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  1. If JB picks up Ritchie, it would be 2014 do over. Lol
  2. Lots of big deals and FA targets before the dust around Schmidt’s options settled. It’s a long off season.
  3. The kid is from the Steppes… he knows winter, but true, that’s a $&!# place to get introduced to Canada.
  4. Well he was a bad pick. I cannot say I ever wanted him to fail, but he is still cheaper than Nylander and even off the ice, might still be better at defence…. Lol.
  5. Why are you arguing? It’s a hockey forum on draft weekend, we are all mostly half cut, so chill man, this is as close to a sports bar outing that many of us have had in a long time. It’s only a game until someone ruins it by pointing fingers… I know, I have phat ones.
  6. The Scouch would have picked up on this after his report on Evidsson… a truly unique player with likely so much rapid growth he made himself a lot of trouble for his d partners. Maybe this guy is a decent lotto pick up.
  7. Heck, he can even take over the number 18 in a do over of sorts of off-season moves and otherwise. anyone think Klim with end up out producing JV, another number 18, in his NHL career. lol.
  8. Hey, we should see improvements in the dollars to point ratio just by adding OEL and losing Edler. What is our PP going to look like with Hughes on one side of OEL and Petey on the other? The puck movement is going to be very hard to defend as compared to last year. he can score, has only scored less than 10 goals 3 times in the last number of years, one 66 game season, 9 goals, and two shortened 48 game seasons with 3 goals. could he be a player that gets better as the season gets longer.. no one can say, but in the other years when he breaks 70 gam
  9. Slide Schmidt in with ODL and Hughes takes the lighter match ups. Gives a solid smart good skating pair of vets to handle the speed of today’s game and free up Hughes to do what he does best. Water bug the heck out of everyone.
  10. Depth, lucky that plays to JB’s proven strength. This is a burgeoning club with real talent in all key positions save that other D man. JB passed on a lot of other d men to take OJ. Injuries have been legit issues, but let’s see if that IQ can flourish of not. he would fill that hole and that’s a solid group. Woo and Rathbone are also good candidates.
  11. JV is a voided contract ala Richards, Holtby is a buy out at minimum and could still be a tradeable asset. Demko’s play and Mikey’s progress makes spending 4.7 in cap on a back up OS better spend elsewhere or reduced on the position.
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