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  1. Covid insurance. Keeps the parent club rolling in goalies and allows Clarke to work heavy minutes with everyone. Not much of a problem.
  2. Next is OJ, sooner or later Virtanen will arrive. Not to worry, OJ is off the team because Rathbone outplayed and out skilled him. Not sure if this a busted pick or an embarrassment of riches. if Rathbone was sent down, OJ was on the team. But Rathbone also a rookie and drafted after OJ has surpassed him on our roster. So we get a depth guy to a weak position, and Lammikko a key near rookie bottom six center winger who hits everything that moves. If Juulsen can recover for, his injuries, then we have a RHD local d man. Bowey looked good and has the skating a size to be a solid pro, provided he has the commitment that he lacked earlier in his career, Ala OJ.. Woo is a guy that will make others keep track of him on this ice, he hits hard, with a excellent Center of gravity. Hammer 2.0. cant say this a loss or a re balance or assets in a more lateral move. it wasn’t like any Canucks prospect was slipping past waivers this offseason. Phats,
  3. Thank the Aquas, nope. They still made their money as most do, by profiting off of others. That’s the motive and owning a hockey team isn’t philanthropist work for a landlord. it’s a toy or really involved mid life crisis. I took to house building and diesel mechanics, cheaper and more practical, plus I really am a bad skater. Thus I like to mimic Hasek while ‘falling’ a lot on the ice. Lol. But they will make tons of money from Abby, tons. It will also boost the success of the Canucks and then they stand to make even more money. It’s an long term capital upgrade to a business asset with tax write offs. the benefit to fans, it’s makes a better and bigger attachment to players and for prospects, being drafted by Vancouver alone might become a better indication of long term success. The biggest cost to this franchise over the last 50 or so years was very disappointing player development. It was a massive contribution to the dismal draft record. The shift was slow and started with MG, so better late than never is a way I would look at it.
  4. After watching the speed version, think this was the best pre season game for the Canucks… lol. Cardiac Kids are back and better than ever. That and without our leading scorer from last year, Brock, and after a few defensive miscues, something I think will iron out in a few games. Play without the puck is harder to obtain cohesion with new players to you. Rust is best removed with work and time. Loved the shot genration, the puck movement and both goalies were fantastic. Love to hate Mike Smith. Was it me. Or was he trash talking after making saves? Pretty early in the year to do that. I though Vancouver was unlucky not to convert at least one more chance and the two Edmonton goals were impossible for Demko to stop. But the speed and effort, had we had Brock in the line up, to match up star vs star, think it would have been a better outcome. But getting a point with a very good effort is almost as good as it gets on the road. Really like this team, and for those that worry about pre season, that’s why it’s called the pre season.
  5. New hobby, it’s been a money maker for years in local and national the media hype train that failed to be hired by a credible news agency like the Weekly World News.
  6. Gotta think JB has a decent poker face when he scouts. Other teams are paying attention to the Canucks drafting, based on waivers anyways… lol. For those that claimed the sky is falling when Brackett left, no disrespect to Brackett, but Klimovich looks to show that the talent assessments are there. What I do really like about JB, as a GM and leader of an organization, he has some humility and he absolutely corrects his own mistakes. Doesn’t maybe admit it to the local riff raff, ooops, I meant Jeff Patterson and who ever else has re animated Gallagher’s corpse in the media. But the off season was as much as a house cleaning as anyone could have asked for. At least if the whole thing flops, the club has a hella good future. Now it would be a failure of coaching or management. Based on the literal ‘buy in’ from all the top players drafted, example set by Horvat, the captain, now Hughes and Pettersson both could have pushed for more, but that would have cost a good player. That’s a team culture that is every GM’s wet dream. Or coach. If it doesn’t work, it’s not the players in the room that will be shifted out. I really like this hockey team. Just a tad stronger on defence and I think that would be it.
  7. Just want to throw out that Pearson is a proven quantity on a team with a significant roster turn over. Add a couple of injuries, having a solid but not super flashy line to stabilize the game with Horvat at center makes great sense. Pearson has a decent net presence and plays a reliable game. He is a streaky scorer, but doesn’t take stupid penalties or give up a ton of turn overs. Hoglander’s game is a whole other level beyond Pearson’s, but he is still inconsistent at times. I would think Podz will be a similar player. Injuries, chemistry and production will be forcing Green to adjust all season long. The forwards are not a source of concern, the defence is going to need more time to fully gel. I would expect the GA to drop around 20 games in, provided no significant injuries… knocking on wood… as the whole mix is new. Both Hughes and OEL will be expected to be better without the puck. Let’s hope both have been focusing on that… with a big shift of players, after a hard season like last year, I kinda hope for an early long road trip to get kinks worked out. Full on fire wagon hockey and Demko is our only hope, but, no there is another… Clarke is like a ‘Yoda’ for goalies.. we may need that…
  8. The Burke Nonis years were very hit and miss, almost bipolar. Drafting success was also equally, if not more, met with drafting fails. Burke, like Quinn, took gambles or scooped a insider knowledge thru the Legend. Truly have to say, the most regrettable player departure from Vancouver was Igor Larionov. The reasons were with the Russian or Soviets having a portion of Igor’s salary as long as he played with the Canucks. Burke was a bigger gambler. He hit a inside straight when he drafted the Twins. Kesler was his only other solid first rounder after that. Think Ohlund was pre Burke. Guys like Bieksa, Edler and Burrows were all steals. But there was this guy named Patrick White…. Lol.
  9. The lunch box hockey player has been the Canucks since days gone by. it was the Smyl years, the Linden years and the WestCoast Express years. Not the same during the MG GM years. But it is what makes the Canucks my team. This guy brings that, and so do a lot of our guys. JB doesn’t wait very long to move a guy that doesn’t preform now. If we looked at JB’s tenure, when was his last drafting mistake? one could argue trading for Miller and or OEL was or could be drafting misses, but really it’s two guys. His first pick here ever, two weeks on the job, or OJ. After that, the misses are hard to find. Asset management after wards, yes. But drafting no. JV draft. Rookie mistake. Calgary also screwed around with his development. Refused it trade him, the NHL rookie season was a mistake. McCann is an NHL center man. Trymakin could be in the NHL but choose to stay in Russia. Demko is a starter in league and Gustav Forsling is an NHler. Brock Draft He and Gaudette, both NHLers. Brisbois wasn’t a success, as a third rounder… miss. OJ draft OJ… mistake. Lockwood is looking almost there. Could save this draft. Ep40 Draft. Lind and Gads… welcome to the NHL. Mikey Dipeitro, one year away? Michael Rathbone… welcome to the NHL. Hughes Draft Woo, one year away? Tyler Madden, one year away? Toni Utunnen, next year to NA, two years out from challenging for time, no one knows yet. Podz, Hogz top ten rookie last year and welcome to the NHL Vasily. and then Fotch and Silvos are decent long shots. Miller time. Jurmo, Keppen Kunz, Malone and Turscott. Maybe a player or two comes from this. All long waits. Now OEL and Garland. Klimovich is looking great, Myrenberg in the 5th, love Vancouver 5th rounders…. long shots, way too early to say. But Klimovich is already shows his potential. so now, how many misses has JB had at the table. Trading picks and prospects for not good players, Guddy, that’s not drafting, neither is moving on Miller or OEL Garland. It’s makes up from other mistakes, and he has moved dramatically to correct his mistakes and get return for them. But he can draft his way out of trouble. When could any GM in Vancouver say that?
  10. That’s why Gads was waived. McEwan fills one role, Podz has the other. If Podz can get to be a 20g producer with his play, we have a legit player on the team. His drive is there, timing is a bit off. His passing is pro level, he uses his shot like Hoglander, from everywhere.
  11. Well this camp was full of the unexpected. we started the off season with Lou Player Name, Rousell, Beagle, Schmidt, OJ, Gads and well, where are we now. Hamonic wants out, so why did he sign? He was an FA? OJ got a wake up call. It’s not from us, but the Panthers. I doubt he tans well, so he might not like Florida. Juulsen? At least he cleared waivers? We can add OJ back when he gets sent down. Lol But are we a playoff team. losing Hamonic is bad for us. Bowey surprised and most of the younger guys did really well, except for OJ. Gads did too well, good for him. with Bowey Juulsen and Woo in the system, we have depth on the right side. without Hamonic we have a big hole on the right side too. Myers, Schenn and Poolman, That’s not a solid right side atm. It may have looked filled with potential ten years ago, but not now. the cap space from Hamonic is one thing, but kinda late to find a player for that second pairing, something Schenn could fill in for, but not all season. it’s the biggest weakness of the club. A real opportunity to put into Woo, Bowey and Juulsen’s wheel houses. Until the right side gets addressed, we are in real risk of blowing a tire and not getting to the post season. We have all the fire wagon hockey offence to play with anyone, we have a fantastic young goalie. But the second pairing right side is a real issue, and he is Hamonic is a minute eater in the PK without anyone to take on that load. we have Myers and Schen and Poolman. is it enough?
  12. Not directly too you, but in general. Been on the forum for years. The critiques of spelling over the years has been getting me irked too.. if it wasn’t for the auto correct, you would have a hard time with my writing. Hey, we both likely hate the recapture penalty, but it didn’t cost us with Hughes and Petey. cause if JB had the money, it would be theirs atm. peace.
  13. One thing, until we win a cup then both TB and the lanche, we cannot be superior. but the drafting misses are dwarfed by the hits. Had to add the players that are playing elsewhere. They are still drafting successes. Whether it was good asset management to move them, that’s a different question. don’t know where we rank that way, still we need some wins, what some forget is that OJ was played off the roster by a fourth rounder. Does that mean JB sucked or is better than we thought? Rathbone gets drafted where next time. Heck let’s do that for all the guys. Where does Podz get picked? Hogz? Ep40, Hughes, Demko, Brock. the Miller trade was a great move, same with the OEL deal. Having the team in Abby will likely mean more players shift into the line up. It will be nice to see what the future holds. Hope Woo turns out good. It would be an indication that whatever mistakes were made with JV and OJ, that things were learned. JB seems to learn from his mistakes, never prefect, but has he improved the state of the franchise? Has anyone been able do better with similar circumstances. BTw, the east is driving up salaries, and tax free. That’s a real problem moving forward where tax free states or jurisdictions give an unfair advantage to those clubs. who the &^@# cares about hockey in Florida.. about 7k in die hard fans that likely are there because they cannot afford the AC bills.
  14. Spelling should never annoy anyone. I spell like a dyslexic… some spell like a second language. Language or spelling superiority is about as useful as comparing height. It’s hockey, not English. Btw, Names are the hardest thing to get for me, it could be for others. have a think.
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