soak it up. He will. Coaches dream player, will devour the puck on the forecheck. Will be a turnover machine. He is everything, minus needed shift to NA, but he is already bottom six guy on our roster, except he would have to be paid way above an elc rate to be a bottom six player for the Canucks... lol.
  7. So, I have been gone for while, was basically crippled for the last year, wife left me, almost died, still here, a very expensive medicine has saved me from being crippled for the rest of my life, so am healthy, happy now that the wife is gone and more alive than ever. come here to see how OJ and co are doing and I see Fred and the same yahoo’s saying the same things they were two years ago... hilarious. same old cdc.. don’t stop being crazy, cause I won’t either. phats.
  8. I don't see much similarity between Green and old Willie. Green is also really familiar with players in the system and had a crowded house in Vancouver with too many lower pairing players subject to waivers taking up the usual spots to open up for rookies. Beyond that, Petey, Brock, Gaudette, Hughes and Demko all came into the NHL under Greens watch, so you cannot say he doesn't play rookies. If anything JB has messed up his player turnover timeline by drafting too well. 3 Calder nominations in a row. Podz, Hogz and Jurmo on the horizon and a really good goalie prospect in Depietro. Forcing him to pay for vets to take up the bottom spots on vet salarys, made worse by our long decline during the Sedin era. Sure, play rookies in the bottom lines and pairings too, that in the Edmonton way, not sure thats the way to develop players too good for the AHL. JV and McCann were mishandled, but since then, prospect development appears to be extremely good. This put his plan up by 1 year. Now he still has the Louis dead cap of 9m on the books while needing to sign two of the top 5 young talents in the NHL next offseason. At least it won't be boring. So seeing the inverse approach taken this year with bottom pairing guys is very much good with me. The only real risk atm is whether Chatfield, Rafferty or another D man are able to take RHD minutes left vacant by Stecher. They are all properly seasoned in the system and the AHL. Getting one more cheap vet is proffered, but we have 5 to 6 D men on the Farm who want that spot too. Camp is going to be intense, win a spot and you can avoid riding a bus during a pandemic. Enjoy Utica LE.
  9. At this point Green and Benning have no choice but to either rush Marky back or bring up an AHL tender. Mikey has thick skin and has the ideal mindset to be that guy. What the heck could it hurt to see if he can stop the first goal. Demko is shattered mentally atm. The club is shattered cause Demko is shattered. All the work and effort of this season is at stake and to go down in this fashion is not building anything but defeat into our burgeoning team. Demko needs to be sat. Domingue is not the guy, just a leaky bandaid until proven other wise. Could we just sign the 42 y/o Zamboni driver instead. Is this anyones fault. IFDK. Marky carried this team and allowed it to play an aggressive style that won us games. His play, not anything else did that. Demko is a good goalie, but the goals he is letting in are not goals a beer league guy would let in. His head and confidence is shattered at a time this club cannot afford. I don't see Mikey having the same confidence issues, he is guy that has an unorthodox style, shakes off bad goals like I shake off dandruff. So why not, or better off, what the heck do we stand to lose? If Mike doesn't find a way to keep us in games until Marky returns, we aren't any worse off. Mikey gets a better pay cheque and NHL experience. There is no pressure on him, cause there are no expectations. The expectations should be on every other player and coach in the room. Play to break to drought or go down fighting while there is still a chance. If this team, club and staff do not pull out all the stops and make every effort including line changes, personal changes to reignite the confidence and swagger that got us this far, then heads must roll, whether it is anyones fault or not. Whimpering while other teams beat us is not an experience that any fan deserves and not here, not after what we have all patiently endured by continuing to be fans and supporters. In retrospect, this team blew its season on beating one team in one game that didn't really matter. So dramatic is the collapse that it is a Jekyl and Hyde moment for a team that has been that way since the picked dropped this year. While I would give JB at least one more draft especially if we miss the playoffs this year, but if Green cannot right this ship by hook or crook he should be fired, as early as one more loss. I have supported him all year and he has delivered until now. Not his fault, but like in Poker you have to play the hand you have been dealt.
  10. He may have to find another ride home. Team policy, practice, meetings, or pre game time missed. Wtf knows.
  11. Tanev 2.0? He can play the right side, at least he did in the QMJHL.
  12. I got high, now I need my own thread. Oops.
  13. You don't have to smoke it. Haven't you ever heard of Brownies? I do agree that smoking anything can be a dangerous activity. There is little data due to prohibition on the true health risks of cannabis consumption in any form. It never warranted being placed on the schedule 1 Prohibition list. It is literally impossible to overdose on cannabis, it is inherently less dangerous than alchohol consumption and as a natural unprocessed cannabis is likely as dangerous as natural unprocessed tobacco. That said, the stuff people add to cigarettes is anything but natural. All in all, there are far far worse things readily available in any Canadian town and the only thing prohibition ever accomplished is funneling mega tax free dollars into criminal organizations. The joke, which I tool way too far is over. Back to Brogan!! Congrats on your all star spot. JB can sure find a gem.